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A guide to choosing work placements 2016 - 2017



Placement Sector Opportunities Page Number Introduction 4

Business Administration, Finance and Legal Administration Assistant

Clerical Legal Assistant

Junior Clerk / Accounts Assistant

6 6 7

* Construction and the Built Environment Architectural Technician / Design Assistant

Builders Assistant

Painting and Decorating Assistant

Air Conditioning and Heating Engineers Assistant

Plumbers Assistant

Electricians Assistant

Professional Engineers Assistant

Joinery / Carpentry Assistant

Premises Officers Assistant

8 8 9 9 9 9

10 10 10

* Creative and Media Graphic Design Assistant

Fashion Design Assistant

Photographic Assistant

Printing Assistant

Screen Printing Assistant

Reprographics Assistant

Performing Arts Assistant

Assistant Curator

11 11 11 12 12 12 13 13

Engineering (Electrical & Mechanical) Electrical / Electronics Assistant

Assistant Mechanic / Car Service Assistant

Body Shop Assistant

Assistant Motorcycle Mechanic

14 14 14 15

Environmental and Land-Based Studies Farm Assistant

Parks and Gardens Assistant

Landscape Gardeners Assistant

Ranger / Warden Assistant

Vets Assistant

Animal Care Assistant (Kennels / Catteries / Pet Shops)

Equestrian Assistant

Farrier Assistant

16 16 16 17 17 17 18 18

Hair and Beauty Studies Hairdressers Assistant

Beauty Assistant

19 19


* Self placements are recommended for all sections marked with an asterisk.

Hospitality Housekeeping Assistant

Waiter / Counter Assistant

Catering Assistant

* Bakery Assistant

Butchers Assistant

20 20 20 21 21

* IT (Information Technology) IT Technician / IT Support Technician

IT / Web Design Assistant

22 22

Manufacturing Factory Operative (Manufacturing in Metal)

Assistant Machinist (Hosiery / Garment Making)

* Laboratory Assistant (Education)

* Laboratory Assistant (Industrial)

23 23 24 24

Public Services Library Assistant

Valeting Assistant

Cleansing Operative

* Police Work Experience Observer

* Fire and Rescue Service

25 25 26 26 27

Retail Business Retail Assistant

Garden Centre Assistant

Florists Assistant

* Warehouse Assistant

28 28 28 30

Society, Health and Development Nursery / Crche / Playgroup Assistant

Teachers / Classroom Assistant (Primary)

Teachers Assistant (Secondary)

Dental Assistant

Medical / Optician Receptionist / Assistant

Retail Pharmacist Assistant

Student Care Assistant (Elderly Care)

31 31 31 32 32 33 34

Sport, Active Leisure and Tourism Sports Assistant

* Golf Club / Greens Assistant

Outdoor Pursuits Centre Assistant

Travel Assistant

35 35 35 36


INTRODUCTION Work Experience is a very important part of your school life. It helps you prepare for your future working life in many ways. You can try out the skills you have developed in school/college. Careful preparation for work experience will help you get the most out of your placement. Choosing the right kind of placement for you is very important. This booklet has been designed to help you make the right choice. REMEMBER: Ask your Tutor or Work Experience Coordinator if you need help with your choices. USING THIS BOOKLET This booklet explains what activities each type of placement involves. Use this booklet to help you to decide which are the most suitable types of placements for YOU. Read through the example placement descriptions. Note down any particular characteristics you need to think about, e.g. if the placements you are considering ask for working with your hands or in a noisy environment or outdoors is this what you want? HELPFUL HINTS FOR DECIDING THE BEST TYPE OF PLACEMENT

Some career areas are NOT open to work experience or are EXTREMELY LIMITED at 14-16 years old e.g. Uniformed Services

2 3 weeks is not really long enough to give you a complete idea of a career

Choosing your placement on a career basis might limit the chances of getting the sort of placement you want, so think broadly about the sort of skills you might want to develop

One of the key benefits of work experience is to give you the opportunity to learn more about the world of work and to develop a range of skills and qualities that employers value e.g. communication, IT, working in a team, following instructions, using your initiative, etc

Is the type of placement linked to a curriculum area or subject area you enjoy?

Is the type of placement linked to a career idea/plan for your future?

Will this type of placement give you an opportunity to develop key (transferable) skills? E.g. communication and numeracy skills, working in a team, adaptability, etc

Will this type of placement give you an opportunity to develop particular skills (if only for a short time)? E.g. word processing or using a telephone switchboard

Do the skills and abilities you have to offer match what the employer asks for? Be honest with yourself!


HOW THE PAGES ARE SET OUT Each Job Opportunity is explained in the following pages. Each explanation gives you:

A list of some of the work you might be doing if you choose this type of placement

A personal profile The kind of skills and attributes you need if you want to make a success of this type of placement. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You should check this list very carefully and be honest with yourself. You must try to match yourself to a suitable type of placement

E.G. Dont apply for a placement in a leisure centre if you cannot swim!

A list of personal and curriculum opportunities. This tells you how the placement might help you develop as a person and link to your work at school/college

Availability of the type of placement you would like. Some placements require you to apply online e.g. NHS and they put forward specific dates throughout the year that students can go out on work experience. You should think about whether there are only a few of these kinds of placements

Information on where the placements are located are they in one area of the city?

An idea of whether the placement can be found by LEBC. Self placements are recommended for certain types of placements due to availability. If this is the case, it will state SELF PLACEMENT only.





Administration Assistant

Clerical Legal Assistant / Receptionist

Junior Clerk / Accounts Assistant


General administration tasks (word processing, photocopying, filing, faxing, emailing)

Dealing with the post

Using the telephone

Invoicing and ordering

Assisting with the compiling of reports and documents

Using the computer to input text, handle data, conduct research or produce graphics

Assisting in the handling of routine enquiries and provision of information as required

Some general accountancy work

Observing at meetings

Work shadowing administration staff and supporting staff as required

Visiting clients / suppliers Personal Profile 1. You must be a neat and accurate worker, with a smart appearance 2. You need reasonable English and Numeracy skills 3. You need good communication skills and for accounts, an aptitude for numeracy 4. You must be able to fit into the office environment, get on with different people and ask

for more work if you have finished a task 5. You must be able to follow instructions and work on your own

Personal and Curriculum Opportunities 1. You will be able to development your communication and numeracy skills 2. You may develop vocational skills (word processing, use of fax, telephone, etc) 3. Possible links to GCSE English, Maths, Business and IT 4. You will learn about customer service and why its so important to business 5. You will learn about the structure of business 6. You will learn about the different departments within a business and how they operate

Availability There is good availability throughout. The majority of administration placements will be found in the city centre. General and all round skills are necessary for these placements and you will develop skills important in any role.


Assisting in the reception

General administration work (pre/post trial admin, inputting data, filing and photocopying)

Assisting with preparation and dispatch of jury summons

Possibly attending court where deemed appropriate

Attending session with court probation team

Collecting and delivering files to other offices locally


Personal Profile 1. You need a good standard of English for dealing with legal documents 2. You should be a well-organised person 3. You need neat & well-presented handwriting 4. You need a smart appearance 5. You must be in


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