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An Exemplar of Mobile Learning with Coursera - Its latest learning environment


An Exemplar of Mobile Learning with Coursera -Its latest learning environmentT.A. Robertson MDDE 610On the new campus for coursera

12014, Coursera introduced users to the mobile experience!coursera.org can now link you to one of the latest additions to the digital campus the newest faculty or facility is a suite of mobile platforms with course access to complement or replace laptop screens. It is the mRNA of DNA studies. Learn where and when you can.


The free app from iTunes is a simple and quick download. Once in place, a short click on the icon and you are given a menu of choices with a button list according to category.

Once you are logged in with username and password, your courses are listed for present access and archived access.

Navigation is fast, though, as always to increase font size an opening of the pinched thumb and forefinger are needed and a horizontal configuration if necessary.

3An index with icon images is given, and with each the title of the course, the University that provides it, and the scheduled weeks for student participation. On a simple click of the icon, the opening page for the course is given with an overview, syllabus, introductory videoclip and sign-in option.Choose a Course


My choice for the mobile experience is my latest program, Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom.



The laptop or mobile will give you a complete overview of the course with some tips for mobile users the Youtubes and all materials are preloaded onto the Moodle environment for users to upload ahead of time. This creates choice in the asychronous model from the onset. When you first login the course invites you to map and profile your student presence. This is optional but provides one of many informative keyboard analytics for the data processes. This can be done on the phone as can the final survey upon completion. The pages transition easily from one segment to another though the presentation is flat and less visually appealing than the laptop configuration but they both provide the same data, ingredients and recipe for learning only the presentation and packaging has changed.

7The quizzes are given once a week and are multiple choice. They come up online easily with the mobile device if internet access is strong. If not, the waiting period is long. Answering takes a bit of time to scroll, read, review, and submit. It is doable. The quiz question embedded into the video lecture must be submitted in a forum thread titled as such or on the Tweet set up that is initiated at the beginning of the course.

The threads for the chat forums were easy to access and use Twitter was an optional easy extra. The quizzes


The Assignments were limited to only one in this course and it is a peer marked grade according to a conventional rubric scheme.It was a reflective journal used to prove your evaluation of the course with questions provided. This could be done on the phone in intervals with ease. ASSIGNMENTS10The peer assessment of the assignment COULD NOT BE REVIEWED WITH EASE unless uploaded previously for review or I found by taking a screen capture to use for reading at anytime IT IS DEFINITELY NOT IMPOSSIBLE and dependent on the learners ease with his/her device. Meetups or hangouts could ALSO be possible but were not my preferred learning configuration.


As mentioned Google docs and submission procedures are explained access could be made on the mobile and short answer formats for responses could facilitate the mobile learning environment. I liked that once the assignment draft was up, peer edits could be read at any time.

Submission should never be tried when bandwidth is an issue for either the mobile or laptop.

A new mobile course accessing the use of GPS is just filling up and started sounds great!!! THE NEWEST MOBILE COURSEMy best take away yes, I stole the metaphor! was the black-out moments or blocks of time when the leader and learner do NOT need to be in contact and should be given a reprieve from the constancy of online ubiquitous mobile learning. Time outs!

My worst foul shot would indicate a loss for the game this course was intended to be a win win opportunity digital methods or techs that would enhance my assignments and class instruction. It was not quite a shut out - the new account to Twitter is something to explore with regards to linking URLs from one user to the next in the network of nodes that I strongly believe to be the environment of each player age 1 to 91 in this global court that we call the Web.

My rating for the mobile product 4/5, in the use on a small screen. Likely better on an iPad but with very little limit on learning opportunities being made available.

My rating on the course chosen 1/5, very simplistic without in depth creativity and critical thinking.

The Coursera app is still not a clear choice for MOOC users, but it will evolve quickly with the analytics of its students feeding Coursera developers with the data priorities for learners. They are a responsive growing entity who are using crowd-sourcing data to their advantage. A Reviewhttp://coursemania.com/review-of-coursera-app-for-ios-android/

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.We envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. We aim to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.


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