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Lucca Ravioli :)


  • 1. Brand Overview Current Brand Activity Brand ObjectivesAudience Insights/PersonaChallengeOpportunityStrategic Recommendations/Tactics


      • Lucca Ravioliis anindependent unionized delicatessenthat sellsproducts from Europe - specifically, Italy.The food company opened its doors following the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, when manyItalian immigrantsrelocated from North Beach to theMission District . ItsOld World appealdraws in natives and visitors from all over.

3. CURRENT BRAND ACTIVITY Lucca supports their online presence by providing their audience with this website: Whereas their offline presence is much, much more hands on: 4.

  • Word of mouth is the cornerstone of the business. What we propose is to take that spirit into the online space.

Our website is under construction. Were slow with it. Most of our customers come from word of mouth. We like knowing people by name, ya know?- Jim,Lucca Raviolis Best CURRENT BRAND ACTIVITY 5.

  • Talk to both European expatriates and ascendant American foodies who want authentic products and a true connection with Old World preparation methodologies.
  • A promise:Find authentic Old World ingredients and service and bring it to people offline and on.
    • Maintain and strengthen customer base by continuing to assist and educate the patrons even after they leave our store.
  • Bring Luccas offline charm to all their customers by al lowing Luccas sense of community to translate from their store to an online presence.


  • Competitively, Whole Foods, Bi-Rite, A.G.Ferrari, etc. are like Big Hotels who pitch higher-end, exclusive products; whereas Lucca Ravioli is the Boutique Bed & Breakfast who offers honesty and true European emotion.

SO WHO DO WE SPEAK TO? 7. Jean Marco: Half Venezuelan and half ItalianRaised here in San Francisco.Gets back to his roots by asking his Uncle Frank how he did it. You gotta know how to make the raviolis, and our family secret is going to Luccas.Jean Marco is attractive, smart, but lacks confidence. He learns to gain more confidence through the food he prepares after his uncle takes him to Luccas. He wishes he could host a dinner to show off his skills and see how his buddiesandthe ladies respond.THE PERSON LISTENING 8. Use social-media sites--that Jean Marco already uses--to enhance Lucca's influence and potential for guidance in the online space.



      • Keeping Lucca quaint but broadening the sphere of its magic.

9. Redesign the Lucca's website to create a clean user interface for basic information to be communicated to the patrons.Use Lucca's existing customer base as ambassadors of the brand in the online space.In the store, place an email sign up sheet to gather their information and add them to Luccas Facebook group. LuccaRavioli Never Leave San FranciscoSTRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS 10.

        • Live Table will be the wayfor hosts and guests to discuss products, ingredients and communicate about menus. Every person has an opportunity to take part in setting the table.Whatever their origin, Lucca is a welcoming home online or off.

Invite them throughto Live Table sponsored by Lucca.-Here guests and the host like Jean Marco can interact to organize their dinners. 11. LIVE TABLE THE END