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  • A WomansPrayer.by himanshu bhatt
  • A Womans Prayer.not to God butto YOU
  • I do not look for MercyI look for rightful Respect to me.
  • I do not look for SupportI look for Encouragement for mygood work and act.Saina Nehwal
  • I do not look for Special QuotaI look for Equal Opportunities.Anu Aga
  • I do not look forOver Protected ClimateI look for Civilized behaviorwith me.
  • I do not want anything specialbecause I am a Woman.ButPlease let me not sufferbecause I am a Woman.Sudha Murthy
  • Those Women who sufferatthe market place, street, train, busor at the work placeare someonesDaughter, Sister, Wife, Mother or Colleague.P T Usha
  • Those who make them sufferaresomeonesSon, Brother, Husband, Father or Colleague.Kalpna Chavla
  • Please culture themthe Most and the Firstin your family.Ela Bhatt
  • Please culture themthe mostin your schools and colleges.Chanda Kochhar
  • Please culture themthe mostat your work place.Indra Nooyi
  • Pleasedo not leave thisto chance.Sunita Williams
  • Please do not wait forGovernment directiveor acircular fromthe Corporate head quarter.Tessy Thomas
  • Human beingcan becomewild like animalat any timeif not culturedproperlyandin time.KokilabenAmbani
  • AlsoPlease support all the propositions to putFear of Godin the minds ofrowdy and uncivilized elements.
  • You must doall the aboveand much morewithout fail.Rajshree Birla
  • Because...
  • It is not only aboutMe,The third person,Some other Nirbhayaor some one else.Mery Kom
  • Butit is all about YOUyour daughter,your sister,your wife,your daughter in law,or evenyour mother.
  • Do something ,Do something substantial,Do something nowbeforeit becomes too late.Nitaben Ambani
  • As John Kennedy said:Every one counts.Every one can Make Differenceand YOU MUST TRY.
  • From my sideI pledgeto show responsible behaviorin my all the rolesfor all time to come.
  • I also pledge to showALWAYSNo Nonsense behaviorand also pledgeNOT TO TOLERATEany Nonsense behavior.
  • I pledgeNever, Never, Neverto usemy Genderto furthermy Personal interestIndra Nooyi
  • I believeSilenceagainstviolence and injusticeisalso violence.Suu Kyi
  • I am a firm believer that,till there is a small lamp,the darkness can nottotally prevail.For all my lifeI have decidedto keepthis lamp ignited.
  • If you will join mein My Fightfor my safety and self respectI WILL FEEL HONORED.But Unfortunately, for any reasonif this doesnt happen,then alsoMy Fight will continue..Jalala from Pakistan
  • Thank youforlistening tomy prayer.Now it is up to you