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70s and 80s Nostalgia

70s and 80s Nostalgia

ABBAwas a Swedish popgroup formed inStockholmin 1972. ABBA has sold over 380 million albums and singles worldwide. The band became one of themost commercially successful actsin the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1975 to 1982ABBA

Modern Talking was a German band consisting of Thomas Anders andDieten Bohlan and formed in 1984

Some of their most popular and widely known singles are Youre My Soul, You Can Win If You want, Cheri, Cheri Lady, Brother Louie, Atlantis Is Calling and Geronimos Cadillac.

Modern TalkingThe group was formed in 1976 in Germany and achieved popularity during thediscoera of the late 1970s. Since the 1980s, various line-ups of the band have performed with different personnel.

Smokie(originally spelt asSmokey) are anEnglishrock band fromBradford,Yorkshire and formed in 1965.

Their most famous hit singles include If you think you know how to love me", Dont play your Rock n Roll me", Lay back in the arms of someoneBaccarawas a female vocal duo formed in 1977 bySpanishartists Mayte Mateos and Mara Mendiola. The pair rapidly achieved international success with their debut single Yes, Sir, I can Boogie", which reached number oneacross much ofEurope and is one of thebest-selling singles all the time.

TheEaglesare an Americanrock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971. With five number-one singles, sixGrammy Awards, fiveAmerican music Awards, and six number one albums, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s.

Jackson 5 are an American popular music family group fromGary,Indiana Formed in 1964 under the nameThe Jackson Brothers

Jackson 5

They released five albums between1976and1981, including the hit albums,Destiny (1976) andTriumph (1980) and the hit singles, "Enjoy yourself", "Shake your body (down to the ground)" and "Can you feel it".

Scorpions are a Germanrock band formed in 1965.

They are known for their 1980s rock anthem Rock You Like Hurricane" and many singles, such as No one Like You", Send Me an Angel", Still Loving You", and Wind of change"

QUEEN are a Britishrockband formed in London in 1970The band have released a total of 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles, and 10 number one DVDs.

Elton was born on March 25, 1947, in Pinner, Middlesex, England. He has achieved 37 gold and 27 multi-platinum albums, has sold more than 250 million records worldwide, and holds the record for the biggest selling single of all time. Elton has played more than 3,500 concerts in over 80 countries.

Elvis Aaron Presley(January 8, 1935 August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significantcultural iconof the 20th century, he is often referred to asThe king of Rock and Roll", or simply, "the King".

Eric Patrick Clapton (born30 March1945) is anEnglishmusician,singer- song writerand guitarist. Clapton has been referred to as one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

George Micheal 25 June 1963) is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. As one of theworlds best selling music artist, Michael has sold more than 100million records worldwide as of 2010. George Micheal

His 1987 debut solo album,Faith , has sold more than 20million copies worldwide


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