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  • A40 DeTech Electron Multipliers

    DeTech Mass SpecDetectors

    Features: High Sensitivity Stable Glass Surfaces High Gain High Reliability Best Value Long life

    Applications: Mass Spectrometry Electron Microscopy Surface Analysis Field Ion Microscopy X-Ray Spectroscopy UV Spectroscopy

    The Everlast Series 1000 Continuous DynodeElectron Multiplier

    The Everlast uses a rectan-gular active inner dimension,increasing the surface area whencompared to the standard CEM.These detectors are designed foruse in the analog current measur-ing mode. The Series 1000 detec-tors have an average lifetimeseven times greater than that of a standard CEM. DeTech Series1000 detectors are available mounted in ceramic housings andmost are bakeable to 350C. The design is currently being usedin several applications and can be retrofitted for any analog appli-cation.

    The Quad Series 2000 Multi-Element DetectorDeTech has the solution for

    applications that require channelelectron multipliers to becomesmaller at a lower cost withimproved performance. Thesedetectors are designed for use ineither pulse-counting or analogmode. The Series 2000 detectorsinnovative design increases multi-

    plier life by incorporating four separate channels and twistingthem like a barbershop pole. When the Series 2000 is in opera-tion the input signal is spread among the four channels. Since theactive surface area of the CEM is increased the useful life of theCEM is also increased. The Series 2000 are bakeable to 350C.

    Special DesignsDeTech is the industry leader in manufacturing customized

    multipliers. Their engineering knowledge and manufacturing flex-ibility allow them to provide and configure a multiplier for yourspecial low/high volume applications.

    DeTech 2312M DeTech 2373

    DeTech 381

    DeTech 486

    DeTech 402A-H3DeTech 1316F

    DeTech 2300

    DeTech 102N-D

    DeTech offers the widest range of Channel ElectronMultipliers for most major mass spectrometer applications in the industry today and at the industriesbest prices. Manufacturing multipliers for over 20 years, DeTechoffers unparalleled service and quality.

    DeTech multipliers are manufactured from a lead glass suitably processed to yield an efficient secondary emitting layeron the inner surface. Each electron multiplier is delivered with aquality control label indicating its model number, test voltage,bias current at the test voltage and the date of shipment.

    Warranty - Detector Technologys philosophy ofCommitted to Excellence is backed with a 100% no-non-sense warranty. If any customer is unsatisfied with aDeTech multiplier, the multiplier is replaced immediatelywith no questions asked. This warranty is applicable nomatter how long the multiplier has been on the customersshelf.

    Basic Care of Channel Electron Multipliers1. Store detectors out of direct sunlight and keep them

    sealed in the Nitrogen filled bag.

    2. When installing detector into instrument, use powder-free finger cots or gloves.

    3. Before running samples follow preconditioning procedure.

    4. If detector becomes contaminated with dust or oil, clean in isopropyl and dry in a 150C oven for 30 minutes.

  • A41DeTech Electron Multipliers for Thermo Systems

    Thermo* TRACE DSQ, Focus DSQ

    Thermo* PolarisQ, GCQ, LTQ, LCQ (Deca / Duo), Trace MSQ

    Thermo* SSQ, TSQ7000, TSQ Quantum, LTQ XL, LTQ FT

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    397 Full assembly and element for TRACE DSQ, Focus DSQ

    2397 Replacement element

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    2312M Full assembly and element for PolarisQ, GCQ, LCQ, LTQ

    2312M1 Full assembly and element for LCQ Deca/Duo, LC MSQ

    2312 Replacement element

    DeTech 397

    DeTech 2397

    DeTech 2312M

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    2312 Replacement element for PolarisQ,GCQ, LCQ, SSQ, TSQ7000, TSQ Quantum

    DeTech 2312

    DeTech 2312

    Thermo* TSQ70, PPINICI MultipliersPart No. Description Price ea.

    300-IN50 TSQ70, ITMS, PPINICI Incos 50

    300-4500 PPINICI 4000, 4500, 4600

    300-5100 PPINICI 5100

    Thermo* Mass Specs

    Thermo* TSQ70 with 20kV Dynode, TSQ700 Thermo* ITD700, 800, ITS40, Magnum

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    102N-D Replacement element (unmounted)

    2312 Replacement plug-in element with K&M frame

    350 Mounted Version

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    310G 1015 (used 2 types) (on axis), 3000302G 1015 (off axis)302G 3000, 3100, 3200302G 4000, 4500, 4600401A Sola ICPR1326 Thermo MAT95 - Organic Mass SpectrometerR1326 Thermo MAT8400 Series, MAT 262 Series310G OWA (before 8/81), 1020, 5100340 OWA (after 8/81), 1020, 5100 (base)R320 CH7, CH8

    DeTech 102N-DReplacement

    Element (unmounted) DeTech 350


    DeTech 2312Plug-in Element -

    to be used with theK&M Frame

    DeTech 300-4500All PPINICI

    Multipliers IncludeConversion Dynodes

    When Thermo is indicated, it is intended to imply Thermo Fisher Scientific Corp.

