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A French Woman's Five Style Essentials


  • A French Woman's Five Style Essentials

  • THE SEEMINGLY EFFORTLESS and slightly unkempt look that is French womens signature could easily give the impression that they dont follow any fashion rules. Right? Wrong. La femme francaise abides by a long list of sartorial edicts; she just doesnt think of them as rules but as basic principles of good taste, acquired by symbiosis. This starter wardrobe, of five stylish staples, serves a purpose, asserting the rule from which all others flow: Style is more important than fashion.

  • THE V-NECK SWEATER // A winter weekend staple, always worn loose and on bare skin. It skims the hips, but its neckline should be low enough to gently draw attention to a dcollet.

  • THE CLASSIC JEAN // Indispensable, and often worn to the office with black heels and a tailored jacket. For this reason, they need to be immaculate: denim dark, cut straight, no holes.

  • THE SILK SHIRT // The French working girls secret weapon: It allows her to smoothly transition from day to night by simply undoing one more button. It must be plainand 100% silk.

  • THE BALLERINAS // Contrary to popular belief, French women dont live in heels. They rely heavily on ballerina flats from the uncontested king of ballet shoes, Repetto. These must be worn barefoot.

  • THE LEATHER JACKET // The most versatile item in the closet. The French woman wears it year-round and regards it as a clever condiment to subtly rectify the flavor of an otherwise too-girly or too-straightlaced outfit. This role means that the black or brown jacket cant have too much personality on its own: Think smooth leather, clean lines, a narrow cut close to the body with near-invisible pockets.

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