a new generation for tourism in belize responsible tourism in destinations v edmonton, canada june...

Download A New Generation for Tourism in Belize Responsible Tourism in Destinations V Edmonton, Canada June 27, 2011 Yashin Dujon ICRT Belize

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A New Generation for Tourism in BelizeResponsible Tourism in Destinations V

Edmonton, CanadaJune 27, 2011

Yashin DujonICRT Belize

Planning RTD IIICollaborative efforts of the: Ministry of Tourism (4) & ICRT Belize (4)May of 2009H1N1

UBs Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan

2Planning RTD IIITentative Postponement October 2011Exhausted BudgetExhausted Planning TeamCancellations

Conference PlanningTopics & PresentersVenue and Time frameTravel LogisticsMarketingSponsorship/FundingPlanning and coordinationAccommodations and BookingsMarketing Ground TransportationSecurity and Mitigation SalesFirst AidHospitality (meet and Greet) Actual Event Management Event Greening

4Youth Engagement

RTD III AgendaSession 1: : Tourism and Local Economic DevelopmentSession 2. Tourism Impacts in Marine and Coastal AreasSession 3: Impact of Cruise Tourism in Belize and around the worldSession 4: Tourism and climate change

Session 5: Tourism Planning for Global Pandemics and Natural Disasters

6ICRT Belize 2011

Updates1 Project Manager for ICRT Belize1 Manager of Tide Tours3 Belize Tourism Board1 Belize Hotel Association5 Work in Private Sector2 Masters ScholarshipsIn house 5 new InternsContinuous recruitment

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