a web based iptv content syndication system for personalized content guide

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Probabilistic Algorithms

Presented by : Priagung Khusumanegara

A Web-Based IPTV Content Syndication System for Personalized Content GuideAuthors : Jinhong Yang, Hyojin Park, Gyu Myoung Lee, and Jun Kyun ChoiJournal of Communications and Networks Vol.17, No.1, February 2015

Introduction2Nowadays, users of television is provided variety of contents a day by IPTV providerA big challenge : how to manage the contents in order that users can easily choose the contents

A web-based IPTV content syndicationProvide personalized services through the syndication process on various types of content using web technologies.

3What is syndication?Syndication : act of process of syndicatingSyndicating : to publish simultaneously, or supply for simultaneous publication, in a number of newspapers or others periodicals in different places. Web-Based Content Syndication System


4Web-Based Content Syndication System (Contd)

Syndication concept can be applied in IPTV service as wellIPTV also publishes the same content simultaneously on multiple users screenWhy used syndication concept?



Content syndicator is marked as an agent that interconnect between content providers and users.Content providers provide contents and get revenue for content distribution, while users receive customized content and pay money for services.Content syndication is the controlled placement of the same content on multiple partnering destinations in order to provide benefits to content creators.Content Syndication Model for IPTV Service

6User metadata, service metadata as well as content meta data are used in the syndication process for IPTV services.The syndicator for IPTV services perform:Content metadata aggregationCollecting and transforming of metadataFiltering and packaging functionalities using 3 types of metadata to an IPTV user.User receives personalized content guide and consumes IPTV contents according to user metadata including audience measurement data. Metadata Generation and Consumption for Content Syndication Process

7Functional Architecture of IPTV Content Syndication System

8Personalized Content Guide Generation Process

9Experiments and Performance Results

10Experiments and Performance Results (Contd)

11Conclusion User metadata and community metadata can influence the accuracy of the system In their experiment results, the impact of user meta data is significant when users and social community have similarity and familiarity on their preferences

They proposed the web-based content syndication system for personalized content guide that enables syndication packaging on all categories of contents according to metadata.