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Aaron Saks Sr. Product & Technical Training Manager Boston, MA

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  • Aaron SaksSr. Product & Technical Training Manager

    Boston, MA

  • Agenda

    Notes:1.This webinar is being recorded and will be available for replay and in pdf format. Please visit https://www.hanwhasecurity.com/trainings/webinars/ to view past webinars & sign up for future ones. 2. All participants have been put into listen only mode.3. We will take Q&A time permitting and if time runs out to answer all of the questions, we will reply to you individually afterwards. Please use the Chat or Q&A section.

    1. Webinar Introductions2. About Hanwha3. Introduction to Wisenet Toolbox Plus and features walkthrough4. Live Demo of Wisenet Toolbox Plus5. Wrap Up & Q&A


  • •Fortune Global 500 Company

    •Supply chain trust within R&D, manufacturing, & QA/QC

    • Innovative and proprietary SoC design and manufacturing

    •World class optical design expertise

    •Video surveillance solutions across a wide range of industry verticals

    •Leading manufacturer in the video surveillance market

    Why Hanwha Techwin

  • Manufacturing & Compliance• All IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs and encoders sold and

    distributed in North America are manufactured in Hanwha’s facilities in South Korea and Vietnam.

    • Most Hanwha products qualify for GSA schedule contracts and other government opportunities because they are TAA/NDAA compliant.

    • All new products are compliant with the “California IoT” Law.

  • HardeningPractical setup guide, detailed guide for 4 levels of security implementation

    Disclosure Security Vulnerability disclosure policy. Clear and published policy for sharing vulnerabilities

    Cyber Essentials3rd Party accreditationUK Government backed accreditation scheme

    S-CERT & External MonitoringSecurity Vulnerability Response TeamMonitoring via CVE, ICS-CERT, KISA

    Other CertificatesTTA Public IP Camera CertificateKISA Intelligent CCTV Solution Certificate

    •Hanwha Techwin takes pride in having one of the strongest cybersecurity track records in the video surveillance industry.

    •Hanwha’s cyber security related, long-term firmware support policy includes various firmware improvement activities, vulnerability countermeasures and product security quality improvement activities.

    •Additionally, Hanwha operates a security vulnerability response team (S-CERT) to track and monitor unauthorized security breaches from external sources, and to prevent internal security flaws.

    Cyber Security

  • Resources

    • Website

  • RSM / Manufacturer Rep Contacts

  • Introduction

    •The Wisenet Toolbox Plus is an enhanced & upgraded version of the Wisenet Toolbox.•The Toolbox is a tool to allow a system designer to find the right Hanwha products.•Key features include:

    o Model selection & comparisono Accessory selectiono Bandwidth calculationo Quote builder

    •All items can be exported and saved for future reference.

  • Improvements

    •Key improvements include:o Support for Multi-Directional Cameras & Multi-Channel Cameraso Support for WiseStreamo Support for complex recording modeso Support for lighting changeso Support for different environmentso Accessory selection, including lenses with DORIo Mounting diagram to show a complete picture

  • How to access the Toolbox

  • Screen Layout


    Region& Lang.

    (Filtered or Searched)Product List

    Selected List

  • Screen Layout (Simple ver.)

    •Responsive Web UI for mobile devices

  • Set Region & Language

    •US models and accessories will be added.

    •Non-US models and accessories will be removed.

    Product list is changed by selected region.

    ※ Project list will be reset, when Region is changed.

  • Work Flow

    Set Region & Language


    Select Products2

    Lens & Accessory3


    Calculate Bandwidth5

    Report& Project Save


  • Select Products from list / search

    Search by model name1Selectcategory



    Add to project list

  • Select Products by filter

    [Filter category]

    - Basic : Series, Type, Resolution

    - General : Vandal, Color, IP, IK, Power

    - Imaging : Sensor size, Lens type, FoV

    - Function : Wisestream, IR, AI, VA, etc.

    ※ Filter supports network camera only

  • Compare Products

    Compare checked models

  • Compare Products

    PDF export

    Excel export

  • Select Lens

    Camera with lens

    Camera without lens (not set)

    Camera without lens (setup complete)

  • Select Lens

  • Simulate FoV

    PDF export

    Adjust camera settings

  • Simulate FoVEN62676-4standard

  • Simulate FoV• Multi-Sensor Camera Support (ex. PNM-9000VQ)

    SLA-2M2400Q SLA-2M2800Q

    SLA-2M3600Q SLA-2M6000Q

  • Simulate FoV• Fisheye Camera Support

  • Compare FoVComparing FoV supports box, bullet, dome and PTZ, does not support fisheye and Multi sensor camera.

  • Compare FoV

  • Compare FoV

  • Select Accessory

    Accessory (not selected)

    Accessory (selected)

  • Select Accessory

  • Select Accessory

  • Update Project List


    Add NVR

    Add / Delete

  • Calculate Bandwidth

  • Calculate Bandwidth

    Product Category

    Totals based on default settings

  • Set Scene Details Per Camera

    Detail settings

    Add same model


  • Set Scene Details Per Camera - Illumination


    - Day Time

    - Illuminated

    - Night Time


    - Continuous- Motion Record

    (10 ~ 90%)

    - No Record

    OFF / Low / Mid / High

  • Multi-Sensor camera support

    Multi channel camera

  • Calculate NVR

    Adjust NVR quantity and storage options

  • Report & Save

    • It is recommended to save your project to easily edit it later.

  • Sales Report•Customize the report with you logo & company info.

    •You can enter the currency and pricing.

    •You can also enter additional items, such as labor, parts, etc. PDF format

    Changeable Logo image

    Editable : name, Sales Rep/RSM, Email, Phone information

    Changeable currency

    Enter price

  • Bandwidth Report

    Profile details, B/W, Storage for each channel

  • Accessory Report

  • Project Save

    Edit project name Open / Save project data

    : Load new project

    : Open project data

    : Save project data

    • project data file : *.dat

    • Saving file path : C:\Users\...\Downloads

  • Live Demo

    •Let’s build a system for a small school.o 3 equipment roomso 3 common roomso 2 sets of stairwayso 2 exterior doorso 4 hallwayso Etc…

  • Thank You!

    Aaron SaksSr. Product & Technical Training Manager

    [email protected]


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