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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery


    1. A murder has been committed and you’re under suspicion. To prove your innocence: quiz the suspects, assess the facts, then blame someone else! 2. This game has an ‘Introduction’, three ‘Rounds’ and a ‘Conclusion’. Each ‘Round’ contains:

    i. - ACTS – a short acting scene ii. - ‘Q & A’s - Questions and Answers for you to use.

    Some use easily readable 1st person “speech”, but not all.

    3. Try to: a. ‘Over-act’ and ‘ad-lib’ humorously whenever possible! b. Add ‘realism’ by trying not to say the “Question Number”. 4. Try not to: a. Show your booklet to others - nor look ahead to future pages b. Tell lies when questioned. You must use the answers provided. 5. The murderer will discover their guilt towards the end of the game. 6. Between each Round, the Genie script will help to summarise the proceedings. Rounds will end after all questions have been asked. 7. Show your Secret Clue (on page 6) when instructed. 8. This game is licensed for ‘home-use’ only.

    After reading these rules, please turn over

    to find out more about your character.

    Copyright Ace Murder Mystery 2010.

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery



    What everyone knows about you: You are a buccaneering fortune hunter who is always on an adventure.

    During your life, you've sailed the high seas, visited far-away lands and seen many strange creatures.

    Your bravery and strength are unmatched, but you spend money quicker than you make it. It’s a good job you are so easy-going.

    Your secret – do not reveal: Many of your escapades are complete exaggerations.

    Although you’ve escaped from many tight spots, it’s usually down to luck or brute force. Fearing your luck would soon run out, you conspired with arch 'fixer' Ali Baba

    to win the Princess Jazmine's Wedding Competition, so that you could then settle down. Unfortunately Ali then double-crossed you, and claimed the prize for himself.

    When you realised what he’d done, you vowed to gain your revenge.


    – to be read aloud after the Genie speaks:

    “Hi - I’m Sinbad – Sinbad the Sailor – a man of many tales – but very few words – my deeds speak for themselves!

    Still – if you must know - I’ve sailed the stormiest seas and stood on the . . . err . . sandiest shores!

    Some were littered with glittering gold – others were laden . . with desperate maiden! (wink) – you’re lucky I came back at all!

    Then there were all those with hideous monsters – that I had to fight and beat to death - but hey - don’t get me started!

    I’ll write a book on it all one day – so the legend will never die. You never know, I might stick some of you in it – alongside the hideous monsters!


    STOP Once all guests are introduced,

    continue to Act 1...

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    ROUND 1 - ACT 1

    Queen: Well, this is a strange turn of events. I suppose I should welcome you all to the palace and . . . err . . . thank you for coming.

    King: Thank them for coming? They had no choice! None of us did. That cheeky little spirit

    ordered us here, and I’m not happy! No one bosses me about! Hmmph! Still - at least when I’ve solved this crime, I’ll be his master, and I’ll have my revenge!

    Duban: Ooooh dear, here we go again, yet more revenge. Can’t you give it a rest with the

    vengeance thing? Not everything is about you, you know. Jazmine: Exactly! Don’t be so self-centred daddy! Today was my day, as everyone knows. My

    dress - my presents - my wedding - and now it’s all ruined! Tut! It’s just awful! It’s like I’ve gone from being a bride to a widow - without even getting married.

    Zoltare: Smart move, dearie. Always cut out the middle-man where possible. Meira: Errr - Jazmine, you forgot one small thing . . . my husband. . . your groom, you know . . .

    our innocent victim? It’s all about him now, isn’t it? Sinbad: You’re so right, Meira. Do you know what I think? I reckon that someone wanted to stop

    that wedding, and… if we find that someone. . . . we find our killer! Aladdin: Oh, well done, ‘Brain of Baghdad’ – that narrows it down to about 8 of us! No one wanted

    that wedding to take place – except Ali of course. Duban: Hey Sinbad – psst – here’s a tip – I believe it was someone who couldn’t afford a prezzie

    off the wedding list – so look out for someone who’s skint. Sinbad: Oh yeaah – good thinking Wizard Man – I’m on to it! Zoltare: Well what I’d like to know is how this clown Ali Baba even got close to marrying the

    princess? He was an unfit, 45 year old shopkeeper. How did he collect all those items? The unicorn’s horn and the other stuff?

    Aladdin: Maybe they were fakes? Maybe it was just an upturned ice cream cone and a feather

    from a duster? I wouldn’t put anything past that scoundrel.

    continued overleaf…

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    Round 1 - Act 1 continued:

    Sinbad: Err, I don’t think so! They were the real deal, all right; you can take my word for it! Ohh – err - I mean, it’s not possible to fake such items – especially the diamonds.

