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  • Fresno City College

    Vol. XVII No. 5 rrsno, c,LrF

    Don't worry--if ther's

    a hell below, we're

    all gonna go

    Curtis Mayfield

    District moster plo n

    You've got to'see

    yourself,, be yourself

    . .. freedomThe Sons

    Pqrking spqces $AOO-$I ,OOO eqch ?

    How much are you willlngto pay for a parking spot oncmpus: $tf $Sf $1,000?

    In order to provlde parkingspaces to the majorlty ol sht-.,dents here, the district Boardof Trustees ls PrePared tospend from $800 - $11000 Perparking space.

    Accordlng to the State CenteCommunlty College Dlstrict's

    Approxlmately 91600 stete andcommunlty colle ge scholarshlpsere nox' avallable lor the l9?2-?3 acadmlc year, accordlng to

    Flenclal Alds Dlreetor DonaldlVetson.

    ppllcants must demonstrateflanclal need and must havetIen the Scholastlc AptttudeTest. Appllcatlons for the Nov.9 test are anilble lnthe Coun'sellng Center A-118.

    Shte scholarshlP aPpltc-atlons, evallable ln A-ll8 or theFlnanclal Atds Olllce SC-213,must be llled belore Nov. 19,l9?l wl'rt. the State Scholcrshlp

    and Loan Commlsslon, ?1'l 9.St., Sacramento, Callt. 95814.

    approved l9?0 master plan, thedistrict ls in theproeessofbuY-ing 40.41 acres ol surround-lng property for about $3 mtl-lion.

    Figuring on ll cars per ecreand 34 acres designatedtoPark-ing lots, this'will allow roomfor 3,860 slots, or about $?90per space lor just the unlm-proved land.

    New tnoior

    by Judi YokotoHelp chlldren send thelr Par-

    ents to work: maJor ln chllddevelopment at FCC.

    .{fter slx years ol Planntng,home economles lnstructorMartha Bennett, lnstrumentalln developlng the Program, an-nounced thts new malor.

    Ms. Bennett sald a steerlngcommlttee whlch develoPed theprogram tncluded represent-atlves from chlldren's centers,lled Start; prtvte nurseryschools, Fresno State College,the Soclel trrelfrre departmeut(vhlch ltcenses all prlmte chlldcee schools) sd FCC.

    Prevlously, FCC dlered anassoclete ol arts degree lnhomeeeonomtcs wlth an emphaslson chlld eare, brrt the standrds

    The cost of improvlng theselots has not been offlcially es -timated yet, but will jack thatprice up sherply.

    Thus, it is htghly probabletlnt the cost of the slots sh-dents park ln wlll be greaterthan the actual value of manystudents'cars.

    These figures 'rlere obtalned

    by George Fence, a second sem-ester environmental sciencemejor at Fresno City. He hasbeen studying the proposedparklng progrem as hls oneunltscience lab project, ln conJun-ctlon wlth the Student Senatelnvestlgation.

    Fence talked prlmarlly wlthJohn Hansen, asslstant super-

    intendent of edueatlon for thedistrlct.

    As lt stands now, the campusls slated to resemble the reh-tectural diagram shown above,wtth parktng lots extendlngfromMcKlntey to tileldon and fromBlckstone to Maro.


    -Students mon

    Apprentlce plsterers tted-lg FCC are manalng e boothat the Fresno Dlstrlct Frlrdemonshettng grefllto ad othertechnlques.

    "Grrlflto ls dcserlbed rs vork of rrt done by pbster-ers. eud dates bock to RomeHmes. Overstmdllled, lt lsscretehtg a destgn mPlst-ered surlees, oilen colutuusnt'says Mllton Prlngle; lnstmctord epprentlce plrsbrs.

    Sponsored by the Plesterer'sand Stone lifso's Uto lncpenon wtth the FCC eP-feuceshlp Drogem, th tlts-pny erhlblb art forms ereetodby comblnlng modern plrster-lag teehnology wlth aoclent rrtskills"

    Slole, communtysrholorships now Help children send parenls lo york groffiro boothovoiloble here qt county foir

    lor day-care centers have beenralsed.'tur. Wnttestde, vho terehes

    clrlld development at FCC' saldpeople have redlseovered thelmportence ol early tralntng-

    There is a Student Senatevacancy. Prospective

    candidates must have a2.0 overallGPA and becurrently enrolled in attheir second semesterwith at least 12 tnits

    now. Applications canbe picked uP in the

    Senate oifice.

    'tPre-schools vere eustodfelancles ln the postr" she sat$."Now they concentete on soelalskllls. The chlldsrchlevementl school ls rtten determtnedbyhls development ol these soclalskllls and hls soctel adlust-ment."

    Attcr next Jan. I Provlslonellstructlonl permlts authorl'lng servlce ln ehlld-care irell-tttes ln not be lssued al-thorgh the demrd lor qnllfte

  • Greed is blinding usbY Morc Soni

    Economlc plannlngn dlrected through federal agencies, must fastbecome a reality.

    Impetus has surprlsingly been glven thls long overdue course ofactlon by e Presldent long thought of s "conserrative" in his ap-proach to economlc matters.

    But a comprehenslve, plaoed economy is a very upopular andexploslve lssue. One morellkely to be regrlated to barroom smalltrlk tlnn a netlonl alring.

