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1. 75 TIPS AND TRICKS TO MASTERINGYOUR B2B EVENTS 2. Business development is the mash up of PR, Marke ng and Sales eff orts to proac vely grow your business. An integral part of any business, and o en one thatchallenges the success of new and small businesses given its complexity and price.Teach a Brand to Fish knows that when your proac ve eff orts directly pull from the laws that facilitate word of mouth and random referrals your long-termsustainable growth is far easier to access, implement and maintain.This guide details 75 Tips and Tricks rela ng to one of the 8 communica on vehciles that makes up the Teach a Brand to Fish Business Development Blueprint -Events and Networking .Page 2 3. Communica on Vehicle 6 - Events and Networking.In a B2B world, events are the backbone of business development. Coordina ng a systema c approach to making them work hard for you before, during,a er and then again before the next set of events is a powerful way to ensure you get the most return for your eff ort. You already know that the world op-eratesin cycles. We have seen online eff orts such as micro messaging (twi er for example) move to images (Instagram for example), evolve into video (Gifanima ons and YouTube uploads), then back to content (Wordpress and Blogger) only to fi nd that it is ready to shi again into its next fancy. Regardless ofthe current or impending cycle, face-to-face eff orts are a constant.PRE-EVENT DURING EVENT POST EVENTFILL YOUR EVENT CREATE A HAILO EFFECT BYGIVING THE INDUSTRY VALUE THAT THEY WANTTO TALK ABOUT, BLOG ABOUT, TWEET ABOUT,INVITE PEOPLE TOLEVERAGE YOUR EVENT CREATE A HAILOEFFECT BY MAXIMISING ONLINE SOCIALOPPORTUNITIES.KEEP YOUR EVENT WORKING HARD GETAUDIENCE INTO A LEAD NURTURINGPROGRAMME.- Invite early bird registrants to blog about event basedon last experience or based on the expecta on of thisevent. Give them exclusive content to share, to boost theirtraffi c, street cred.- Promote event, loca on, MC, Sponsors, Speakers, regis-trantsonline including: LinkedIn company pages, linkedinevents, Linkedin Groups. Using Hashtag to start conver-sa on between audience and par cipants before eventstarts. Eg. #AskMike- Invite key players, associa ons to promote event withyou.- Run an in-house contest for employees, each havingtheir own promo code to track response rates to promoteto customers, leads and suppliers. Winner gets X.- Your Social Media and your industrys Social Mediashould get updated regularly engaging speakers, sponsors,MC, par cipants, and the venue itself.- Consider adver sing on Social Media as well.- Media Partners are always a good way to boost yourvisibility and numbers.- Use a heavily promoted hashtag that has a live feedof the tweets containing that hashtag inside your eventvisible to all. People seeing themselves on big screen (eg.Their tweet) will con nue to perpetuate it thus increasingyour awareness. Off er a prize, incen ve for best image tobe voted on during event.- Give people value that is accessed from a landing page ortriggered by a txt message.- Post event communica on includes: email with links tospeaker presenta ons pre-loaded into slideshare or ac-cessedwith password if to remain private.- Tweet links out to content post event.- Tweet thanks and appreciate post event.EVENTS YOU OWNPage 3 4. Communica on Vehicle 6 - Events and Networking.PRE-EVENT DURING EVENT POST EVENT- Reward last set of a endees.- Issue a variety of passes and exclusive access passes.- Accommodate pre-booked meet and greets.- Make room for networking that includes a bit of music,food, and drinks.- Have a 60 second event video to promote whats what.- Create a Show Poster for your event.- Give away prizes pre event.- Get everyone who RSVPS to give their twi er handle.- Run contests.- Give away door prizes, goody bags something that war-rantsa Facebook like.- Live Tweet from the event and show the live feed on a bigscreen inside event.- Social networking is simply an extension of your face me.Chat up each event par cipant socially on twi er.- Publicly thank and appreciate each event stakeholder indi-vidually sharing images of them on stage, ci ng feedbackfrom audience on how well they did. Referencing them in ablog post.- Photos, Gifs and Video sound bytes from the day givingpeople street cred, traffi c, and contribu ng to increasingtheir digital footprint.- Write a 1-page explana on of WHY you/your event exist.- People buy why you do what you do. Not what you do.Invites, RSVP, and reminders pre-event are accurate, helpfuland detailed.- Speakers, Thought Leaders, Authority fi gures blog aboutthe event on their sites your social media ac vity picks itup and runs with it.- Share the 1-page WHY with your audience to kick off theevent.- Deliver high quality content visually, in print, from yourspeakers.- Solicit feedback share that feedback publicly. Good andconstruc ve thanking them for input asking for more tocome in.- Leverage social proof and tes monials everywhere.- Have a great event tle.- Clearly ar culate the benefi ts of a ending.