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  • 8/13/2019 8 Ways to Stick to Your Workout


    8 Ways to Stick to YourWorkout1. Just Show Up

    On low-energy days, head to the gym with the promise that you can leave after you finish your

    warmup. "Tell yourself you'll just do the Dynamic Warmup," says achel !osgrove, author of

    The emale #ody #rea$through and creator of theLook Better Nakedfitness program. "Onceyou get to the gym and get your %lood pumping, chances are you'll finish your full wor$out.

    &inety percent of the time, my clients do."

    2. Play the Percentages

    ave your %ody-fat level measured early in the program and then toward the end to gauge your

    fitness progress. "(ou'll actually have num%ers that you can shoot for, and something that youcan definitely measure, as opposed to, ') just want my a%s to loo$ %etter,'" says Tim *ue%ler, acertified trainer in *ansas !ity, +issouri. %ody-fat percentage from the high teens to the mid-

    s is considered healthy for most women /ranges vary %y age0, according to the merican

    !ollege of 1ports +edicine. trainer can estimate your percentage using calipers, and mostgyms offer this service for a minimal charge2 just have the same person do it each time, as

    measurement techni3ues can vary.

    3. Book It

    "(ou'll never find the time you've got to ma$e the time," says !huc$ Wolf, manager of sport

    science and human performance at the 41 Triathlon &ational Training !enter in !lermont,

    lorida. While that seems o%vious, lac$ of planning continues to %e the %iggest reason people failto wor$ out, Wolf says. e suggests $eeping a calendar and your scheduling wor$outs at least a

    wee$ in advance.

    ave a contingency plan, too, in case the une5pected cancels your wor$out. "(ou're 6 percentmore li$ely to wor$ out if you have strategies to help you overcome the o%stacles," says od

    Dishman, 7hD, an e5ercise scientist at the 4niversity of 8eorgia.

    4. Make a Date with a rien!

    aving a pal waiting for you at the gym will get you there. ")f you've made a commitment to

    someone, you have a tendency to $eep it," says Tristan 8ale, an Olympic gold medalist. #ut thatdoesn't necessarily mean your %est friend is also your %est wor$out partner. 9oo$ for someonewho's on the same fitness level and has similar goals.

    ". #arget $our %eart

    eart disease is the num%er one $iller of women, claiming :, lives each year, according tothe merican eart ssociation. ind out what your cholesterol levels are and what they should

    %e. Then wor$ toward meeting that target %y e5ercising regularly. "(ou'll decrease your ris$ of

  • 8/13/2019 8 Ways to Stick to Your Workout


    heart disease while providing yourself with a very important, concrete goal," says ;ohn Thyfault,

    7hD, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the 4niversity of +issouri-!olum%ia.

    &. Be De'ensi(e

    &eed more inspiration than trimming your waistline< On your do-anything day, consider ta$ing a

    self-defense class, which will increase your confidence as well as your heart rate. 9earningpractical defense s$ills--eye stri$es, heel palms, $nees to the groin--will also %olster your sense

    of control, says Dana 1chwart=, a self-defense instructor. "(ou get to fight every class, and every

    class you see improvement in yourself," 1chwart= says. ") thin$ people are surprised %y howpowerful they are."

    ). In(est In a #rainer

    )f you don't $now what you're doing when you get to the gym, it pays to hire someone who does.#eyond helping you plan your wor$out, a personal trainer will o%serve and correct your form to

    ma$e sure you produce results and avoid injuries. "They'll spot you through the movements, so

    you can really feel what muscles >are wor$ing?," says #renda 7owell, a certified trainer and

    general manager of the )nstitute of uman 7erformance in #oca aton, lorida.

    *. in! a %appy Place

    (ou hate fish, %ut that doesn't mean you stop eating. The same is true for e5ercise. ") canrecommend running," says onald W. Deitric$, 7hD, director of e5ercise science at the

    4niversity of 1cranton. "#ut if a person doesn't li$e running they're not going to do it. They don't

    care what the %enefit is." The "perfect" e5ercise is the one you're happiest doing, so ma$e sureyou find yourself wanting to wor$ out.

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