a good example for senior learning. roccalumera - 29/07/2009 - it was held at the park salvatore...

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  • A good example for Senior Learning
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  • Roccalumera - 29/07/2009 - It was held at the Park Salvatore Quasimodo, the General Assembly of the "Over 55", owned by qualified persons in the district of the East Coast of the Province of Messina (Riviera di Taormina), interested in the establishment of the Section Senior "Club of Friends of Salvatore Quasimodo Roccalumera. He wanted so directly involve project beneficiaries in decisions about the tasks. The works were introduced by lawyer. Carlo Mastroeni. The speakers were the President of the Municipal Council of Roccalumera Arch Antonio Garufi and and Alderman Rag. Peppino Briguglio, with special responsibility for social services in the City of Mandanici, to bring the greetings and the participation of their administrations. Dr. Dominic Romeo has read and presented to the speakers and the proposed articles of the Statute. The initiative, has found an interesting finding for the topicality of the issues. In 'Assembly of 28.07.2009 we proceeded to election of corporate offices. Following the first meeting we had an intensive continuing education activities for elderly people, with their direct and essential involvement!
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  • It has launched a strong partnership with the University of the Third Age of Messina - Section S. Teresa di Riva undertaking vigorous activities for seniors but also implements initiatives that encourage intergenerational encounters.
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  • Playing at sea is the manifestation of the Mind Sports, which has represented the newness of the summer on the Riviera Jonica August 2009. Among horses, towers and pawns, it was a good opportunity to rediscover under the umbrella, all the charm of old games, traditional folk, such as Checkers and Chess. Amateur Team Chess individual, ended with a good participation of players and a decent technical level, under the direction of the regional race of the referee Antonino Famulari. E s t a t e 2009 - Roccalumera Santa Teresa di Riva
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  • La Dama Italiana LA VALIDIT DELLINIZIATIVA Sport of the Mind... Why?
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  • Science and technology increasingly dominate our lives. In the future we will not all be brainy, but certainly our minds must be prepared to meet the challenges of the future of artificial intelligence. We will live more and more between computers and sophisticated electronic equipment.
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  • That's why we recommend the Sport of Mind, a fun game to be in company, but also a sport that encourages reflection, analysis and many other qualities already present in us, attention, concentration, ability to estimate, storage, observation, order and concreteness are gifts that can be improved with the Sport of the Mind.
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