8 ways to get free traffic to your website

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  • 8 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

    Why FREE traffic?

    Free traffic is always good especially for marketers that have a tight budget when

    comes to marketing. The Pros is that free traffic will always yield positive ROI due to

    the its zero cost nature, but at the same time, the Cons for free traffic would

    be limitation in scalability and speed.

    Please find below list for 8 ways to get free traffic to your website:


    Youtube is no doubt one of the largest search engine for video. By uploading some

    high quality video with some video seo technique, you can expecting some volume

    of highly targeted free traffic from the site.

    2. Ezine/article

    Majority of people come to search engine for informations. Ezinearticles.com is one

    of the most popular site in this category with over 30 million visitor per month. But

    submitting high quality, original article to the site, the amount of free traffic you can

    get to your website is huge!

    3. Forum

    Forum is a place where peoples are engaged and discuss for certain topics. By

    involved in high traffic forum for your niches, you can expect some really targeted

    free traffic to your website through signature or post. For find your niches forum,

    simply go google and type in "your niche" + forum'".

    4. Free Classified/Directory

    If your website is providing some services, do consider placing your website in high

    traffic classified and directory site such as Craiglist and Dmoz. Thousand of visitor


  • comes to these site to find services they looking for. I have personally compiled a list

    of traffic sources which can saved your hours of time, you may find the traffic vault in

    the bottom of this post.

    5. Slideshare

    Slideshare.net is a place where you can upload your powerpoint, word and pdf slide

    for free to receive tons of view from free. Just make sure your slide is quality and had

    done your keyword research before uploading.

    6. Facebook

    Countless of people login to facebook every single day for social activities. By utilizing

    facebook post and facebook group, you can get a lot of free click from facebook. Add

    friend related to your niches using facebook friend search function and join the

    facebook group related to your niches will definitely help in exposing your

    offer/website to the targeted audience, just remember..Don't Spam!

    7. Linkedin

    Similar strategy with facebook group, linkedin group allows you to send targeted

    traffic to your website.


    This strategy require some time in keyword research, competitor analysis, quality

    content posting and quality backlinks building and takes some time for google to

    rank your website. But the free organic traffic from google organic search in enticing

    with several factors which includes targeted, long term, authority and trust.

    Remember to check out these cool seo tools and resource to help you rank in google.

    Something you have to know about free traffic:

    Is free traffic really "FREE" ?

    The answer is 'NO', because you are paying with your 'TIME' instead of 'MONEY'.

    So if you want to drive traffic that is fast, targeted and scalable, then paid traffic

    should be your bet, check out this fast and targeted traffic strategy!