    Jazmine: Well how did he get ‘em, then? It takes.. like.. months to reach those islands where

    them funny creatures live. King: And, as far as I know, this Baba (“barber”) chappy has been working in his shop

    since the whole competition began – which is a little bizarre. Sinbad: Actually it’s quite a big bazaar - as bazaars go – he had loads of Turkish rugs and

    Egyptian tools in there, though I didn’t know he cut hair as well. King: Sorry? …. (pause)... Oh - tut – ‘Baba’ not ‘barber’, you numbskull! Do keep up, or we’ll

    never catch the killer! Zoltare: Brains never were his strongpoint, I'm afraid. Queen: Well who needs brains when you've muscles like those! Have you . . . err . . . got a

    girlfriend, Sinbad? (wink) Jazmine: Oh put him down mummy. You know what daddy’s like! – and anyway – first things

    first – what are we having to eat? I could swallow a horse. Queen: Well - actually, it's some rather exotic kebabs that Sinbad brought back from his

    intrepid travels - cooked according to those new religious rules. King: What? Islam? Sinbad: Err – NO, - - - - - - - - - - - different animal, I’m afraid! Now who's the numbskull,

    Kingo-Dingo? Queen: Oh dear (groan) – erm – I think he just meant – err – that – err - I’ll just go and

    check they’re ready, shall I?

    .NEXT – Round 1 Questions & Answers > > > .

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery


    To be used with your Question 2 on next page…

    The Competition Notice

    (please turn over)

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery


    Round 1 – Questions and Answers

    QUESTION 2 to King Shahryar Show your Secret Clue (previous page)

    Ask: “So ‘Kingo’ – if I may be so bold – we all know you’re ‘a plum pie short of a picnic’ – but why did you think this mad competition for Jazmine’s hand was a good idea, when someone like Ali

    could win it? It was nuttier than a monkey’s lunch, wasn’t it! Had you been out in the sun again?”

    QUESTION 4 to Queen Scheherazade Ask:

    “So Queenie – this competition was all your idea was it? That’s very interesting, but it still don’t make sense. You’re as sharp as a cat’s claw, so I don’t think you’d have risked losing Jazmine to someone like Ali unless there was a

    good reason. Come on, why did you do it? Was it really for the diamonds?”

    ANSWER to Q9 from Aladdin He’ll show the card you sent to Jazmine and ask why you didn’t try to win her?

    Reply: “Well – yeah - I send them cards to loads of birds – but it’s just a joke (wink) – but I’m

    too busy having adventures to get tied down with a chick - even if she’s a Princess! To be honest she ain’t my type - so I didn’t bother, I just stayed in the gym and

    worked out. And - as you can see – - it was worth the effort!” (flex your biceps)

    ANSWER to Q10 from Queen Scheherazade She’ll say you were scared that Aladdin’s brains would beat your brawn.

    Reply: “Oh, is that right? Well brains ain’t nothing without a bit of brawn.

    Can ‘brains’ can wrestle a huge Cyclops, or catch a flying unicorn? How about climb a Junamanji tree to reach a phoenix nest – can ‘brains’ do that? – I don’t think so!

    Only a man of muscle can do those things – a man like me!” (strike a muscular arm pose!)


    (Last question is no. 13 – then short break)

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    ROUND 2 - ACT 2 Before starting, the Genie should read his Part 1.

    Zoltare: So, let’s get this straight - Ali arranged this competition so Aladdin would win - but then

    swooped in and claimed the prize himself! Someone’s pulled a fast one, haven’t they? Aladdin: Exactly, it was one big con! Jazmine had no intention of marrying me. They just wanted

    the diamonds – that’s all. Jazmine: Oh don’t be silly, Aladdin. Do you think we’d fix it so that Ali Baba would win? Meira: Looks like he just got lucky then, hey? Just like he did with me. Zoltare: It was not luck. It was pre-ordained fate. It was written in the stars that he was

    destined to win – just as he was destined to lose! King: Oh don’t be so prophetic! Duban: It was neither luck nor fate. I think our mysterious little merchant tricked us all – but

    it looks like he’s upset someone he shouldn’t have. Queen: Ali was always upsetting someone or other. He was a sly old dog and always had

    something up his paws. Duban: You’re so right, Milady. Hey Zoltare, remember when he sold you those shares in that

    Egyptian tomb company, and it was all just one big pyramid scheme? Tut! I did warn you Zoltare: Oh be quiet, mummies boy. And anyway, what about that time you were looking for a

    wife and paid him a fortune to find you ‘tasty chick with long legs’? You thought you were sorted, ‘til he sent you a baby ostrich!