  • DeTech Electron Multipliers for Agilent SystemsA42

    Agilent 5970 & 5993B MSD

    Agilent 5989 MS Engine

    Agilent 5985/85B/87/88/88AAgilent 5930/80/80A/81/82/83/84/85/85B/87

    Agilent 5972, 5971, 5971A MSD

    Agilent 5973/5975 MSD/6000 Series LC/MSD

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    2373 Full assembly and frame for Agilent 5971, 5971A and 5972 MSD

    2300 Replacement Horn Only for Agilent 5971/71A/72 MSD

    2300KM Replacement for K&M frame Large Horn

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    2300 Replacement Horn Only for Agilent 5973/5975/6000 Series

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    306 Complete EM for Agilent 5970 MSD

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    359 Complete EM for Agilent

    5989 MS Engine

    (conversion dynode included)

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    305M EM for Agilent 5985/85B/87/88/88A, Negative Ion Only

    DeTech 2373Frame and

    Multiplier. Utilizesthe Model 2300

    DeTech 2300Plug-in Element

    with OriginalAgilent Frame

    DeTech 2300KMLarger Horn

    Plug-in Elementwith K&M Frame

    DeTech 359All Units include

    ConversionDynode Rated at

    +/- 5KV

    DeTech 306

    DeTech 305MDeTech 303M

    DeTech 2300

    Vented Anode - allow for residual gases in the channel and anode to be removed during pumping. This improves the performance and life of the detector.

    Grid - causes all secondary electrons to travel down the detector channel, increasing the signal to noise ratio and the overall performance of the detector.

    Lower Operating Voltage - by starting the detector operation at a lower voltage the overall lifetime is increased.

    Increased Signal : Noise - signal to noise ratio of the instrument is increased approximately 25% due to the mechanical design changes incorporated into the product, as well as the optimized channel length.

    Robust Design - DeTech Model 2300 has a robust stainless steel frame to protect the glass detector from damage.

    Direct Replacement for Agilent Original Multiplier

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    303M EM for Agilent 5930/80/80A/81/82, /83/84/85/85B/87 Positive Ion Only

  • A43DeTech Electron Multipliers


    Part No. Description Price ea.

    382 EM for Saturn 500-LC/MS, 2000, 2100 & 2200, 4000

    102N-D EM for Saturn I & II (unmounted)

    350 EM for Saturn I, II & III (mounted)

    2313 EM for 1200, Triple Quad

    312 EM for the Auger Analyzer

    Part No. Description Price ea.

    402A-H3 EM for API III LCMS

    486 EM for API 150EX, 3000, 3200, 4000, 5000 100, 200 and 300 Series

    489 EM for API 2000

    201M EM for the ELAN DRC, 6000, 6000A,6100, 5000 (unmounted), 500 and 250

    471 EM for ELAN 5000A (mounted)


    DeTech 312EM For Auger


    DeTech 382EM For Saturn

    2000, 2100 & 2200

    DeTech 102N-DEM For

    Saturn I & II(unmounted)

    DeTech 201MEM for

    the ELAN DRC(PLUS),6000, 6000A, 6100,5000(unmounted),

    500 and 250

    DeTech 471EM for

    ELAN 5000A (mounted)

    DeTech 486EM for

    API 3000, 4000, 100,200, and 300 Series

    DeTech 489EM for API 2000

    DeTech 402A-H3EM for API III LCMS

    DeTech 350EM For

    Saturn I, II & III(mounted)

    DeTech 2313EM For

    Varian 1200

  • DeTech Electron MultipliersA44Manufacturer Instrument Name DeTech Part No. Price

    Anelva M-QA-100TS, M-QA-200TS 362

    M-400QA 325

    Quad Mass Spec 1361

    Amptek Amptecktron MD502 472

    AEI, Kratos MS9, MS30 R314

    Kratos AXIS 165, AXIS ULTRA, AXIS HIS 241 (6X20)

    Amicus, ESCA 3200, ESCA 3400 243

    Bear Instruments Cub Mass Spectrometer (800), KODIAK 2313

    Balzers QMG511 (SEV 217 Replacement Multiplier) R406

    Prizma 343C

    Brucker Esquire 2300

    Cameca MAC 3 418M

    Dionex Summit LC/MS 2312M

    Dune Surveyor 366C

    Dupont/CEC 21-103, 21-104, 21-110 R323

    Dupont 21-409, 21-491, 21-492 307

    European Spectrometry System Genesys (with Connector 343C

    Extrel Quad, All Analog only 338

    Quad, Pulsed and Analog 413M

    QMS series Analog, Benchmark LCMS, Questar 305A-H

    MEXM, EXM System, C50 402A-H

    FEI Company FIB 600 Series 1316E

    FIB 800 Series 1316G

    200mm System, 300mm System 1316F

    Thermo Mat/Varian Mat CH5 R318

    111, 112, 112S, 212, 311, 312, 711, 8020 R319

    CH3, CH4, CH4B R317

    Hiden Analytical RGA (analog) 351G

    RGA (pulse counting - Old) 415GS

    RGA (pulse counting - New) 469

    Hitachi RMU-6D 473

    ICP/MS 414A

    LC/MS & GC/MS Ion Trap (3DQ) 393

    Horizon Mass Spectrometer Rapyd Mass Spectrometer 420A

    JEOL Esca A


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