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  4. 4. Well-balanced neighbourhoods that foster community living, with an integrated landscape plan. Put simply, this is the central design theme for The Westerlies. The township is extremely well-connected to the key focal points in NCR and is designed to offer a high quality, secure and holistic living experience. In an urban context, it is important to capitalise on the value of open space. The plan envisions expansive stretches across the development, thereby ensuring that all areas in the master plan are no further than 100 MTS from a high quality open space. While it is expansive in nature, it has been designed to also provide localised features of interest and various places to unwind. The Breeze forms the main avenue for entrance and exit and strives to put forth the best assets like open spaces to play and meditate which is enhanced by the continuous stretch from one side to the other. This central greenspine links up the entire site into a cohesive whole. All the units lie within a ten minutes walk from this landscaped green making it the social and cultural epicenter of the township. The Westerlies 75 MTS 24 MTS 15 MTS 12 MTS 01 06 WIDTH OF THE MAIN ACCESS ROAD WIDTH OF SECTOR ROAD WIDTH OF THE BREEZE WIDTH OF ROADS CEREMONIAL GATEWAY MAIN ENTRY POINTS The Greenspine - The Breeze 75 MTS - from the Gurgaon Expressway Entry gate School The Heartsong Commercial area Artistic impression of the birds eye view of The Westerlies 24 MTS - sector road Nursing home 60 MTS - towards Delhi Commercial area +91 - 8826869222
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  9. 9. The landscape follows the master plan thoughts and weaves energy within The Breeze with its philosophy of intervening life through nodes of activities like buds of a tree. This implied synergy makes life easy, cohesive and complete. The central landscape which is over 50 MTS deep at its maximum depth infuses life, and more importantly, meaningful spaces as compared to small pocketed greens. Within its limitation, architects attempted to make the green as a mode to bind the social fabric. The water management system and natural topography preservation is the townships attempt at giving back to the planet. T he representation of T he Westerlies is ca ptu red in the most a rticulate wa y throu gh the Tree of Life - where the bu ds give rise to growth throu gh fresher bu ds, sy mbolising the intercon n ectivity of all life forms. Sy mbolically the tru nk a cts a s the main walkwa y throu gh the estate. T he fra mework of bra nches a cts a s the seconda ry paths a nd the leaves become the a ctivity zon es. T he roots pla y the role of central nodes in the form of the pla za s a nd performa nce spa ces which also dou ble u p a s kids pla y zon e a nd the stepped terra ce, injecting vigou r a nd f lavou r into the n eighbou rhood. The landscape Belt Collins, an international planning, design and consulting firm based in Singapore, has partnered in conceptualising The Westerlies. The landscape architects +91 - 8826869222
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  14. 14. The Westerlies is connected by four streets, namely, The Breeze, Mulberry Drive, Chestnut Avenue and Cypress Lane, all designed to allow easy entry and exit to the residents. The Breeze, the primary street, forms the main artery to the township while the others enable hassle-free commuting to the amenity centers. 1100 MTS 03 LENGTH OF BICYCLE PATH BAR-BE-CUE POD WITHIN EACH COMMUNITY +91 - 8826869222
  15. 15. 1100 MTS LENGTH OF WALKING PATH 02 REFLEXOLOGY WALKS Artistic impression of The Breeze +91 - 8826869222
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  19. 19. At The Westerlies, the luxury of space isnt just limited to its vast exteriors. It is abundant in floors, duplexes and villas, designed as an ode to indulgence. The residential plots have also been arranged in clusters with open spaces to create quieter neighbourhoods. The Westerlies also offers plots to build your dream abode. To a c c e s s c o n t r o l p o i n t s , t h e township offers an unmatched control on safety and security. VILLA 180 SQ MTS 210 SQ MTS 300 SQ MTS 215 SQ YARDS PLOT AREA 251 SQ YARDS 358 SQ YARDS 377 SQ MTS 450 SQ YARDS 462 SQ MTS 552 SQ YARDS +91 - 8826869222
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