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  • 1. Power Point Presentation Lesson :- THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST Author :- Bill Bryson Source - MOMENTS CLASS- IX Prepared by Jay Shankar Tiwari - TGT( English) JNV Rahikwara, Satna (M. P.)JST

2. General Objectives Specific Objectives Teaching Aids Pre-Reading Activity Previous Knowledge Introduction a. About the Author b. About the Lesson Text(Reading) with Explanation Comprehension Questions Vocabulary Homework 3. JST1.To enable students to understand the passage and grasp its meaning 2. To enable the students to read English passage loudly with correct pronunciation 3. To enable them to understand the passage by silent reading 4. To enable them to express the ideas of the passage orally and in writing 5. To enrich their active and passive 4. JS TTo read the lesson The Accidental Tourist with correct pronunciation. To enable the students to express the ideas of the passage orally and in writing. To enable them to comprehend the lesson. To enrich their vocabulary. To make the students enjoy the humour in the story. 5. JSTAll Usual Classroom Teaching Aids Power point Presentation 6. JSTPRE-READING ACTIVITY Ask students to think of examples of people doing silly things without actually meaning to like: - tripping and falling. - dropping things and breaking them. - forgetting important things and getting into trouble. 1. 7. William McGuire Bill Bryson, (born December 8, 1951), is a best-selling American author of humorous books on travel, as well as books on the English language and science. Born in America, he was a resident of Britain for most of his adult life before returning to the U.S. in 1995. In 2003 Bryson moved back to Britain, living in the old rectory of Wramplingham Norfolk, and was appointed chancellor of Durham University. Bryson shot to prominence in the United Kingdom with the publication of Notes from a Small Island (1995), an exploration of Britain, and its accompanying television series. He received widespread recognition again with the publication of A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003). JST 8. Bryson offers himself up for laughter: he describes his lack of grace or skill when traveling. From moments of supreme klutziness to outstanding confusion, he presents himself as the eternal nebbish, stumbling and fussing his way around the world. The essay is both funny and comforting -- at least to those of us similarly unskilled in the byways and skyways of world travel. JST 9. 1. Bryson Easily confused while travelling a. Bryson never had a pleasant journey. b. Got easily confused as - could not easily find lavatory in a cinema - at hotels, asked his room number many a time in a day. c. He feels living in the real world is perhaps most difficult things. JST 10. Contents2. Trip to England at Easter:a. Bryson is a frequent air traveller. b. Went to England with family on a big trip at Easter. c. Forgot the frequent flyer programme card at Logan airport. d. Thought the card was in his carry-on-bag. e. Trouble started accidents .. accidents accidents 11. 3. Zip jammed: a. The zip was jammed. b. Brutal force the zip gave way. c. Newspaper cuttings, loose papers, tobacco packet, magazines, passport, English money and film spread over a large area. d. He was dumbstruck. e. Worried about tobacco.JST 12. 4. Bleeding finger: a. Brysons finger gashed while he tried to pull the zip forcefully. b. It started bleeding. c. At this his wife looked at him with an expression of wonder and remarked, I cant believe you do this for a living.JST 13. JAY SHANKAR5. Bryson got into Crash Position: Bryson always had catastrophes while travelling. Once while travelling, he leaned over to tie a shoelace. At the same time, someone ahead of him threw his seat back into full recline. He got himself in a crash position. Finally, clawing the leg of the man next to him, he freed himself. 14. JAY SHANKAR6. THE SOFT DRINK EPISODE: a. Once he knocked a soft drink onto the lap of a sweet lady sitting beside him. b. The flight attendant came and cleaned her up, and brought a replacement drink and he knocked it onto the woman again. c. This was not his worst experience. 15. JAY SHANKAR7. THE WORST EXPERIENCE: a.b. c.d.It occurred while he was writing something important in a notebook while travelling. Important thoughts buy socks, clutch drinks carefully etc. At the same time, he was sucking the end of his pen and fell into conversation with an attractive young lady. After 20 minutes, the author found that his pen had leaked and his mouth, chin, 16. JAY SHANKAR8. The Author ached to be suave: a. Bryson never could do his daily routine work without causing some trouble. b. He found it very difficult to behave properly in public places but was never successful. c. Bill Bryson always met with some sort of accidents while following the rules of public behaviour. d. He would always make chicken pieces fly after is forks stroke. e. If he would open the lid of some edible chances are he would splatter it all over his clothes. 