8 ways to get more website traffic using social media 10.06.16

Download 8 ways to get more website traffic using social media 10.06.16

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Kenny SotoFormerlySCORE NYC Digital Marketing Team Leader

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8 Ways To Get More Website Traffic Using Social Media

October 6th, 2016

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Lets Get One Thing StraightYou Dont Find Customers On The Internet THEY FIND YOU

Audit your time online...


Content & Distribution

The World of Social Media Marketing

Your Website Is The Hub of YOUR Digital Marketing Machine

It Is Where You Convert and Retain Customers

It Is Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

But, how do you get them to your website and have them return on a regular basis?

Its All About Great Storytelling

Great Marketing & Advertising is All About GREAT Storytelling!

YouTube: Gary Vaynerchuk at 99UIf Content is King, Then CONTEXT is GOD

Other Experts IncludeMichael StelznerJoe PulizziRobert Rose



8 Ways To Get More Website Traffic Through Social Media1. Do Your Research!2. Set Up a System of Learning3. Create Landing Pages4. Create a Social Editorial Calendar5. Influencer Marketing on Instagram6. Engage With Customers Using Twitter Search7. Create Exclusive Behind the Scenes Content For Snapchat8. Make Facebook Advertising Your Fundamental Strategy

The biggest change were seeing is the move towards people-centric marketing, Focus On People

#1 Do Your Research!Their NEEDS and DESIRES

WHO are they? WHAT motivates them? WHERE are they?Know Your Customer

Each has different demographics. Each provides a different user experience. Ask where are my customers and what do they expect from me on this platform?Decide Wisely Limit The Number Be Deliberate Use Consistent Usernames Use Consistent Look and Feel

Which Social Platforms Should I Invest In?Revise

Which SM Networks Are Right For You?

# of monthly users on social networks from Statista*http://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/ /Facebook 1.71 BILLION monthly usersPinterest 100,000,000 Monthly UsersInstagram 400,000,000 monthly usersLinkedIn 100,000,000 monthly usersTwitter 320,000,000 monthly users

Snapchat 200,000,000 monthly users

Stats have already changed.

https://contently.com/strategist/2016/09/12/7-social-media-stats/7 Stats that break common misconceptions:From Contently








Define Your CustomerPeople like us, do _____.- Seth Godin

Think about who you are going to build a relationship with.

Long tail keywordsare those three and four keywordphrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling.

You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.

Searches on Google tend to correlate if not, directly match, searches on social media platforms.

Long-Tail KeywordsWhat are customers searching for?

Long-Tail KeywordsYouTube: longtail keyword research

Long Tail Keywords What They Are and How To Find ThemLong-Tail Keywords

Use The Tools

This research helps with User IntentWhy are they searching for these keywords?

#2 Set Up a System of LearningThe World of Social MediaIs Changing - Really, Really Fast




Which SM Networks Are Right For You?

The World of Social Media.Is Changing - Really, Really Fast

FacebookWelcomes 'Chat Bots' to Its Messenger AppFortune-Apr 12, 2016After opening up itschatapp Messenger to businesses last year, Facebookis now letting them buildbotsfor the service, said co-founder and...

CHATBOTSEXPLAINED: Why Facebook and other tech companies...Business Insider-Apr 12, 2016... be the beginning of a new era," said Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus. So what are thesechatbots, and why is everyone obsessed?Facebook Messengerchatbots: How do you use them?The Independent-Apr 13, 2016What are chatbotsand why they could be the next big thing in techIn-Depth-IBNLive-Apr 12, 2016FacebookChatbotsAre Frustrating and UselessOpinion-Gizmodo-Apr 14, 2016Facebook is poised to take thechatbotworld by stormBlog-Engadget-Apr 14, 2016Facebook launches Messenger platform withchatbotsIn-Depth-TechCrunch-Apr 12, 2016

Pinterest Now Seeing 2 Billion Searches Per Month How Pinterest Search Workshttp://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/pinterest-now-seeing-2-billion-searches-month-how-pinterest-search-works

What Pinterest learned in two years working on its search engine

TechCrunch, June 10, 2016

HOW SNAPCHAT DEMOGRAPHICS ARE SURPRISINGLY SHIFTING IN 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC] - Read more at: http://mediakix.com/2016/06/snapchat-demographics-infographic-statistics/#gs.eX6WV7EFun Fact!


