8 ways to manage arthritis pain

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  1. 1. 8 Ways to Manage Arthritis Pain Brought to you by South Florida Physical Medicine
  2. 2. Whether you are suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis, these tips can help you to manage the pain associated with these diseases.
  3. 3. A balanced diet and weight loss plan
  4. 4. Wear low and supportive shoes
  5. 5. Stop smoking, recent studies show that smoking can worsen arthritis symptoms
  6. 6. Consult a doctor about pain management injections
  7. 7. Cold compresses or Hot compresses can reduce aches and pains
  8. 8. Aerobics classes for those who suffer from limited mobility or who are older
  9. 9. Take vitamins C and B complex for relief of pain and inflammation
  10. 10. Talk to loved ones, your physician, or even join a group
  11. 11. You CANlive with pain, but we believe that you SHOULDNT have to
  12. 12. To Learn more about arthritis pain management visit our website: http://www.physmedfl.com/treatment-for-arthritis-palm-beach-county-lake-worth-wellington/


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