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  • A2: Colour Scheme PaintingFor this assignment you will be tasked with challenge of painting a picture using a chosen colour scheme.

    Above is an example of a Colour Scheme Painting.

  • A2: Colour Scheme PaintingTask 1: Preparation

    Begin this assignment by choosing a colour scheme to work in. CLICK HERE to see a selection of possible colour schemes.

    Collect/ find images of plants and flowers to use for the main

    subject of this work. Ideally, consider setting up your own flower arrangement, take some photographs using a range of angles/ view-points.

    Choose one of your images/ photos to use for the main subject

    of your work.

  • A2: Colour Scheme PaintingTask 2: Practice

    After deciding which of your ideas you will use for your main outcome, using a new full-page in your sketchbook, create a prep piece. This should be a practice, smaller version of what your intended final work will/should look like.

    Try to be as accurate as possible, and use water-colour

    paints effectively for higher marks.

    Remember to use good process/ technique, for example working from the background towards the foreground, using a range of tones, and including fine line using stronger colour/ tone for the details.

    Use/ apply the colour scheme that you chose throughout your


    If you are unsure about your results, try using an alternative colour scheme and/or subject/ image.

  • A2: Colour Scheme PaintingTask 3: Final Outcome

    After you complete your prep work, you should then be ready to commence work on your final/ main outcome.

    Collect a sheet of A3 (size) paper. Draw a 1cm border around the inside edge of the

    paper, and add a title, date and your name/ class name.

    Lightly sketch-out your work, working directly from your prep piece.

    Improve the sketchy line by adding/ using a sharper harder line.

    Remove your previous sketchy lines. Add paint/ colour using good process/ technique. This final outcome should take approx 2-3 lessons

    to complete in full. Take your time, be careful and accurate.

  • eResources: Do you have a smart phone?If so you can use the camera on your phone to access online resources to help you with this assignment.All you need is a QR code reader app, point your phone web browser to one of readers below:

    http://reader.kaywa.com http://get.beetagg.com http://www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/download.asp http://europe.nokia.com/support/product-support/nokia-n80/phone-software/smartphone For iPhone users. Go to iTunes and search for: QR Code reader

    Once you have a reader/ app on your smart phone. Simply take a quick snap of the code(s) below, and you will be redirected to the required resource, directly on your phone.

    AFL: Assessment for Learning. Understand how your work is


  • http://bit.ly/kvYOjW

    eGallery: Take a look at some examples

    of work for this assignment.http://bit.ly/jT0cFy

    YouTube: Go to the Visual Arts

    YouTube channel and watch videos about artists for this assignment.


    Calendar: Keep up to date, and stay


    Colour Prints: Request Colour prints here. Collect them in class.


  • Weblinks:

    A set of useful weblinks.


    Facebook: Visual Arts FB page. Join

    us and keep up to date with events, news and information. Discuss yours and others artwork.


    Twitter: Follow us on twitter and keep

    up to date with news and events. http://bit.ly/bps3Ph

    iTunes: Subscribe, download, and listen

    to WAVA podcasts from your handheld device (Mp3/iPod) http://bit.ly/biivo1


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