abigail servin jose soto. 1. chocolate chip 2. chocolate chip w/ marshmallow 3. sugar cookie 4....

Download Abigail Servin Jose Soto. 1. Chocolate Chip 2. Chocolate Chip w/ Marshmallow 3. Sugar Cookie 4. Oatmeal 5. Oatmeal with Raisin 6. Peanut Butter 7. M&M

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Cookie Delight

Cookie Delight Abigail ServinJose Soto

FlavorsChocolate ChipChocolate Chip w/ MarshmallowSugar CookieOatmealOatmeal with RaisinPeanut ButterM&MSneaker Doodle Price 2 for $1.001 for 75 centsChocolate ChipTotal Number of cookies Sold:66 CookiesTotal Earnings:$33.00

Chocolate Chip w/ MarshmallowTotal Number of cookies Sold:32 CookiesTotal Earnings:$16.00

Sugar CookiesTotal Number of cookies Sold:36 CookiesTotal Earnings:$18.00

oatmealTotal Number of cookies Sold:11 CookiesTotal Earnings:$5.75

Oatmeal w/ RaisinsTotal Number of cookies Sold:36 CookiesTotal Earnings:$18.00

Peanut ButterTotal Number of cookies Sold:26 CookiesTotal Earnings:$13.00

M&MTotal Number of cookies Sold:16 cookiesTotal Earnings:$8.00

Sneaker DoodleTotal Number of cookies Sold:20 CookiesTotal Earnings:$10.00

Expenses Flour-$2.75Sugar-$4.00Brown Sugar-$4.25Oatmeal-$4.50Raisins-$3.00Chocolate Chips-$3.00Butter-$5.00Wax Paper-$4.95Baking Powder-$3.19Salt- $1.49TotalExpenses :$36.13Revenue We sold 243 cookies all together in two weeks, giving us a total of $121.75 worth of earnings. Total ProfitLimited Partnership Business

We maid: $171.75 - $ 36.13 ____________ $135.62 .Total Profit Abigail Servin ----- Earns 75% because of more hours put in.Jose Soto -------------- Earns 25% Abigail Gets $101.71Jose Gets $33.91Supply and DemandThe demand was higher with the oatmeal cookies, therefore we had to increase our cookie supplies for oatmeal cookies and had the opportunity cost of spending more time on baking cookies, other than doing homework, in other words our opportunity cost was time.Orders Names:Anel10 Chocolate ChipAlejandra6 M&M6 Peanut Butter6 Chocolate ChipDanny4 M&M4 Chocolate Chip8 Snicker doodleMargarita8 Oatmeal w/ Raisin4 Oatmeal10 Peanut Butter2 Chocolate ChipRosa3 oatmeal2 M&MCarmen2 oatmeal w/ Raisin2 chocolate Chip2 oatmeal2 M&M2 Sugar Cookies2 snicker doodleRosita4 M&M8 Peanut ButterJulia2 of each FlavorDean-20 Chocolate Chip20 Oatmeal w/ Raisin10 Chocolate Chip w/ Marshmallow 8 Sneaker DoodleAna4 oatmeal w/ Raisin10 Chocolate Chip w/ Marshmallow6 M&M20 Chocolate ChipSales on Hand:32 cookies


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