    Sinbad: Hahaa yes, that sounds like Ali all right! When simple Sami the snake-charmer was after

    a new adder - he took his cash, and gave him an abacus! Aladdin: Look who’s talking! At least he didn’t sell him a sundial that was always slow – unlike

    someone I could mention! Queen: Hey, he sold me one of those too - but mine was a ‘deluxe’ one, with a candle on top – so

    I could tell the time at night! – he was such a rogue!

    continued overleaf . . .

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    Round 2 - Act 2 continued:

    Zoltare: He certainly was! Last month he had this big wooden box for sale outside his shop – it said “Over 300 dates inside – only 20 shekels!”. I grabbed it quick, cos I thought he’d mis-priced it – but when I got it home there was just a dusty old calendar inside!

    Sinbad: Ha haar – Ali was a rascal all right. Hey, listen to this one . . . just last week he sold my

    Christian girlfriend an ‘all- inclusive’ trip on a Muslim pilgrimage! She left on Monday. King: Mecca? Sinbad: Err – no - she . . .

    You can’t force someone to be religious, you fool. Tut! Don’t you know anything? King: Oh dear – (groan) – err - obviously not, Mr Sinbad - obviously not. Anyway – shall we see

    how your lamb kebabs are coming along? . . .

    . . NEXT – Round 2 Questions & Answers > > > .

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery


    Round 2 – Questions and Answers

    QUESTION 1 to Princess Jazmine Ask:

    “Princess Jazmine – I think Aladdin’s right when he says you never going to marry him. Several times lately, I’ve seen you secretly going to Ali’s cave late at night with a cart

    full of gold and silver. Why were you doing that? I know you’ve had trouble getting a bloke,

    but you weren’t actually paying Ali to marry you, were you?”

    QUESTION 3 to Meira Baba In your own words ask her if she’s really expecting everyone to believe the King of

    Persia has fallen in love with an old boot like her? What was it the King fell for – her beautiful face or fabulous figure?

    ANSWER to Q11 from Princess Jazmine She’ll guess that Ali tricked you into getting the objects, then double crossed you.

    Reply: “Err – well – not really. Ali said he’d help me win the contest by lending me

    Aladdin’s carpet and ring. Ali said he’d do that for me, if I persuaded my aunt Zoltare to marry him. I knew that wasn’t a problem – she’d have anyone – they

    ain’t exactly queuin’ round the block. Now I know Ali was just tricking me - but I didn’t kill him.

    I wasn’t even bothered about marrying you. I just wanted to live in the Palace.”


    (Last question is no. 12)

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    ROUND 3 - ACT 3

    Before starting, the Genie should read his Part 2.

    Jazmine: Well now! “Oh what a tangled web he weaved”! Looks Ali was behind the whole thing – pulling all the strings! He played us like a fiddle – but hit a wrong note somewhere.

    Aladdin: A tangled web indeed – it’ll take a Son of Solomon to unravel this knot. Queen: I’m not so sure. The Genie told us we all had a motive – but did we all have the means

    and opportunity? Zoltare: And a character capable of killing, of course. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but we can’t say that

    for everyone here can we, King Shahryar? King: You watch your tongue – or I’ll have it for a boot cleaner. It wasn’t me who killed him, I

    don’t even know where his silly Bazaar was - I’ve never been there. Zoltare: Ahh yes, our vengeful and slightly unhinged ruler certainly has the character, but has he

    the brains? I think we’re looking for someone quite intelligent. Who’s outfoxed the wily old fox himself?

    Sinbad: Well if you’re looking from someone clever, that rules me out! I’m as daft as a brush. Aladdin: Me too! No one’s ever said I’m the brightest star in the sky! Meira: Hey Zoltare, you’re clever, you’ve got all them books ‘n stuff, and you’ll know your

    potions, I’m sure! Zoltare: Pah – if I was any good do you think I’d still be selling dodgy tarot readings to old

    ‘biddies’? No - Duban is the ‘braniac’ around here, or so he’s always telling us! Duban: Rubbish – I’m a total fraud, too! That’s why I was pinning my hopes on Aladdin. Now he’s

    blown it, this Genie’s my last chance – I just hope you’re all a bit dimmer than me! King: If I’m not mistaken, Madame Zoltare said the person she saw in her dream was only

    ‘dimly intelligent’, so that would imply someone quite average, wouldn’t it?

    continued over…

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery

    Round 3 - Act 3 continued:

    Sinbad: Well then, that’s Zoltare isn’t it? She says herself she’s only medium intelligent - it’s on the outside of her door!

