a humorous duet marla crowe - rock branch ?· wetmore declamation bureau . box 2695 ... (this duet...

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    A Humorous Duet

    by Marla Crowe

    Wetmore Declamation Bureau

    Box 2695 Sioux City, IA 51106


    Email: speeches@wetmoredeclamation.com

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  • CAMP IMPROV A Humorous Duet

    Marla Crowe

    Copyright by the author. Exclusive permission to publish as a reading, granted by the author to the WETMORE DECLAMATION BUREAU, Sioux City, Iowa. (This duet could be boys or girls. Names can be changed. It is a summer camp setting.) JOHN: Michael we have got to start practicing for tonights improv contest. MICHAEL: JohnHow do you practice for improv? The great camp Poo-Bah gives us a topic, we think

    about it, and thenWah-lahwe perform. JOHN: Of all the people I could have had for my camping buddy at this mosquito infested call to

    the outdoors incarceration they call campI had to get you. (Say the quotations () with fingers and use sarcasm.)

    MICHAEL: (Look surprised and hurt) JOHN: (Continuing) You are a novice, a peon, when it comes to improv, short for improvisation I

    might add. The true improv champion knows that one should be prepared, practiced and always ready with a canned introduction that should always be tied to the conclusion or fabulous finish!!!

    MICHAEL: I hate canned introductions. They always sound so forced and rarely lead into the topic. You hurt my pride. I want to win the contest as much as youmaybe more. You forget, the winning team gets to choose their dance partner for the first dance at the Grand Camp Finale Social. I want to dance with Kristy Smith. She is the anna in banana. She is the prize in surprise. She is the smile on my lips.