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<ul><li><p>Amit LaviAugust, 2015</p><p>7 Ways to Repurpose Your Startups Content </p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 2</p><p>What is Repurposing?</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 3</p><p>Repurposing requires updating or changingcontent into a different form to serve a different audience, or the same audience differently.</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 4</p><p> Changing the format of the content Changing the target audience for the content Updating the content itself to make sure its up </p><p>to date and relevant</p><p>When you repurpose a piece of content, youre usually doing either one of these things;</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 5</p><p>7 different ways you can repurpose your content</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 6</p><p>Arent you loving this presentation?</p><p> Turn your content into something visual </p><p> Bonus Slideshare has a high distribution network - over 60 million users and over 159 million monthly page views </p><p>Great for:</p><p> Reusing the slideshow your CEO used at a recent presentation/meetup. </p><p>Slideshare</p><p>http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/slideshare-statistics/http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/slideshare-statistics/</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 7</p><p> Go audio! Turn your blog post into a podcast.</p><p> Easy to do - personalizes your product and builds your brands personality</p><p>Great For:</p><p> Catering to people on the go or members of your audience who are just fed up of reading! </p><p>Hot Tip: Make sure to record in a quiet area with a good quality microphone. </p><p>Podcast</p><p>Bonus Tip: CMI Podcast network is a great place to find marketing podcasts</p><p>http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/podcast-network/http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/podcast-network/</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 8</p><p> Fantastic feature for contributing to your professional community and increasing publicity. </p><p> Make it work by taking your latest blog post and condensing it to 400-600 words. </p><p> If youve noticed your blog or presentation slides has received good feedback, consider sharing it on a professional Linkedin group.</p><p>Great For:</p><p> Taking old blogs and reposting them a few months later</p><p>LinkedIn Publisher</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 9</p><p>On that note.</p><p> If you truly want to make use of your content, consider publishing on channels outside of your immediate social networks. </p><p>Great For:</p><p>Generating buzz for your startup and your team. </p><p>Global Blogs</p><p> Sites like Medium allow you to insert your content in forums where people are already going to read and learn. </p><p>and BlogsRelease</p><p>https://medium.com/https://medium.com/http://www.blogsrelease.com/http://www.blogsrelease.com/</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 10</p><p> Always post and tweet your latest content BUT</p><p> Try focusing on some key points you want to emphasize</p><p> Eg 1: Take a diagram from your blog, write about it and post in on Facebook with a link to read more</p><p> Eg 2: Take a quote from a conference/meetup and tweet it with a video link.</p><p>Great For:</p><p>Making your content more interesting and accessible amongst the social media noise. </p><p>Facebook/Twitter</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 11</p><p>We really do love being social</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 12</p><p>65% of us are considered visual learners.</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 13</p><p>This makes infographics a relevant and clever repurposing option</p><p> Information graphics (infographics) are the perfect way of re-hashing complex information ie statistics, technical info</p><p> and are websites that allow you to easily use your own information to generate the perfect inforgraphic. </p><p> Once youve created the perfect image, send it out to the social media world and watch the magic happen. </p><p>Great For:</p><p>- Creating How To Guides or publishing number or reports. </p><p>Infographics</p><p>Infogr.am Piktochart</p><p>https://infogr.am/https://infogr.am/http://piktochart.com/http://piktochart.com/</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 14</p><p> Platforms like and allow you to showcase a broad range of materials in a clear methodical way using links to websites, articles, slideshows, videos etc</p><p> Creating a white paper is also an easy way of consolidating a range of content to make something new and position your startup as a leader in your field.</p><p>Great For:</p><p>Consolidating information when youve written a few blogs on a similar/related topic.</p><p>Try Something DifferentRoojoom Tuteboard</p><p>http://info.roojoom.com/http://info.roojoom.com/http://tuteboard.com/http://tuteboard.com/</p></li><li><p>July 2014 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 15</p><p>Remember</p><p>Different members of your audience will enjoy absorbing information differently . Repurposing your content is a great way of attracting different people in different ways.</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 16</p><p>How Marketing Envy Does Their Repurposing</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 17</p><p> The simple act of changing the title of your recent blog post before pushing it back into the spotlight can make the world of difference. </p><p> When youve written a blog, try to think of at least 4 alternative titles for the same post </p><p> Then plan different times you want to promote it on social media. We suggest using an excel spreadsheet to make it all </p><p>clear and organized. </p><p>Retitle to Repurpose</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 18</p><p>Heres an example of a template Marketing Envy uses, feel free to adopt it and make it your own. </p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 19</p><p> The excel system is also useful when adapting your content according to whats trending. Try to keep in touch with current hot topics in your industry and use them to your advantage to reuse content from the past to push it back into the center stage.</p><p>Hot Tip: Tools like , and make it easy for you to see what your audience currently wants to read about. You can also see whats trending by looking at the hashtags on your Twitter side bar.</p><p>See whats trending</p><p>Buzzsumo RedditWhats Trending</p><p>http://buzzsumo.com/http://buzzsumo.com/https://www.reddit.com/https://www.reddit.com/http://whatstrending.com/http://whatstrending.com/</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 20</p><p>Our Example</p><p> Recently, Marketing Envy noticed an increase in articles written about how startups should approach creating their logo. </p><p> This is likely to be because Facebook made a slight change to its logo. </p><p> Our CEO, Billy Cina, wrote a startup guide for creating a logo in a blog last year.</p><p> Using our repurposing skills, we tweeted out the blog once again with a different spin and shortened the piece in order to post it on her Linkedin publisher. </p><p>No new content, but lots of new views. Win!</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 21</p><p>Our Example</p><p>New Tweet</p><p>LinkedinPublisher</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Presentation Name / 22</p><p>Remember Repurposing is only ever effective when the content you are writing is evergreen - well researched, well written and relevant to your audience for a long period of time. </p><p>Evergreen Evergood</p></li><li><p>August 2015 2015 Marketing Envy Content Repurposing/ 23</p><p>So what are you waiting for? Try it now and see your marketing </p><p>strategy will be one that others will envy</p></li><li><p>Thank You</p></li></ul>