8 best tips to prepare for ICSE class X examination

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<p>8 best tips to prepare for ICSE class X examinationA presentation byGreenwood High International School</p> <p>1. Clearing off the doubtsThe students should be attentive to the class teachers lectures. Therefore, those running notes while the teacher is explaining the lesson can work wonders for you to score good marks in the subject.Always ask questions to your teachers to clear off the doubts in your mind. That will actually help you in cracking ICSE Board Class X examination from any international schools in Bangalore.</p> <p>2. Daily studies Studying your subjects on a daily basis is a good habit. With daily studies, you will have a thorough reading of the topic. You will be able to judge which sections to learn and will have plenty of time revise again. Giving gap in the studies and keeping it for the last moment can never bring success in the ICSE Class X board exams. Top international schools in Bangalore will encourage you to study on a daily basis.</p> <p>3. Small units of examsSmall unit exams can make you prepared for the main board exams. Small exams will help you identify the weak areas of your preparation and you can study them well. On the other hand, scoring well in the small units will give you more confidence to score well in the final ICSE exam. </p> <p>4. Overall understanding A good overall understanding about a particular subject is very essential for the students because almost the whole question paper is set on these lines. Also, have your basic concepts clear. Attend the sample questions and answers at the end of every chapter to have your doubts clear. </p> <p>5. Short questions and essay type questionsThe question paper of top international schools in Bangalore may sometimes comprise of essay type questions covering the entire topic which were short questions in the previous years question papers. Therefore, one has to be thorough with the whole topic rather than studying just a few parts of it. You have to prepared to face any type of question from any topic under the syllabus. You should aim to attempt the entire question paper to get full marks.</p> <p>6. Cover all the subjectsSet a strategy to cover all the subjects well before 30 days of the final examination. This will be very beneficial for your ICSE results. The study programme should be prepared in such a way that every subject is touched every week. Devoting more time to the subjects that you find tough doesnt mean that the easy ones are completely ignored. Teachers at best ICSE residential schools in Bangalore such as Greenwood High will always teach you to cover ICSE syllabus in a proper way. </p> <p>7. Taking brief notesTaking brief notes in the class and studying them later will help you memorize things better. This way, it becomes easy for you to learn and remember a topic easily and also proves a great help during the time of revision.Brief notes help you to get extra knowledgeable insights on the subject matter. You can learn every subject in a better way by teacher's lectures. </p> <p>8. PresentabilityOther than the preparation, the students should also know about the representation of answers. Proper handwriting and text formatting can make answers interesting to read. Neatly written answer papers will help you to score maximum marks. The well presentation of the answer scripts can be practiced while solving the previous years question papers.</p> <p>Study at Greenwood High International School to pass ICSE board exam with great success. </p> <p>Postal Address (Main School):No.8-14, Chikkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli, Gunjur Post, Varthur Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560087</p> <p>Phone : +91 80 22010500 | +91 80 27822888Fax : +91 80 27822200</p> <p>E-Mail : contactschool@greenwoodhigh.edu.inVisit the Website of Greenwood High : http://www.greenwoodhigh.edu.in/icse.html</p>