Are people are now spending more time on Snapchat than Instagram?http://mediakix.com/2016/04/instagram-vs-snapchat-best-social-media-infographic/#gs.aJ6SbfM

Studying the debate


Use The Tools

Set a BudgetSet Budgets and Adjust For Changes

SBA Says That You Should Spend 7% to 8% of your gross sales on Marketing and Advertising.

Maybe 20%?

New Product? Maybe 50% for period of product launch?

Your #1 ChallengeFinding a balance between learning about SM updates and your customers.

#3 Create Landing Pageshttp://www.marketing360.com/internet-marketing-software/?ref=InternetMarketingAds&gclid=CjwKEAjwi9K4BRCQzq7d1c6A_XASJABueAO2tDSq2yHe4H7_7A2XGaxBIHGvqJMaoxP6CQyxFZfE1BoC2Gfw_wcBCreate a Unique Landing Page With a Unique URL and a Unique Call To Action (CTA) For Each Piece Of Content Posted on SM

Landing PageOn-Page SEO in 2016: The 8 Principles for Success - WhiteboardFridayWatch This!

According to Forrester Research, US consumers across all demographic groups used an average of 3.3 devices last year. Millennials used four devices on average. Gen Z???

Your Content Must Look Great AcrossALL Devices

Unlike Offline Marketing - Radio, TV, Print The ROI of Digital Marketing can be measured precisely.

Each Social Media Service Provides Performance Metrics

Using Google Analytics (FREE) we can measure important elements of our marketing efforts, for example:

Where are customers come from Using UTM Parameters to track social traffic.

Review Results Regularly On Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Academy

#4 Create a Social Editorial Calendar

How To Create a Social Editorial Calendar*Sample taken from Sprout Social

How To Create a Social Editorial Calendar

How To Create a Social Editorial Calendar

http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com Updated Annually!Resource

#5 Influencer Marketing on Instagram

http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/instagram-strategy-how-to-grow-a-loyal-following-with-instagram-with-nathan-chan/Building relationships that are mutually beneficial!

What makes a good influencer?It isnt just follower countBoth profiles can provide value!

Negotiating a DealWhat can you provide them in return for brand placement on their profile? Paying them Sharing audiences Creating content for them and vice versa Giving them free products/samples

Measuring SuccessThe easiest way to do this is to have a specific landing page for Instagram influencers and having them use that link in their bio for the negotiated time period.

Dont forget to use UTM parameters for exact metrics!How To Use UTM Parameters In Google Analytics

#6 Engage With Customers Using Twitter Search

The greatest free tool for Twitter marketing: https://twitter.com/search

Twitter is a Cocktail party, and you stand out by listening first!

Focus on responding first, dont start the conversations. No one will listen.People dont go on Twitter to talk to brands, they go on Twitter to talk about events and personal news with friends and family.

A great book to read...

#7 Exclusive Behind The Scenes Content For Snapchat

Forward: This only works if you are promoting your Snapchat username on other social networks and at physical promotional materials/locations/events.

Your username is your most important asset, users cant find you without the exact username. It should be your domain/brand!

For more ideas: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-snapchat-content-ideas-that-your-fans-will-love/

Question and answer, team meetings, guest snaps, weekly giveaways, and more: with save the link snaps!

Brands are even starting to explore Snapchat as a marketing channel -- not because they can directly measure the ROI of Snapchat followers, but because they want to connect with customers the same way that those customers connect with their friends.


Not everything is quantifiable.61

Dont forget to treat people like people first, and then like leads for your sales.


#8 Make Facebook Advertising Your Fundamental Channel

Facebook AdvertisingPlanning is the first step

Facebook Advertising

Test Everything

Facebook Advertising

Character limits:

25 headline30 ad preview 90 ad description

Today we are go into detail on how to create a FB ad.

Facebook Advertising

Choose the objective that fits the context...

Facebook Advertising

Focus on exclusion

Facebook AdvertisingPro tip: eventually, you will want to experiment with ad schedules.

Facebook AdvertisingNone of this matters without the context...what is the end goal besides selling? What are you learning?

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook AdvertisingA new way to boost: Dark Post Testing

BetterAccurateCompetitiveShedding Light on Facebook Dark Posts

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook AdvertisingBoosting can now be targeted to only those who you want to see it!

Allows you to test various variables to as many segments as you want.

Facebook AdvertisingTest against the 20% rule:


Facebook Advertising

Today We Are All Empowered To Be Media Production & Distribution Companies - And You Must.

Content & Distribution



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