9 ppc planning tips to save your sanity

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PPC tips on how to avoid "chicken little" syndrome. How to manage mobile budgets in Enhanced Campaigns, test small to win big, challenge conventional best practices and how to set yourself up for success.


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2. @bigalittlea@bigalittlea 3. @SEERinteractive 4. ppc has a problemflickr.com/photos/ishmaelo 5. flickr.com/photos/bunchofpants/@bigalittlea 6. 3 stages x 3 ideas = 9 tips to keep it together 7. foodfoodfood & beerfoodbeerfoodfoodfoodbeerfoodbeerfoodfood7 8. flickr.com/photos/bluesquarething/@bigalittlea 9. @bigalittlea 10. prepare flickr.com/photos/henryalva/10 11. 1: meezflickr.com/photos/bluesquarething/@bigalittlea 12. LEARN:the busness the goals the stakeholders the fears the marketing plan the bonus plan @bigalittlea12 13. week of the month conversions pick upROLE PLAYING@nick_vigg: "every second 14. second week of most months. think that has an impact?ROLE PLAYING@client: "we run radio the 15. DOES RADIO IMPACT?yes. yes it does. 16. DR OZ = PROFIT! 17. @bigalittleaRASPBERRY KETONESSEARCH VOLUME SPIKE 18. @bigalittleaRASPBERRY KETONESGUESS HOW MUCH CLICKS COST? 19. 2: label relentlessly@bigalittleaImage credit: http://ralamac.deviantart.com/ 20. AdWords Labels for Effective Account Management: Moar Labels! - @michellemsem AdWords Labels: Why I Love Them & You Should Too- @katiewalton854 Ways I Use AdWords Labels to Manage My AdWords Campaigns Faster - @AndrewLolk @bigalittlea20 21. COLLEGES: 12 PROGRAMS: 60 DEGREE LEVELS: 4 REGIONS: 5 AGENCIES: 2 @bigalittleaLABEL RELENTLESSLYUNIVERSITY CLIENT 22. 400+ campaigns@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/superyyy100/ 23. CAMPAIGN:agency college geo channel @bigalittleaLABEL RELENTLESSLYUNIVERSITY CLIENT 24. AD GROUP:program level branded/non brand@bigalittleaLABEL RELENTLESSLYUNIVERSITY CLIENT 25. KEYWORD:general category-specific program-specific@bigalittleaLABEL RELENTLESSLYUNIVERSITY CLIENT 26. pow-pow powerpivotflickr.com/photos/gurana/ 27. @bigalittlea27 28. 3: scratch made vs. store-bought@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/mountjoy/ 29. @bigalittlea 30. JanFebMarAprMaySEER REPORT HOURSAcquisioExcel JunJulAugSep 31. ROI VS. ROEsmall business? small campaign? small spend? low maintenance account? @bigalittleaFOR YOU?ARE YOU A 32. $=free.99 infinite roi 33. execute 33 34. 4: keep busy, avoid the busy trap @bigalittleabrecht vandenbrouche 35. AUTOMATED OR ALGORITHMIC?if keyword is x above cpa over 30 days, drop bids by y if keyword is z below cpa over 30 days, bump bids by q @bigalittleaBID CHANGESNORMAL BID RULES: 36. DAILY CHANGES = PROBLEMlook at the same keywords look at the same data over compensate @bigalittleaBID CHANGESBID RULES WILL: 37. seer.is/bidrules 38. 5: test small, win big@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/penguincakes/ 39. @bigalittleai want to fail fastflickr.com/photos/jeanpaulmca/ 40. flickr.com/photos/ishinelike/SOUNDS EXPENSIVE?@bigalittlea 41. CAMPAIGNS? matureCMO? test everything now! MOBILE SITE? piece o crap @bigalittleaTEST SMALL, WIN BIGMOBILE TEST 42. SOLUTION? exact-only campaigns best keywords per category sky high mobile bids@bigalittleaTEST SMALL, WIN BIGMOBILE TEST 43. EXPECTED WINNER? 