    Zoltare: Tut – Sinbad please! It says ‘intelligent medium’ - not the other way round – I know

    everyone has the right to be stupid, but you’re abusing the privilege! Sinbad: Oh sorry, I got a bit confused. It’s like you said - there’s too many dead herrings

    floating around! Jazmine: Red herrings, Sinbad – red herrings - there’s no such thing as a ‘dead herring’. Sinbad: Yeah there is! I caught one the other day – out on me boat. At least it started off dead

    - then I dipped it in some salt and hung it out to dry – next thing I knew it was ‘cured’! Ba bum!

    Queen: Oh do behave, will you! We’ve got a killer to find and we’ll never do it with you larking

    around. I don’t want any more jokes ‘til we’ve found this killer – is that understood? Sinbad: All right all right! - (smirk) - ‘kipper’ your hair on! (Guffaw) No – ok – sorry - did you

    hear that everyone? No – more – funnies! Aladdin: Hey listen though, talking of food, I’m still a bit peckish – is there any dessert? How

    about some of the – err- wedding cake perhaps? Meira: Well, actually, I’ve brought some of Ali’s favourite sweet if you’d like to try some? It’s

    called ‘ - - - ’. He used to sell it in the shop. Duban: ‘ - - - ’? Why did he call it that? Meira: Well – because – if I may - no matter what ingredients he put in – he always seemed to

    make a . . .

    .NEXT – Round 3 Questions & Answers > > >.

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery


    Round 3 – Questions and Answers

    (show no one this page) QUESTION 5 to Duban the Sorcerer

    In your own words say he had the ‘means’ to kill Ali – as he keeps all kinds of poisons and potions - and he had a ‘motive’ as Ali had double crossed him - - but did he have the ‘opportunity’? Where was he at the time of the murder?

    Can anyone give him an alibi?

    ANSWER to Q10 from Meira Baba She’ll ask how Ali tricked you out of the competition objects.

    Reply: “Well – when he disguised himself as Madame Zoltare, he came and said the King

    thought someone had stolen Aladdin’s carpet and ring in order to win the competition – so I should lie low for a bit and give everything to ‘her’ for safe

    keeping – which I did. Next thing I know Ali had claiming the prize. I asked aunty Zoltare why she’d betrayed me – but she said she hadn’t – and then

    we knew it must have been Ali, disguised as her.”

    ANSWER to Q12 from Duban the Sorcerer

    He’ll ask what you did when you realised what Ali had done to you? Reply:

    “Well – I went looking for Ali, as I WAS going to kill him. I found out he lived in the cave by the woods, so I ran down there, but when I got there, Meira bolted the door and wouldn’t let me in. We were both tugging away, shouting and stuff,

    when the Genie appeared and told us Ali had just been killed. It was such a shock – even I got emotional.

    I’m a big softy really – under all this muscle. I’m sorry – can we take a break - I need some fresh air!” (leave the room crying)

    After Question 12, The Genie should read his Part 3.

    After the Genie speaks, plead your innocence using the script on the next page, but be aware. . .

    ** You are NOT the murderer **

    Don’t let anyone see this page

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  • ALI BABA and the ARABIAN ASSASSIN By Ace Murder Mystery



    Your final plea of innocence:

    (To be read out)

    “Well don’t look at me – I didn’t do it. I know he tricked me into getting them things for the contest, but I love a good ‘dare’

    and I’d have done it anyway, if he’d asked me nice - just to prove I could. I don’t even like Jazmine, she’s a spoilt brat, so he was welcome to her.

    And I’ll build my own palace if I ever want one. And anyway, I was banging on Ali’s door, yelling at Meira – when Ali was killed

    - so it couldn’t have been me.”

    After all players’pleas: Each person shall cast his or her vote.

    1. The person with the most votes becomes ‘The Accused’. 2. The real murderer reveals themselves, and their motive. 3. The Accused’ is found Guilty or Not Guilty 4. The Genie’s Part 4 or Part 5 should be read out explaining

    the mystery.


    We hope you have enjoyed this game by Ace Murder Mystery Our other themes include:

    Halloween Monsters, Caribbean Pirate, Western Cowboy, French Revolution, Tudor Highwaymen, American Mafia

    Visit www.acemurdermystery.com

    and use code ‘ARABIAN’ for 20% off!

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