17. 9. Bryson never got his free air miles: a. Bryson- an accidental traveller. b. He got confused in doing small things. c. Due to his confusion, he could not take advantage of the schemes provided by different airlines. d. He could not find his card when required. e. He could accumulate only 212 airmiles divided between 23 airlines. f. This was so because he forgot to ask for the airmiles. JAY SHANKAR 18. g. Once he produced his card but the name on the card and the ticket did not match. h. So, he was not entitled for a first class flight to Bali. i. He missed this opportunity because of his absent-mindedness.JAY SHANKAR 19. 1. Bill Bryson says, I am, in short, easily confused. What examples has he given to justify this? Answer: Bill Bryson cannot do a simple day to day activity without creating a mesh. He often forgets the way to lavatory. He finds it difficult to remember his hotel room number. He can forget almost everything which is required to carry out our routine activity. Most of us never ponder how effortlessly we carry out our routine activity. It is all wired up in our brains. But some people, like Bill Bryson find it difficult and almost impossible. 20. 2. What happens when the zip on his carry-on bag gives way? Answer: His fingers get hurt by the zip. He is bleeding profusely. All belongings in his bag are flying across the floor of the waiting hall of the airport. He seems to be making a mockery of himself and of civilized way of behaving at a particular place. 3. Why is his finger bleeding? What is his wifes reaction? Answer: His finger is hurt by getting stuck in the zip of his bag. His wife is astonished by the way he has created a mess all around himself. 21. 4. How does Bill Bryson end up in a crash position in the aircraft? Answer: Bill Bryson leans down to tie his shoelaces. In the meantime the person on the seat ahead of him pushes back his seat. As a result he gets stuck in the kneel down position. Certain people have this strange affinity with always getting stuck in an awkward position. 5. Why are his teeth and gums navy blue? Answer: While pondering over his writing he was chewing on his pen. He was so careless that he did not notice the ink getting into his mouth. It took longer for him to impress the lady sitting next to him. For ink also it was enough time to show the bizarre effect in his mouth. 22. 6. Bill Bryson ached to be suave. Is he successful in his mission? List his unsuave ways. Answer: Certain unwritten rules dictate the way we should behave in public places. For example you should know proper manners while at dinning table. It is considered uncivilized if you burp publicly. You should not make chomping noise while eating. The list is endless. Bill Bryson always met with some sort of accidents while following these rules. He would always make chicken pieces fly after is forks stroke. If he would open the lid of some edible chances are he would splatter it all over his clothes. 23. 7. Why do you think Bill Brysons wife says to the children, Take the lids off the food for Daddy? Answer: His wife knew his knack of creating misery for himself. As a precautionary measure she asked her children to do normal chores for their father. 8. What is the significance of the title? Answer: The main character here is prone to create small mishaps. Especially during tour this can lead to discomfort of fellow passengers. Think for a while, you are sitting on a window seat in the train enjoying the beautiful scenery outside. Then somebody sitting on the upper birth spills his favourite curry and spoils your new shirt and your mood too. Those sort of persons are better at their homes. The way he creates accidents justifies the title, The Accidental Tourist. 24. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.Notes & Glossary: Self locking lock Conseternation Dumbstruck Oblivion forgetfulness Disgorge Cascade downpour Exasperation irritationJST-automaticdismay surprised total to pour sth. Out sudden -great 25. 1.automatic lock 26. HOMEWORK 1. 2. 3. 4.5.Why does Bryson fill with wonder? How did the zip create trouble for the writer? Write a character sketch of Bill Bryson. What was the authors worst experience on a plane flight? How did the narrator feel while travelling with his family. 27. Contents