    Argrments long held lu conservetlve eeonomic circles have main-trlned that personel freedom can only exlst in an economy wheregovernment lnterventlon is at a mlulmum. They cy tlnt govern-ment interferece cen only lead to a mouopoly ol power that wtllthreaten every "free" Amerlcen,

    Indeed, how free are Amerlcens ln the hands of corporate gfents orthe shanglehold of organlzed labor?

    At the otlier end of the spectrum, lrresponslble thtnkers wouldhrve big buslness broken up lnto llttle shops with tlnkers end crafts-men supplying.the needs of Americe.

    They somehow leel thet we need to get back to "the good olddys"" Local attempts at cooperatlve larmlng are examples ofthls. Nu thought seems to be glven to the faceless hmrdes of Amer-icans llvlng tn our hlghly urbanlzed clty eenters.

    Technology, ..merlc's bese for our high sbndard ol llvlng, hascome'under flre as a dehumnlzing and destructlveforce. Simpllsticmlads attempt to blame technology for all the evlls affllctlng soclety.

    In reelltyn the blame lles wlth us. Greed for the materlal "goodllfe" bllnds us to the realftles of comfort overklll, fm which weblme technology.

    The search for eeonomleatly enltghtened leadershlp should beAmerlca's number one goal. Amerlce needs a strble, humanizingeconomy lf we are ever golng to come to grlps wlth the almostorrerpowerlng soelologtcal end reclal problems now confronting us.

    Thls ean be eecompllshed through strong governmeut leadershipoJercised ln e soele sufflelently avere of the tremendous stakes\at are lnvolved.


    ^A.mld cries by students forimproved ecology measures bycapltallstlc lndustry, greedyland developers andprofltseek-ing groups, a dlshrrblng phen-omenon exlsts. Those who erythe loudest frequently offendthemost.

    Though papers frequenily re-count this Scout Troop or thatBluebird group on a roadcleen-up campaigl, the ugly r-sults of a slovenly "I don'tgive a damn. it lsn't my verd,my street, my beach, my eam-pus" attlhde persists.

    Lay the blame on thebiggees,but the stony faet reralns - IfYOU don't care enough to res-peet other people's propertyrights, to keep YOUR lltter offthe streets and off the campusla.wns and other publlc and prl-tate property then ShutUpaboutenvironmental lmprove ment.

    Ecology begius with you!

    Pot Spencer

    Senote picksvice-president

    In a secret trallot marked bydlssenslon from meny blac

    ^q l)otfiq pue pocngord ' 3ur^al f qdasof a3npod a^rnf,ax3 ' apalmout leue3'

  • Thursdry, Sept, 30 vas drrtday for many of the lrculty andsh ol FCC. A smell note olapolo3y was tendered tn lleu oa py envelope.

    Tle dey vas explrlaed aslollos by Ketherlne Geilnr,prlnclpel aceount clek, peyroll.

    The sh,te attorney genesl o-ftsed, after much deleyn to rulevhether the federal saleryfreez rules out yearly tncre-men! lor faculty. The declslonvs tossed bock to thecountles.

    Robert lVash, county counsellor the County of Fresno, de-clled to rule, leellng the met-ter would hve to be dectdedby the eourts. Eaeh schooldls-trlct would have to make ltsown declslon pendlng a hlgherauthorlty.

    At FCC a declslon was medethrt only those certlfled endclsslfled employees actuallyvorklng on Aug. 14 (the dte thefreeze became eflectlve) wouldrecelve the pc'y lncreases duettpm by reeson of servlcetlme.

    By then, Hme had sllpd tottp potnt that even wtth manyhours overtlme the payroll couldnot be re-programmed and re-computed ln tlme to have. thechecks out by Sept. 30, Mrs.Gerlnger sald.

    The correspondence to allcertltleated and classltled em-ployees from Garland P. Peed,

    ilew mool(from poge l)

    (by-care center pefsonnel."More and more people have

    to lear their chfldrenr,' shesatd. "Yet they olten can'taflord to place thelr children lnpnlvate nursery schools. Mostday-care centers ln the Fresnoarea have waltlng llsts.',

    Mrs. Bennett sald child dev-elopment ls a job fleld thatshould not be overlooked lcymen. "Often the ehlld comesfom a one-parent sltuatlon.He llves with hls mother and

    lrs no male flgure wlth whom,he cen tdentify. Chlldrenrelatevell wlth men who work ln thecenters.tt

    FCC,s ne$' progrem hasopened flve new classes. Theyere Creatfve Actlvltles loiChlldren, the Chlld ln Soclety,Development of the School-AgeChlld, Nursery Sehool Admlnts-tratlon end Nursery SchoolPrrtlclpatlon.

    Under the new sate provls-lons, persons may begrantedanlnstructlonel permlt llthey havea bachelor d erts degree or60 untts ol credll hctudlng 12unls ttr chlld development, chlldPsychology, femlly life eduea-tlou ad relted flelds, plus tvoyeers of experlgnce s tn os-stgrnt ulder .a teecher orsrpervtsor ln pre-school edu-ce[on programs.

    Teacher pay incremenls denid,Pay fteeze chills tCC legal battle looms in SGGGD

    asslstant superlntendent,shles, "Il you vere vorktngrmder e, new salrry schedulevhen the freeze took ellect. youwlll be peld under that nesschedulc. If you vere not, youvtU be pcld under llrst Year'ssalary schedule."

    Peed lurther shtetl nt thesource ol dlstrlct lnformatlonregerdlng the wage and prlce