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Cardboardia is an independent community of artists, performers, event managers and experts with various backgrounds from Russia, USA, UK, the Netherlands other countries. We design, create and experiment with both the most unbelievable and the very practical ideas in relation to the organization of public spaces and events. Cardboardia is a country without a territory but with a functioning political and economic system. The members of the community or “Personages of Cardboardia”, are the majority of the country’s population - now reaching several tens of thousands of people. The political system of Cardboardia is Tyranny!. Administration of Cardboardia is represented by the Tyran and his wife Prime Victoria. It is they who provoke and coordinate the activities of the numerous ministries, divisions and departments which are headed by Personages of Cardboardia.



  • Professional Community of Architects, Designers, Performers and Creative Managers


  • in cooperation with professionals!

  • We took simple elements




  • We put together unite people who like to create, teach and have fun mainly from







  • We have developed an internship programs for the beginners and young specialists

    - design and architecture (working with cardboard)

    - communication

    - creative business

  • We build large-scale towns out of cardboard, which can be used for life to live and work

  • We organize parades and performances

  • Great atmosphere! Real emotions!

  • Powerful experience! New friends and partners!

  • We arranged more than 300 events, including more than 30 city celebrations and festivals

    - Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Perm, Ulyanovsk, Gusev, Kolomna, Pervouralsk)

    - Europe (Berlin, Helsinki, Kosice, Riga) - Asia (Yilan)