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Slide 2 About Us Why IAPESA Polyethylene shrink film (Shrink Wrap) Polyethylene films Corrugated Plastic Contact Us ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED BY BRITISH STANDARS INSTITUTION CERTIFIED AS A SAFE AND HEALTHY BUSINESS SINCE 2004 Slide 3 www.iapesa.com I I APESA Was established in 1991. Since then we manufacture and distribute plastic items for industrial use, which can be applied to a variety of uses, which vary from agriculture to food packaging. Slide 4 D D ue to the constant changes in the plastic industry and enable to meet the highest quality standards we have acquired co-extrusion equipment with 3 layers and a separator of 13 feet wide sheets. Now IAPESA has the capacity to produce up to 300 tons of plastic per month. www.iapesa.com Slide 5 A A t Idustrias Agroplsticas de Ensenada S.A. de C.V ( IAPESA) we are committed to our clients, always with the objetive of providing high-quality products, with excellent service and competitive prices www.iapesa.com Slide 6 MENU www.iapesa.com O O ur polyethylene films and our corrugated plastic are available in a variety of grades and thickness to suit your needs. A A lso are available in different kind of colors (Black, Clear, Yellow, Blue, White as example). Which can be applied to different uses. In addition we use additives for different purposes. (UV, antistatic, conductive as example). Slide 7 www.iapesa.com B B ecause our priority is to understand our customers needs by adapting solutions. IAPESA is implementing technologies by skilled professionals and is supported by stringent quality parameters. Slide 8 www.iapesa.com W W e are located in Ensenada 80 miles south of the international border, a 90-minute drive from San Diego. T T he strategic location of Ensenada offers an innumerous business alternatives. Which allows us to deliver our products rapidly and efficiently. Slide 9 www.iapesa.com Menu Slide 10 www.iapesa.com S S hrink wrap, is a thermoplastic film made up of Low-density polyethylene. When heat is applied to this material it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Slide 11 www.iapesa.com S S hrink wrap is commonly used as an overwrap on many types of packaging, including beverage cans or bottles. A variety of products may be enclosed in shrink wrap to stabilize the products, unitize them, keep them clean, add a degree of tamper resistance, etc. A A lso is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of packaging available. In addition, our raw materials are FDA approved. Slide 12 www.iapesa.com * All of this is manufactured with prime resins imported from U.S.A. Slide 13 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film for agricultural use colored and bi-colored (mulch and micro tunnel). Slide 14 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film for concrete foundation. Slide 15 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film for continuos cutting (Conveyor System). Slide 16 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film for heat shrink (Shrink wrap). Our raw materials are FDA approved. Slide 17 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film for greenhouses. Slide 18 www.iapesa.com We can make different types of bags and gaylord liners for different uses. Slide 19 www.iapesa.com Polyethylene film can be used for multipurpose. Also we can make colored and bi-colored polyethylene films for different uses. Menu Slide 20 www.iapesa.com F F or many leading companies, plastic reusable packaging has effectively protected product and reduced costs throughout the supply chain, which is critical nowadays. Slide 21 www.iapesa.com I I APESA helps companies with the experience of the benefits of plastic reusable. O O ur corrugated plastic provides a cost-effective method to move products throughout a warehouse to the distribution center. Slide 22 www.iapesa.com W W e can design containers to displays, made to your specifications. Units are constructed to give long life in a lightweight product. Reinforced with plastic extrusions. Units are manufactured to endure the roughest of handling conditions and flow smoothly down any conveyor. MENU Slide 23 www.iapesa.com Our telephone number is: +52-646-177 4105 Our fax number is: +52-646-177 4107 You can reach us by e-mail as follows: For general information, customer and feedback, write to: contacto@iapesa.com For sales related questions, write to: ilegaspy@iapesa.com General Manager: Rafael Patio; rpatino@iapesa.comrpatino@iapesa.com MENU