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Badge the UK is a new programme lead by DigitalMe which uses Open Badges to capture skills and create work, training and enterprise opportunities for young people. We are working with schools, learning organisations and employers to support them to create and issue badges. Get involved www.digitalme.co.uk/badgetheuk


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Badge The UKHelp us

Lucy Neale, Projects Director@LucyDMeWho are digitalmeDigital learning and skills programmesNever been able to provide a way to capture and transfer skillsNew open standard from mozilla provides a way to do this We are now leading a nominet funded programme to roll out open badges for learning across the uk1

What are badges?All familiar with offline badgesUseful familiar with idea of recognition but also limiting


Badges & the webBetter example:Used to build trust, create communities, remove middle man, if took badge out have Gumtree no trustCould completely change the way with see qualifications away from being a static representation filed away to a rich dynamic badge which opens up real-life opportunities

3What are Open Badges?

New Open Standard for capturing and sharing skills across the web4

http://openbadges.orgDevelop by Mozilla Foundation global non-profit. Mozilla is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better. We believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold. Mozilla works with a worldwide community to create open source products like Mozilla Firefox, and to innovate for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the Web.

Good ethos around privacy and data open badges are about enabling learners to own their own dataDesigned specifically for skills recognitionSpecifically to create new learning pathways.

Open in two ways: Anyone can create them (brings up issues of value) Open data user owns their data and can display where they choose to

So how does this work?

Open Badges are images with metadata hard-coded into them

Like a cakeBadge titleBadge descriptionBadge criteriaBadge issuerEvidence URLissue daterecipientexpiration dateevidence URL

CC BY-SA Kyle BowenAn Open Badge is a metadata-infused credential. Metadata is data about data

So in the same way that the index of a book has information about what's contained the book, so a badge has information inside it.

Run through each item.Whats theproblem?

What problem does open badges solve?8Silo 1Silo 2Silo 4Formal qualificationsAfter schoolclub certificatesOnlinelearningSilo 3Professional development

Learning is often siloed difficult to present a holistic view of a learnerEven formal qualifications are very meta difficult to understand the granularity and range of achievements they represent.Open badges potentially provide a way to connect all of this together, make learning more accessible (young carers) and link in rich evidence 9How does it work?

Where can badges currently be displayed on the web this is an important part of credentialising badgesLimited platform solutions at the momentFederated backpack.13

Unlock opportunities. BTUK is trying to create this value chain within the UK working with schools, learning organisations/networks, employers & universities 14Mozilla has built (and will maintain) the plumbing

Mozilla maintain the plumbing. Opportunities either side for people to build issuing and displaying solutions Whos using Open Badges?

Some of the organisationsinvolved in the ecosystem

US centric at the moment but we are building a UK community of organisationsSize of Open Badges ecosystem

()Data correct as of 4 July 2013800+ issuers

- such as NASA, Purdue University, Disney, etc.

Value Informal / formal accreditation Local / national Endorsers Web driven

Value is big question - few ways of developing value.Informal/formal city and guildsLocal ecosystems developing e.g. ScotlandEndorse developing soonWeb driven value built by communities


S2R MedalsS2R First OB project in 2012Supported by DMLOur experience has always been in developing skills programmes20Badge The UKHelp us

Now working with people to help them implement badges (content and technical) - Decided try and widen our impact as an organisation through badge the UK. 21

Connecting badge earners with learning, enterprise & employment opportunities

Create value pathway and develop real case studies and evidence of impact linking to employers through e-skills22 Help teachers / employers/ orgs create badges Space to discover, earn & display badges Bridge gap between young people and employers Inspire learners, improve confidence Improve young peoples life chancesBadge The UK Will:

Tools we have to do this are:Create badge discovery engine through makewaves but also other platforms


Badge Platform OptionsDIY off the shelf solution like MWPlugins Wordpress, Moodle, MaharaWhite Label Mozilla Stack, MWBespoke use the code to build your own26

Badge The UK Partners

So were deep in working on badges and weve been through the entire process more than once.

Use that experience to help you develop your own Open Badges journey know not something committed to yet across the organisation

Today - cover off some of basics practical step by step design process results of experience.. Do that using badge design canvas By end of day objective is to come away with one canvas this will for the basis of your Open Badges roadmap

Burning questions that just cant wait to ask? Otherwise well crack on


Workforce.io is like a value-added version of LinkedIn:http://workforce.io/http://sweetwaterfoundation.com

The Sweet Water Foundation is designing badges to accredit careers in aquaponics:http://sweetwaterfoundation.com



Work with us to create your own Badges Recognise or endorse a badge Help badges become more widely displayed across the web Provide a real world industry brief for schools Help us understand how badges could work for you and your networks

Help Badge the UKQuestions?Lucy Neale@lucydmedigitalme.co.uk


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