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Topic: The Tempest and A Tempest _ Prospero’s Character Paper: 11 Paper Name: The Postcolonial Literature Prepared by: Drashti Mehta Roll No:7 PG Enrollment No:PG13101021 Sem:3 Email id: [email protected] Submitted to: Smt. S.B. Gardi, Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinghji Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar(Gujarat-India)

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  • 1. Topic: The Tempest and A Tempest_ Prosperos CharacterPaper: 11Paper Name: The Postcolonial LiteraturePrepared by: Drashti MehtaRoll No:7PG Enrollment No:PG13101021Sem:3Email id: [email protected] to: Smt. S.B. Gardi, Department of English,Maharaja Krishnakumarsinghji Bhavnagar UniversityBhavnagar UniversityBhavnagar(Gujarat-India)

2. Aime Cesaire"A Tempest (1969) -is a play by Aime Cesaire 3. William ShakespeareThe Tempest is William Shakespeare's play, written around the year 1610 4. A Tempest by Aime CesaireCesaire -a renowned poet, essayist andplaywright. A Tempest, translated -French to English, stunningmasterpiece. The author -insightful views on the psychology behindProspero and Calibans action.It follows the original version, but it has anAfrican Twist. Where Ariel, a mulatto, slave, attempts to win over hismaster and Caliban speaks outright and demands. Cesaire's version: the themes of colonialism andNegritude 5. ProsperoHe is the protagonist and centralcharacterHe generates the plot of the playsingle- handedlyProspero is the Duke of MilanFather of Miranda, Master of Ariel andCaliban 6. Godlike figure:Prospero functions as agod on the island,manipulating everyonewithin his reach.He is Godlike in hiscontrol of those aroundhim and in his knowledgeof all that transpires.Like a god he punishesthe guilty and demandsrepentance. 7. Treatment - Natives He is polite in TheTempest and Rude in ATempest. He occupies the Land inboth 8. Prospero V/s Caliban And now, Caliban, its you and me!What I have to tell you will be brief:Ten times, a hundred times,Ive tried to save you, above all from yourself.But you have always answered me with wrath and venom,Like the opossum that pulls itself up by its own tailThe better to bite the hand that tears itFrom the darkness.Well, my boy, I shall set aside myIndulgent natureAnd henceforth I will answerYour violence with violence!Well I hate you aswell!For it is you whohave made medoubt myself forthe first time. 9. Prosperos use of Magic:He use his magicto make a storm,to frightenservants, tocontrol enemies,and for marriageof his daughteretc. 10. Whitemagic ofNature notblack magicof evil.WhiteMagicUses whitemagic tocarry outhis designs.Neverinjure hisenemies.Magic -pureillusion. 11. Prosperos ArtHe plannedwell, createsbeautifulweddingmasqueA ShowA skillfuldirector.Role as apresenter isimportant In between he is supervisingand directing theperformance of his spirits , heinforms Ariel: I must use you in such anothertrick. 12. Bitter Old manEarlier in the play, Prosperoappears Callous and CruelHe is defensivelyautocratic with Ariel.His punishments ofCaliban are petty andvindictive, his spiritspinch Caliban - curses.Ariel reminds his master hispromise-Prospero bursts intofury- threatens him-imprisonmentand tormentUnpleasant- Ferdinand, leadinghim to his daughter and thenimprisoning and enslaving him. 13. Power over the othercharacters and hisoverwrought speeches -difficult to like.Beginning -puffed up andself-important,superhumanpower that ishumanly limited.His possession and useof magical knowledgerenders him extremelyUse power firstbadly and thenfor goodpurposesHe is a powerfulmagicianpowerfulPower 14. Calibans speechProspero, you are the master of illusionLying is your trademark.And you have lied so much to me(lied about the world, lied about me)That you have engaged by imposing on me an imageof myself.Underdeveloped, you brand me, inferior,thats the way you have forced me to see myselfI detest that image! Whats more its a lie!But now I know you, you old Cancer; and I knowmyself as well. 15. Knowledge Really likes his books. Mathematical mind He put theory into practice Use magic Dr. Faustus 16. His Roles 17. MirandaHisdaughter,her onlyduty in hiseyes is toremainchaste.Completelydeprived offreedom byher father.MirandaandFerdinandmarriageThe less-prominentwomenmentionedin the playCompletelyinternalisedthe patriarchalorder of things 18. HumanityProsperoshumanity isclearly seen,in histreatmentof Antonio,whom hecalls Traitorbut whomhe acclaimsto treat as atraitor.Prosperosgoodnessappearswhen hestopsAlonsofromapologizingto Miranda,telling himthat thereis no needfor moreamends.At the endhe forgiveshisenemies 19. Time: CalculationCloseobservationof time,Hefollowstherhythmof timeTimeConscious 20. LimitshispowerPowercorruptsChoicetoreturn toMilan,Remainhuman,abjure magicDr. FaustusHe knowsmuch aboutcontrol andbalanceHe revealsguilty 21. In Shakespeare's The Tempest,Prospero leaves at the end, but inCesaire's A Tempest, Caliban andProspero lives there, at the endProspero grants Ariel his freedom,but retains control of that island andof Caliban.