- Create a sense of urgency. Early Bird Off er up to 4x preregular cket sales.- Make it easy to buy ckets online by using pla orms withexcellent user experience such as Eventbrite.- Partner with other communi es and networks to sell your ckets- Create an exclusive off er for event par cipants only. - Share your calendar for all upcoming events and invita onto RSVP for early bird.- Give limited me incen ve. 2 for 1. Gi with purchase.Free for you.- Ask for Tweet-a-monials throughout event. Screen grabthem for use in upcoming materials.- Create and then share your calendar of upcoming eventswith audience.EVENTS YOU OWNPage 4 5. Communica on Vehicle 6 - Events and Networking.EVENTS YOU PARTICIPATE IN AS A SPONSOR, A SPEAKER, AN EXHIBITOR, OR AS A MEMBER OF THE AUDIENCE.PRE-EVENT DURING EVENT POST EVENTCREATE HALO EFFECT OF YOUR COMPANY OVERTHIS EVENT:- Blog about the upcoming event: You need strong compel-ling tle, structured blog post with compelling headlinesand valuable info. Be sure to interview the event own-ersasking them what their hopes and expecta ons are,speaker line up, topics, themes, event hashtags. Are thereexclusives or discount ckets you could get to off er yourcommunity/clients?- Start conversa on on twi er using hashtag pre-event tofi nd out who is going and what banter is being generatedthat you could use, leverage or build on?CREATE HALO EFFECT OF YOUR COMPANY OVERTHIS EVENT:- Live tweet from event: Bring two digital devices. Smartphone, Tablet to collect images, 30 second video pieces andone to tweet from.- Use the hashtag, promote speakers, content, and venueCREATE HALO EFFECT OF YOUR COMPANY OVER THEEVENT:- Compile best footage of event from recep on, speakers,content, lunch, networking, close. Upload as slide share,embed in your blog, share as visual blog post. Include yourfavourite soundbytes from speakers. Your greatest insightsfrom event. Share everywhere.- Publicly thank and appreciate each event stakeholderindividually include your link to event summary wherethey are featured in it and their best parts pulled out andhighlighted.- Get everyone in your organisa on, including suppliers,clients and similar to socially support your summary tomaximise its reach.RESPECT THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY:- Follow-up every interac on thoroughly to ensure percep- on of your eff orts are genuine and not just about squa ngon some free PR.RESPECT THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY:- Retweet, like and respond to others socially ac ve duringevent to boost their visibility so it outranks yours.RESPECT THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY:- Any possible leads should be invited to have coff ee withyou to follow up offl ine so you can keep the buzz createdfrom ge ng tarnished by the audience seeing this as acheap sales ploy.MINI SALES FUNNEL TO BE INCLUDED:- Your blog post will be featured on your website, include abanner or in-page call to ac on to learn more about yourproduct, service, idea have this in-page call-to-ac onbe part of a small sales funnel. Clicking on in-page bannertakes them to a landing page with an off er to do something.One thing only.- Leverage social proof and tes monials everywhere.- Leverage social proof, tes monials, case studies.MINI SALES FUNNEL TO BE INCLUDED:- Your twi er profi le, and other social profi les you useshould include a specifi c call to ac on ed to a sales funnel.One that has a landing page, off er on landing page andinvites that person to do one thing only to ensure you max-imiseopportunity to convert this prospect into a qualifi edlead.MINI SALES FUNNEL TO BE INCLUDED:- Include a unique URL in your contact info that is present-edin your presenta on. www.company.com/hashtag - thisunique link takes the audience who all have your eventin common through a sales funnel: landing Page, off er,incen ve to take one ac on now.Page 5 6. Exclusive Off er - 995 (+VAT) when you quote BDS EN73YOUR 2015 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY NOW - PAY LATER - ONLY IF YOURE COMPLETELY SATISFIEDBook your 1-day Intensive workshop to get your company a 12-month Business Development Strategy that you can feel confi dent about and well send you aninvoice the day a er. If you are not sa sfi ed then let us know the reason(s) and well rip up your invoice.How it works:1. Schedule your 1-day intensive with us online, by phone or by email - we will want to confi rm your date, the venue, number of par cipants from your side.and who to coordinate the pre workshop exercise with.2. You will then receive some prework to complete and return to us at least 5 business days in advance of your 1-day intensive. This is essen al to ensure your1-day is tailored to you and we focus on the areas that will give you the biggest return.On the day:3. We start at 8:45am sharp and we will aim to end the day by 6:00pm but we have been known to run over ll 7:00pm or 8:00pm so please dont bookanything right a er this workshop that you cant cancel at last minute.4


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