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A Genesee County and Oakland County Partnership. What is G2G Cloud Solutions?. Approved by BOC resolution F11 – Dated 4-17-2013. G2G Cloud Solutions was developed by Oakland County, Michigan to improve government services by sharing technology with other - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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A Genesee County and Oakland County Partnership An initiative of Oakland County, MI1What is G2G Cloud Solutions?G2G Cloud Solutions was developed by Oakland County, Michigan to improve government services by sharing technology with other government agencies at little or no cost, therefore reducing the cost of government.Approved by BOC resolution F11 Dated 4-17-20132Whats the good news? An initiative of Oakland County, MI3State of Michigan CGAP Grant of $640,570Budget CategoryBudget DescriptionApplication Budget AmountIntent to Award Budget AmountInfrastructure/EquipmentKronos InTouch/Biom Barcode Terminal$136,850$136,850Infrastructure/EquipmentKronos Public Sector Software Bundle$279,850$279,850TrainingTraining End to End Customer Training$17,850$17,850Infrast/EquipInstallation$101,520$101,520Infrast/EquipOakland County storage and support$75,000$75,000Infrast/EquipGen. Co. Disk Space$29,500$29,500Budget Total$640,570$640,5704Biometric/Barcode Terminal

Your CGAP Team

Administrative Officer Keith Francis ControllerProject CoordinatorMaxine Daniels IT DirectorProject ManagerGenesee County Joe White Systems EngineerPayroll Systems AnalystPayroll AnalystPayroll PT ProgrammerKronos SpecialistOakland County

Project ManagerOakland County Kevin Bertram Oakland CountyDepartment Teams

Time & Attendance TeamNeed to Add Kevins team6Timeline

WFT = Workforce Timekeeper WIM = Workforce Integration Manager WF = Workforce WAM = Workforce Absence ManagerTeleStaff is now a part of the Kronos Solution that allows for scheduling of personnel. Very beneficial for Jail and 24x7 staff.WFT Workforce Timekeeper Visibility & control over time and attendance data, accurately tracking hours worked, consistently applying pay rules, and compliance with government regulations.WAM Workforce Absence ManagerWorkforce Attendance Quickly identifies absence patterns enabling appropriate action in real time, reducing the cost and impact of absenteeism in the city.Workforce Accruals Provides the ability to increment defined accrual balances through conditional or earned grants.Workforce Leave Ensure the uniform application of Leave policies and provides greater visibility and control over leave data to reduce compliance risk and increase efficiency.WIM Workforce Integration Manager Secure, web-based integration tool to import and export workforce data between heterogeneous environments.InTouch Terminals Kronos data collection terminal that can includes built-in, finger-scan WF Is just an abbreviation for Workforce

7Real Time Operational Cost SavingsArea of Savings (April 2013)Total Number of Employees1105Total MONTHLY Labor Spend$23,343Total Number of Supervisors124Total MONTHLY Labor Spend $27,679Total Number of Timekeepers4Total MONTHLY Labor Spend$4,904Total Number of Payroll Staff1Total Monthly Labor Spend$1,477Annual Cost of Payroll Operational Effort$688,836Time Reduction with Kronos (A)50%Total Cost Savings Potential$344,418(A) Based on Actual Results Savings range from 50% to 76%Current Operational UpdatesWorking out contract with Oakland to purchase Kronos through the G2G Marketplace.Awaiting ROI Study on best method to connect both counties Joint effort with Oakland County IT and Genesee County IT.As soon as contracts are signed, Kronos will assign project team!

Questions? An initiative of Oakland County, MI10Full Project TimelineGenesee County Sample Project TimelineMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberStaff Augmentation (Kronos)Project Kickoff & Readiness Calls-Change MgmtSystem Design AssessmentCore Team (GC) TrainingEnd User (GC) Training DevelopmentSolution Build Test & CertifyDeployment - Core ApplicationsCore - (WFT, WIM, WF Employee & Integ)WAM- Leave, Attendance & AccrualsTeleStaff Base and Advance Configuration

End User TrainingTODAY




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