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Johan Oskarssons presentation at Knowit's breakfast seminars May 15 and 16 2013


  • 1.A balanced teamJohan Oskarsson, Senior Consultant at KnowitAt Knowit Breakfast seminars 2013-05-15 & 16

2. The super efficient highlyproductive ultraresponsible customerfocused ideal agileteam 3. Does happy teamsperform better? 4. Lets get theoreticalMeet: the METALEARNINGMODELLosada & Heaphy 2004 5. the ability of a team to dissolveattractors that close possibilitiesfor effective action and to evolveattractors that open possibilitiesfor effective actionMETA LEARNING 6. attractors are like a gravitationalfield pulling behaviors toward itThe most flexible is the chaotic attractor, known as strangeattractor, or complexor. Meaning complex order. 7. Each one of these attractors are associated withDIFFERENT PERFORMANCELEVELSPoint Limited Complexor 8. Bipolardimensions inverbalcommunicationotherselfinquiryadvocacypositive/negativeEmotionalspace 9. [positive]Codification[negative][inquiry][advocacy][self][other]thats a good ideadumbest thing Ive ever herdplease explain morethis is how it isour team is the bestthat teamover there isthe best 10. The goal is toincrease theemotionalspaceotherselfinquiryadvocacyEmotionalspacepositive/negative 11. Dissolvingattractorsundoing hypothesis, positive emotions undothe effect of negative emotions 12. Evolvingattractorsbroaden-and-build, positive emotions broadenones awareness and encourage novel, varied, andexploratory thoughts and action. Innovation!{8-) 13. otherselfinquiryadvocacyHigh performanceMedium performanceLowperformancepositive/negativepositive/negative = 5.614inquiry/advocacy = 0.935self/other = 1.143 14. {8-)Hence, happy teamsperform better 15. Balance iskey 16. Diversityhelps 17. Self-diagnosticteam must learn 18. What can we do? 19. 360 Poker Better understanding Multiple perspectives Balanced evaluations Leveled feedback19 20. Proximity Management Move managers desk to the teams Management by walking around Gemba walk / go & see / face-time20 21. Kudo Box Dont promise rewards in advance Reward publicly, not privately Reward peers, not subordinates21 22. 22Celebrate! What did we learn? What did we do well? (reinforce learning & good practices) 23. Identity Symbols The team defines its own identity Name, logo, mascotte, website, etc. Generates team work / team spirit23 24. Exploration Days Everyone spends one day of learning Try to deliver something within 24 hrs Demo the results to colleagues24 25. SlackTime Aim for 80% utilization of people Use the remainder (20%) for slack Use slack for experiments and emergencies25 26. Self-OrganizedTeam Formation Let people organize themselves in teams However, give them some constraints Diversity, team size, team duration, etc.26 27. Business Guilds Let people organize around certain topics Such as specific technologies or disciplines Have them form virtual communities27 28. Management is to important to be left tomanagersHelp team managethemselves.{8-) 29. Johan Oskarsson@johanoskarssonwww.captaintrouble.com