58% higher cpa EXPECTED LOSER? 37% lower cpa @bigalittleaTEST SMALL, WIN BIGMOBILE TEST RESULTS 44. TEST ACTUALLY SPENT: 3% of total budget TEST COULDVE SPENT: 13% of budget @bigalittleaTEST SMALL, WIN BIGACTUAL COSTS 45. TEST COULDVE COST: 7% of total conversions@bigalittleaTEST SMALL, WIN BIGPOTENTIAL BUSINSS COST 46. 6: set expectationsflickr.com/photos/mistersmed/@bigalittlea 47. 1.2% ctr1.2% ctr4.1% cvr3.7% cvr@bigalittleaAWESOME OUTERWEARAIM FOR SALES, NOT CLICKS 48. grow flickr.com/photos/mistersmed/48 49. 7: cant please everyoneflickr.com/photos/penguincakes/@bigalittlea 50. eh, screw it @bigalittlea 51. @bigalittleachangethis.com/manifesto/13.ParadoxOfChoice/pdf/13.ParadoxOfChoice.pdf 52. print all of the things!flickr.com/photos/blue_mountains_library_-_local_studies/ 53. PARADOX OF CHOICE 54. flickr.com/photos/ishinelike/GUESS HOW IT WENT@bigalittlea 55. SOLUTION curated images 9 categories 9 images per category conv. rate @bigalittleaPARADOX OF CHOICECUT THE CRAP 56. 8: kaizen56 57. nobody grew from query mining@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/curtisperry/ 58. storage containers 59. @bigalittlea 60. SOLUTION:survey the sales team@bigalittleaALWAYS IMPROVESTORAGE CONTAINERS 61. FINDINGS:regional language need-specific terms red flag negatives @bigalittleaALWAYS IMPROVEFIND SOMETHING NEW 62. costconversionscpaold storage$356k3,555$100sales team terms$40k562$70@bigalittleaALWAYS IMPROVENEW VS. OLD 63. 9: challenge convention@bigalittleamolecularrecipes.com 64. not for everyone@bigalittlea 65. NORMAL LPS 66. BUT WHAT IF 67. LEFT:1,175 clicks 85 conv 7.2 % cr @bigalittleaRIGHT:1,162 clicks 83 conv 7.1 % crLANDING PAGE FORMSDOESNT MATTER! 68. lets play again! 69. NORMAL 3-COLUMN 70. CENTER 3-COLUMN 71. CENTER:RIGHT:215 clicks 187 clicks 30 conv 23 conv 14.0 % cr 12.3 % cr @bigalittleaLANDING PAGE FORMSWEIRD WINS! 72. flickr.com/photos/feil/oh s*%#... 72 73. flickr.com/photos/kenudigit/10: life in the weeds73 74. embrace surprise@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/judybaxter/ 75. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS 76. 76 77. @fmshovlintheyre just campaigns now@bigalittlea 78. ENHANCED JUNKstart with the best@bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTMOBILE: 79. ENHANCED JUNK-adsenseformobileapps.com -appspot.com -bids in the evening @bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTTABLETS: 80. ENHANCED ADVANTAGES+ strong conv. rates leave nyc + ca alone@bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTGEO: 81. ENHANCED ADVANTAGES@bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTSUPER SITELINKS! 82. ENHANCED ADVANTAGEScall conversions estimated total conversions@bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTCROSS DEVICE TRACKING: 83. ENHANCED ADVANTAGESREMARKETING??@bigalittleaFIGURE IT OUTCROSS DEVICE 84. flickr.com/photos/tojosan/you can still clean up @bigalittlea 85. reward @bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/riekhavoc 86. or just reward me@bigalittleaflickr.com/photos/brostad/ 87. aaronl@seerinteractive.com slideshare.com/bigalittlea @bigalittlea87