a collaborative journey into team planning and pedagogical documentation

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St. Francis of Assisi TLLP 2013-2014

St. Francis of AssisiTLLP 2013-2014A Collaborative Journey into Team Planning and Pedagogical DocumentationHow it all began

Why team planning?Our plan took into account what we have learned about in the K-2 Inquiry and EPCI over the past few yearsIncorporate the use of Mentor TextsIncorporate Higher Order ThinkingInvestigate pedagogical documentationEngage in collaborative assessment

Overview of our TLLP Collaborative Planning

Sample Literacy Plan Using Big Ideas and Mentor Texts

Building Deep Connections

Capturing Student Learning

Write down answers given on chart paper during class discussionsWrite anecdotal notes while the students are discussing possible answers with their Accountable Talk PartnersRecord the conversations with an iPad, video camera, audio recorder.ConferencingPhoto BoothUse the information gathered in a writing task after a group conversation.

Why higher- order thinking? Higher order thinking skills involve the learning of complex judgmental skills such as critic and problem solving. According to Blooms Taxonomy, analyzing, evaluating, and creating are the most complex kinds of thought. These three more complex kinds of thought are called higher-order thinking.

Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Taxonomy is a widely accepted psychological theory that categorizes different kinds of learning in ascending order from least to most complex. 11Pedagogical Documentation Our Set Up- Each Kindergarten Classroom has:- 2 64 GB iPads (One for the teacher and one for the ECE)- 5 iPad Minis - 1 Mac Book Pro- 55 Flatscreen Smart TV- TV* Also our French teacher and Music Specialist have a 64 GB iPad to document learning

Our Learning to Date InvolvementCreation of Student iPortfoliosPhoto Streaming - to Mac BookiPhoto - Face RecognitionPhoto Booth - used to capture learning such as, a reading conference, PM BenchmarkingAdding Audio Files to PhotosFlagging Files to indicate that reteaching is requiredAir dropping with TV onto flatscreen TV to highlight the students thinking and learning. This technology can easily be used throughout the day for consolidation

How is our project different?Our students are going to become part of documenting their own learning. With explicit teaching and modeling our students will learn how to capture their work using the mini iPads. Our hope is that our youngest learners will be able to: take photos of their work, interview a friend, explain their creation or work in a video clip so that it can then be saved to their iPortfolio.At the end of the year, we intend to take key pieces from each childs iPortfolio and add them into their ePortfolio which can then move with the child to their new class or new school if he or she moves or is posted somewhere in Ontario.A few weeks in and 10 months to go