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VillainsA Villain is mostly know as a Bad Guy is an evil character in any story or movieEverybody loves a Hero. But nobody ever forgets a VillainNo Good Guy is a Hero without a Villain

Gabbar Amjad Khan Film SholayGabbar was all about lust for money Has some of the most memorable names in his gang - Sambha & KaaliyaHe said some cool lines like, Jo darr gaya, samjho marr gaya There are numerous scenes which were memorable, but the one we all remember the most is the Kitne Aadmi The scene

Shakaal Kulbhushan Kharbanda Film ShaanShaakaal was all about power & controlOwns a shark tank & control room Shakaal is obsessed his chair which has control buttons on arm rest Best Shakaal dailogue : Shakaal ke haath mein jitne patte hote hai, utne hi patte uski aasteen mein bhi hote hai

Crime Master Gogo : Shakti kapoor Film Andaz Apna Apna This guy made evil hilarious His sleek ponytailed, curly moustache & ghaghra form cape made him an iconic baddieIts true when Amar says "Main to kehta hoon aap purush hi nai... Mahapurush hain, mahapurush!One of his famous dailogues is Aaya hoon, kuch to loot kar jaunga ... khandani chor hoon main, khandani ... Mogambo ka bhatija, Gogo

Mogambo Amrish Puri Film Mr. IndiaMogambo is well-known for terrorism, creating chaos & horror by means of detonating bombs in public places & stealing costly antiques Owns an army of dedicated soldiers who keep shouting Hail MogamboHas golden hair but speaks perfect Hindi He too does have a large den, with sliding doors, acid tanks, huge lounge area with a world map drawn on the floor similar to what Shakaal hasHis famous dialogue which no one can ever forget was MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA

Loin Ajeet Film KalicharanTruly saying he is the baap of all crimelords Wears white suit, black shades, white pants, white shoes Peter, Mona & Robert are few of his zillion sidekicksOwns a control room with diodes flashingOne of his dialogue Mona Darling!! sona kidhr hai is quite known by everyone

The Joker Heath LedgerFilm The Dark knightOK, to be fair,Heath Ledger was a totally creepy as The JokerHis performance as Batmans rival The Joker was absolutely mesmerizing Most recalled dialogue of him is Why so Serious? Lets put a smile on that face

Darth Vader James Earl JonesFilm Star Wars SeriesLord Vader is the one who personifies all that is dark & evil in one ForceWhen you see how he getsto be the way he is, you have to empathize, just a little and of course, his salvation at the end is sweetButhonestlyits hard to forgive all the other nasty stuff he didMost Villainous Line:I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Dr. Evil Mike MyersFilm Austin Powers SeriesCome on are you kidding, hes got Evil in his name! One cannot forget him Dr. Evil isnt that terrifying as one think he is Most Villainous Line:Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to my underground Lair. I have gathered here before me the worlds deadliest assassins, and yet, each of you has failed to kill Austin Powers. That makes me angry, and when Dr. Evil get angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, and when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset people DIE!

Lord Voldemort Ralph FiennesFilm Harry Potter SeriesRalph Fiennes has played a few evil men in his acting career including his Nazi colonel in Schindlers List almost made the cutBut his He Who Should Not Be Named, the Dark Lord really stands out as the best of the wicked character

Hannibal Lecter Anthony HopkinsFilm Silence of the LambsNothing can top Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter role Alright, maybe some villains can top him, but as far as cannibalistic serial killers are concerned, Lecter stole the showMost Villainous Line:I do wish we could chat longer, but Im having an old friend for dinner.

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