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  1. 1. We all know about the numerous benefits of exercise, from developing an enhanced physique to improved mental and physical health, but sometimes this knowledge alone isnt enough to avoid the dreaded burnout. But it doesnt have to be difficult, and luckily there are plenty of ways to stay motivated even when youre not feeling up to it. Motivation is always easier when youre equipped with the right tools!
  2. 2. Sometimes when starting a new workout plan, we dive in head-first without first considering the possibility of potential burnout later down the road. Begin a new regimen by starting off small and work your way up. Set smaller goals and slowly increase the size of future goals as you advance so you can fully recognize your improvements. When workout burnout sets in, tell yourself youll only exercise for 15 minutes. Getting started is often the hardest part, but once you find yourself in the middle of an uplifting workout, its easier to keep going.
  3. 3. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and thats why its important to mix up your routine. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. If you spend all of your time running on the treadmill, try weightlifting or group classes instead. Look into new and exciting fitness routines that offer something a little different. Consider ballroom dancing, karaoke workouts, hiking, kickboxing, swimming, or hula hooping. If youve exhausted every option your gym has to offer, set goals that dont involve your usual workout spot. Train for a marathon or join a bicycling event with other likeminded people.
  4. 4. Recent advancement in technology is making our lives easier and more convenient than ever before. If you need a little push, your smartphone could prove worthy of more than just important communications and silly distractions. Browse the apps available on your phone to find fitness trackers and motivators to help you set new goals and stay motivated. Join an online community that offers a safe space for people like yourself to inspire one another to stay on track. Consider subscribing to video fitness apps available on devices like Apple TV and Roku for when you dont feel like leaving the house.
  5. 5. Ah, lunch Everyones favorite part of the work day. But are you using this break time to your full advantage? Eating too much during lunchtime can lead you to feeling tired and listless afterward. Make a change in your diet plan to eat a lighter lunch and plan for small snacks like low sugar protein bars if you find yourself feeling hungry later in the day. If youre the type of person who eats lunch at your desk, find a gym close to your workplace so you can squeeze in a small workout during your break. Smoking can also drain you of energy. If you often use your lunchtime as an excuse to take a cigarette break, reach out for support and devise a plan to eliminate this unhealthy habit from your life completely. Avoid a Heavy Lunch
  6. 6. We all like to think we can do it alone, but sometimes it takes another person to help us in getting where we need to go. Contact friends and relatives to see if they might also be looking to start or improve their fitness routine. Look into hiring a personal trainer that will hold you accountable for those days when you dont feel like hitting the gym. Talk to HR in your workplace about setting up a program for employees to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  7. 7. With a seemingly never-ending flurry of thoughts often flying around our heads, sometimes it helps to transfer those ideas to paper to get clarity on our ultimate objectives. Take out a pen and paper and write down exactly what you intend to change in your physical life, and how you can go about achieving those goals. Hold yourself responsible by drafting a contract that includes incentives for motivation, such as having to pay your friend $20 every time you skip a workout. On days when you cant muster up the energy to get up and go, refer to your contract as a reminder of the commitments youve previously set for yourself.
  8. 8. Sometimes all it takes is a little pick-me-up to feel inspired once again. A reward system can greatly benefit your desire to improve your lifestyle. Identify what you would like to buy, but wouldnt otherwise purchase because its a frivolous luxury and not a must-have necessity. Set bi-weekly or bi-monthly rewards you can look forward to by following through with your workout goals. Start off small, then offer yourself even greater rewards the further you progress so you always have something to work toward.
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