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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 8 Ways to Stick to Your Workout</p><p> 1/2</p><p>8 Ways to Stick to YourWorkout1. Just Show Up</p><p>On low-energy days, head to the gym with the promise that you can leave after you finish your</p><p>warmup. "Tell yourself you'll just do the Dynamic Warmup," says achel !osgrove, author of</p><p>The emale #ody #rea$through and creator of theLook Better Nakedfitness program. "Onceyou get to the gym and get your %lood pumping, chances are you'll finish your full wor$out.</p><p>&amp;inety percent of the time, my clients do."</p><p>2. Play the Percentages</p><p>ave your %ody-fat level measured early in the program and then toward the end to gauge your</p><p>fitness progress. "(ou'll actually have num%ers that you can shoot for, and something that youcan definitely measure, as opposed to, ') just want my a%s to loo$ %etter,'" says Tim *ue%ler, acertified trainer in *ansas !ity, +issouri. %ody-fat percentage from the high teens to the mid-</p><p>s is considered healthy for most women /ranges vary %y age0, according to the merican</p><p>!ollege of 1ports +edicine. trainer can estimate your percentage using calipers, and mostgyms offer this service for a minimal charge2 just have the same person do it each time, as</p><p>measurement techni3ues can vary.</p><p>3. Book It</p><p>"(ou'll never find the time you've got to ma$e the time," says !huc$ Wolf, manager of sport</p><p>science and human performance at the 41 Triathlon &amp;ational Training !enter in !lermont,</p><p>lorida. While that seems o%vious, lac$ of planning continues to %e the %iggest reason people failto wor$ out, Wolf says. e suggests $eeping a calendar and your scheduling wor$outs at least a</p><p>wee$ in advance.</p><p>ave a contingency plan, too, in case the une5pected cancels your wor$out. "(ou're 6 percentmore li$ely to wor$ out if you have strategies to help you overcome the o%stacles," says od</p><p>Dishman, 7hD, an e5ercise scientist at the 4niversity of 8eorgia.</p><p>4. Make a Date with a rien!</p><p>aving a pal waiting for you at the gym will get you there. ")f you've made a commitment to</p><p>someone, you have a tendency to $eep it," says Tristan 8ale, an Olympic gold medalist. #ut thatdoesn't necessarily mean your %est friend is also your %est wor$out partner. 9oo$ for someonewho's on the same fitness level and has similar goals.</p><p>". #arget $our %eart</p><p>eart disease is the num%er one $iller of women, claiming :, lives each year, according tothe merican eart ssociation. ind out what your cholesterol levels are and what they should</p><p>%e. Then wor$ toward meeting that target %y e5ercising regularly. "(ou'll decrease your ris$ of</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 8 Ways to Stick to Your Workout</p><p> 2/2</p><p>heart disease while providing yourself with a very important, concrete goal," says ;ohn Thyfault,</p><p>7hD, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the 4niversity of +issouri-!olum%ia.</p><p>&amp;. Be De'ensi(e</p><p>&amp;eed more inspiration than trimming your waistline&lt; On your do-anything day, consider ta$ing a</p><p>self-defense class, which will increase your confidence as well as your heart rate. 9earningpractical defense s$ills--eye stri$es, heel palms, $nees to the groin--will also %olster your sense</p><p>of control, says Dana 1chwart=, a self-defense instructor. "(ou get to fight every class, and every</p><p>class you see improvement in yourself," 1chwart= says. ") thin$ people are surprised %y howpowerful they are."</p><p>). In(est In a #rainer</p><p>)f you don't $now what you're doing when you get to the gym, it pays to hire someone who does.#eyond helping you plan your wor$out, a personal trainer will o%serve and correct your form to</p><p>ma$e sure you produce results and avoid injuries. "They'll spot you through the movements, so</p><p>you can really feel what muscles &gt;are wor$ing?," says #renda 7owell, a certified trainer and</p><p>general manager of the )nstitute of uman 7erformance in #oca aton, lorida.</p><p>*. in! a %appy Place</p><p>(ou hate fish, %ut that doesn't mean you stop eating. The same is true for e5ercise. ") canrecommend running," says onald W. Deitric$, 7hD, director of e5ercise science at the</p><p>4niversity of 1cranton. "#ut if a person doesn't li$e running they're not going to do it. They don't</p><p>care what the %enefit is." The "perfect" e5ercise is the one you're happiest doing, so ma$e sureyou find yourself wanting to wor$ out.</p><p>Want the 8 other Ways to Stick to Your Workout?Buy the bookat and get them today!</p>http://www.lookbetternakedbook.com/?keycode=124519http://www.lookbetternakedbook.com/?keycode=124519</li></ul>