7 ways to sport desi modern look

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7 ways to sport Desi Modern Look

Why wear traditional clothes only on special occasions? Or why think wearing traditional is not trendyanymore?With changing trends and new fashion posts emerging everywhere a solution have occurred to our problems!Mixing contemporary and traditional is the new look and suits all occasions. Nothing can compensate the elegance that traditional clothes bring to a woman. The colours, prints, sequences, quirky trends are all an added advantage to the look. Here we cover a few tips and suggestions on how the desi modern look can be worn for any occasion in the future.1: For everyday college a plain coloured kurti and distressed jeans worn with the long beaded chains and traditional Indian juttis.

2: A denim shirt worn with a vibrant coloured long skirt teamed with earrings and a set of bangles.

3: The very trendy palazzo pants worn with a plain tshirt and a simple Indian waist coat teamed with a set of vibrant bangles and head band.

4: Our very own Patiala or balloon pants teamed with a short kurti or trunk tops or tshirts and a vibrant stole plus traditional kohlapuri chappal.5: A long skirt teamed with a short kurti or tank top or tshirt with vibrant accessories.

6:For corporate/office wear dressing,Babita JaishankarCEO Wsol suggests Long Kurti can be paired with fitted trousers with minimal accessories like earring and watch.

7: Another desi modern look for corporate dressing isDhoti Pant or Palazzo pants can be paired with printed or plain blazer as sported by Fashion blogger "BytheWear"

These are the SEVEN casual daily wear looks we all can follow which makes us look traditional yet trendy and we personally feel these outfits add a statement of class for a women.Hope this helps in one way or the other for people out there who are confused on how to spot a DESI MODERN LOOK.We would also like to know if our viewers have any other look in mind and we would request you to feel free to post in your ideas and comments and suggestions here infashionlivre which may help us serve all your fashion addicts out there in a better way.