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  • A National Addiction Recovery Model of Care

    Presentation to Addiction Leadership Day 21 November 2019


    Acting GM Addiction


  • Upcoming referendum

    • Cannabis referendum to be held at General Election in 2020

    • Public servants (Ministry and DHBs) are required to maintain neutrality on the outcome of the referendum

    • Need to continue normal work to protect and promote health & wellbeing – provide advice to people on cannabis use and reducing use etc

    • NGOs – cannot spend Government/DHB funding on referendum commentary

  • He Ara Oranga

    • Substance and gambling harm and addiction is a Health issue

    • Places People at the centre

    • Strengthen action on alcohol and other drugs

    • Expand access and choice of MHA services

    • Transform primary health care

    • Strengthen the NGO sector

    • Enhance wellbeing promotion and prevention

  • The Current Landscape • Limited consensus on what AOD services should look like

    • Service gaps, fragmented, uncoordinated, inconsistent

    • Limited access / availability / funding for:

    obrief/early intervention

    oyouth services

    oself-help tools

    oAftercare/continuing care support

    • Variable/high waiting times for assessment and treatment

    • Workforce shortages, information gaps.

    • Limited service integration in regions, impacts on access to treatment

  • Towards a National Addiction Model of Care (1)

    • A model of care is a key step towards shaping future services

    • Provides a supporting, flexible framework that enables models of care to be developed for regional or local level services

    • Encourages integration, collaboration and systems thinking and addresses the limitations / gaps in current services

    • What a good addiction treatment system looks like at the

    national level - what to include and the principles to underpin it

    • Recognises that change has resource implications – will help

    inform future service investment decisions.

  • Towards a National Addiction Model of Care (2)

    • We have organised or attended some workshops with the regions – today is another step in our engagement

    • Although it is early days we want to reiterate:

    • Will align with Government intentions around implementing He Ara Oranga

    • We want to work with you - convene and collaborate – and will consult you formally.

    How would you like us to engage with you / your organisation?

  • Draft Values & Principles

    • Flexible, responsive treatment options, including outreach

    • Equity – mana-enhancing care

    • Integrated across communities and service providers (health, social, education, justice)

    • Support throughout recovery journey

    • Underpinned by lived experience

    • Free from stigma and discrimination

    • Fosters holistic, trauma-informed approaches.

  • Draft Outcomes • Improves wellbeing across various domains

    o Prevent and reduce harms from addiction and substance use o Builds resiliency in the community and individuals exposed to harm

    /risk • Transforms service users’ experiences

    o receives appropriate and timely support/treatment to prevent and minimise AOD harm

    o seamless integration between AOD and related care and support services (eg housing)

    • More effective and culturally appropriate service responses

    • Consistent services and better integration

    • Shared learnings of exemplar practices

    • Helps to support bids for investment in health and wellbeing services

  • Examples of what transformed services might look like

    • Client pathways follow an intervention logic based on harm minimisation / prevention and a recovery focus

    • Treatment and support services are ‘book ended’ with: o Consistent screening o Flexible and supported entry/exit o Follow up post discharge (aftercare / wrap around

    support) • Package of care based on assessed need/risk, choice of

    services and wrap around support.

  • Questions for you

    1)Are we on the right track?

    2)What would you change in the values / principles?

    3)What are the supports that are missing or need changing now?

    4)What would you need from the Ministry to implement change (other than funding)?

  • Ngā mihi Thank you



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