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<ul><li><p>A Mobile Strategy That Helps Your </p><p>Business Evolve Contributed by Shane Avron on May 8, 2014 in Information Technology </p><p>An IBM/Oxford Economics survey of </p><p>businesses around the world reports that 81 </p><p>percent of them see mobile capabilities as </p><p>changing the way they do business. </p><p>Maintaining a mobile strategy is not easy, but </p><p>the returns in attracting customers and </p><p>increasing your employee productivity might </p><p>be worth it to your company. Here are few </p><p>considerations when planning your </p><p>companys next step into the world of mobile </p><p>services. </p><p>http://flevy.com/blog/author/shane-avron/http://flevy.com/blog/category/information-technology/https://www.oxfordeconomics.com/Media/Default/Thought%20Leadership/white%20papers/IBM%20upwardly%20mobile/2013_10_02_5650_Full_Report__The_upwardly_mo.pdf</p></li><li><p>Mobile Strategy Is Not Just About Supporting Devices </p><p>Going mobile for your customers is about creating a new user experience on their </p><p>smartphones and tablets. Its about flexible schedules and work locations for your </p><p>employees. Its thinking about how to deliver your product and service messages to </p><p>consumers who take a few minutes at a time to view information on their mobile devices, </p><p>and make purchase decisions in those few moments. Wired says that a mobile strategy is </p><p>about redefining how your company does business on mobile tools. </p><p>The Internal and External Impact of Mobile </p><p>CIO.com states that when a company implements a mobile strategy, they too often focus on </p><p>the external apps used by consumers. A complete strategy incorporates your internal staff </p><p>and determines how they will do their jobs with mobile devices. </p><p>Your sales force can become more mobile with smartphones that access cloud-based </p><p>customer management tools such as Zoho CRM. Your bookkeeping staff could be a </p><p>collaboration between virtual assistants and full-time employees with software solutions </p><p>like Intuit QuickBooks . Marketing, graphics design and social media management can </p><p>collaborate on projects from anywhere with tools such as Evernote. </p><p>http://www.cio.com/documents/pdfs/ebook-mobile-apps-final.pdfhttp://quickbooks.intuit.com/</p></li><li><p>Reducing Vulnerabilities </p><p>The challenges that come with this internal flexibility include opening your company up to </p><p>potential data loss, corruption and theft. Whether you provide mobile devices for your staff </p><p>or implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, extra protection of the companys </p><p>digital assets is necessary. </p><p>Mobile device management (MDM) tools help you control access by mobile devices. The </p><p>primary benefits of an MDM include: </p><p> registering supported devices and only allowing them to access your systems </p><p> creating workspaces that restrict the company information that a mobile device can </p><p>access </p><p> monitoring and logging mobile device activity </p><p> disabling access by mobile devices reported as lost or stolen </p><p> remotely wiping company data from lost or stolen devices </p></li><li><p>Redefining Roles </p><p>Youll get the most from your mobility strategy if it includes the operational changes that </p><p>make the best use of the technology. You wont be able to put tablets in the hands of your </p><p>bookkeepers, give them access to a cloud-based accounting system, and expect them to be </p><p>productive. How can mobile make that staff more efficient? </p><p>There will be areas of your company where mobile doesnt make sense. Dont force it if it </p><p>doesnt fit. The bookkeeping area could be one of those areas. Your staff can still access the </p><p>cloud-base apps from their desktop and laptop computers. You and other management </p><p>levels can use mobile apps to review your cash flow and receivables. </p><p>The Cloud Dilemma </p><p>Mobile devices and the cloud are inseparable. This can lead to problems when members of </p><p>staff download suspicious files to their devices. Those files could end up in the company </p><p>systems, notes Information Week . Tight controls on where people get their files are possible </p><p>by creating internally managed private clouds. Enforcing the use of tools that scan for and </p><p>isolate malicious software is another part of any mobile strategy. </p><p>http://www.informationweek.in/informationweek/perspective/286223/trends-impact-enterprise-mobility-strategies-2014</p></li><li><p> About Shane Avron </p><p>Shane works in Internet advertising, and writes about advances on the social Web and more. </p></li><li><p>Flevy (www.flevy.com) is the marketplace for premium documents. These documents can range from Business Frameworks to Financial Models to PowerPoint Templates. Flevy was founded under the principle that companies waste a lot of time and money recreating the same foundational businessdocuments. Our vision is for Flevy to become a comprehensive knowledge base of business documents. 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