9 Things to Do After Buying Your Dream Candlewood Lake Home

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  • 9 Things to Do After Buying Your Dream Candlewood

    Lake Home

  • Owning a home in Candlewood Lake is an ultimate dream for many Americans. However, bear in mind that the process of home buying does not end in signing the contract and moving in.

  • As a new homeowner, consider these 10 things you could do after buying a Candlewood Lake home for sale to ensure that you have a stress-free life in your new home:

  • 1. Avoid solicitors. As soon as you move into your new home, expect a visit from solicitors who will try to sell home insurance or other things like loans. It is important for you to recognize when your visitor is trying to sell you something. Be wise and avoid hawkers and loan offers.

  • 2. Hire an experienced financial planner. Finances are very complex matters that so consider hiring a professional financial planner to help you track and manage your finances including your mortgage payments, insurance, and taxes.

  • In the long run, the few hundred dollars you spend to hire a financial planner will be worth it since you will be having the peace of mind knowing your finances are growing and going in the right direction.

  • 3. Consider refinancing. Get a refinancing while the interest rates are still low. With all the available financing options, check if refinancing for your Candlewood Lake Danbury CT home will be save you more in the long run. Learn about the benefits of refinancing, how long it will take to recoup the cost of refinancing, and how much savings you will get from it.

  • 4. Make electronic payments. Take advantage of technology. Pay your monthly mortgage payments, insurance, and other bills electronically to avoid late or missed payments. Remember that a missed payment can lower your credit score.

  • 5. Set aside some cash. It is a rule of thumb that everyone should have an emergency fund. You can start by saving up for at least 3 months worth of your living expenses. The ideal emergency fund should be at least six months of your living expenses to prepare for unforeseen events such as a medical emergency or loss of employment.

  • 6. Get life insurance. Real estate experts recommend homeowners to buy a life insurance policy, instead of a mortgage insurance plan. Aside from covering your income for x number of years, a life insurance policy will also cover your assets, including your Candlewood Lake home.

  • 7. Keep an eye on tax assessments. Part of owning a home is paying for property taxes based on the current market value of your home. It is strongly advised to regularly keep an eye at the movement of the assessment value of your home. It wont hurt to double-check for errors, too.

  • 8. Keep all your documents. Real estate professionals suggest homeowners keep every receipt, deed, title, and other important documents safe, organized, and accessible. Having organized documents that are ready and available for future buyers will help you sell your home at a higher price in the future.

  • Your Candlewood Lake real estate agent can also help you with an option so save all your documents online like on google documents or dropbox.

  • 9. Stop and smell the roses. Make your home as comfortable as possible. It should adapt to your lifestyle and be a place of peace and refuge, not stress.

  • Unfortunately, there are buyers who regret buying their home after moving in. Dont be one of them! Follow these tips so you can enjoy living in your Candlewood Lake home for the years to come.

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