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  • Abstract Expressionism, 2009, 94 pages, Barbara Hess, Uta Grosenick, 3836513854,9783836513852, Taschen, 2009

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    This volume presents an introduction to abstract expressionism with approximately 30photographs, plus a time line of the most important events (political, cultural, scientific, sporting,etc.) that took place during the time period. The body of the book contains a selection of the mostimportant works of the epoch; each is presented on a 2-page spread with a full-page image and,on the facing page, a description/interpretation of the work, a reference work, portrait of the artist,quotes, and biographical information. "Abstract expressionism" refers to the non-representationaluse of form and color as a means of expression that emerged in America in the 1940s, largelythanks to the innovative work of Arshile Gorky. Interestingly, abstract expressionism is consideredto be the first art movement originating in America to have a worldwide influence. Two verydifferent sub-categories of the movement developed: "action painting" (exemplified notably byWillem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock) and "color field painting," made most famous by MarkRothko. Abstract expressionists strove to express pure emotion directly on canvas, via color andespecially texture (the surface quality of the brush stroke), by embracing "accidents," andcelebrating painting itself as a communicative action.

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    New York School Abstract Expressionists Artists Choice by Artists : a Complete Documentation ofthe New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals, 1951-1957, Marika Herskovic, 2000, Art, 393 pages.A Complete Documentation of the New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals: 1951-1957..

    Abstract Expressionism A Critical Record, David Shapiro, 1990, Art, 442 pages. A collection ofarticles, reviews and essays that chronicle the history of the Abstract Expressionism movement..

    Abstract expressionism , Anthony Everitt, 1978, Art, 64 pages. .

    Chromophobia , David Batchelor, Sep 1, 2000, Art, 124 pages. Batchelor coins the term"chromophobia"--a fear of corruption or contamination through color--in a meditation on color inwestern culture. Batchelor analyzes the history of.

    Reframing Abstract Expressionism Subjectivity and Painting in the 1940s, Michael Leja, 1997, Art,392 pages. A study of abstract expressionism as seen in the works of Jackson Pollack, Willem deKooning and other New York School artists in the wake of World War II. The author argues.

    Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures Jan Gossart's Renaissance : the Complete Works, Maryan WynnAinsworth, 2010, , 484 pages. Issued in connection with an exhibition held Oct. 5, 2010-Jan. 17,2011, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and Feb. 23-May 30, 2011, National Gallery, London(selected.

    Charles Seliger Redefining Abstract Expressionism, Francis V. O'Connor, 2002, Art, 216 pages. Thislavish illustrated volume presents a visual history of Seliger's commitment to biomorphicabstraction and documents his extraordinary career from his auspicious beginnings.

    Grillo Abstract Expressionism - Beyond the Fifties, , 2011, Art, 133 pages. This collection of Grillo'sart includes the Yellow Painting Series and the Mosaic Series..


  • The Oxford History of World Cinema , Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Oct 17, 1996, Performing Arts, 824pages. Featuring nearly three hundred film stills, production shots, and other illustrations, anauthoritative history of the cinema traces the development of the medium, its.

    Abstract Expressionism and Other Modern Works The Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman Collectionin the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gary Tinterow, Lisa Mintz Messinger, Nan Rosenthal, 2007,Abstract expressionism, 214 pages. An exhibition organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Artof the Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman Collection which comprises sixty-three modern paintings,sculptures and works on.

    Abstract Expressionism, Other Dimensions An Introduction to Small Scale Painterly Abstraction inAmerica, 1940-1965, Jeffrey Wechsler, 1989, Abstract expressionism, 164 pages. .

    American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s An Illustrated Survey : with Artists' Statements,Artwork and Biographies, Marika Herskovic, Jan 1, 2003, Art, 372 pages. A unique book presentsArt's main stream between 1950 and1959 in New York and across the US regardless of race,gender or ethnic origin..

    Abstract Expressionism , Richard Alden, 1976, Abstract expressionism, 8 pages. .

    Abstract expressionism creators and critics : an anthology, Clifford Ross, 1990, Art, 304 pages. .

    Art Since 1900: 1900-1944 , , 2004, Art, 704 pages. "Arguably the four most important andinfluential art historians of our time, Foster, Krauss, Bois and Buchloh have collectivelytransformed the study of modern art. Now, in.

    San Francisco Abstract Expressionism Selected Works 1948-1962, , Jan 1, 2001, Abstractexpressionism, 32 pages. .

    Farewell to an Idea Episodes from a History of Modernism, Timothy J. Clark, 2001, Art, 451pages. In this book, T. J. Clark rewrites the history of modern art. With the fall of the Berlin Wall,he explains, the project called socialism may have come to an end at roughly the.

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