accessibility in ebook publishing, with sarah hilderley, independent consultant, march 25, 2014

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Accessible Publishing Sarah Hilderley

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  • 1. Accessible Publishing Sarah Hilderley

2. International standards body co-ordinating the development of the standards infrastructure for electronic commerce in the book, e-book and serials sectors. 3. Enabling Technologies Framework WIPOs visually impaired persons initiative to facilitate access to copyrighted works for people with print disabilities. 4. Enabling Technologies Framework 5. WHAT IS ACCESSIBLE PUBLISHING? Choice of Access 6. Statistics 10% of the developed world and 15% of the developing world have some degree of print impairment. 7. Print Impairment visual impairment dyslexia age- related macular degeneration motor disabilities 8. Statistics By 2015, there will be over 1.2 billion computer users over the age of 55. 9. We are all, at times, disabled A title which offers the maximum flexibility of user experience for all readers and allows the content to be accessed and manipulated with ease by those with or without disabilities Choice of access is about personal requirements all of us make choices every day about where, when and how we access our technology. 10. E-books offer accessibility opportunities This is about new technology and the opportunities that e-books offer through mainstream publications. Same time, same price, same format = same access 11. The e-book package Large print has become a universal concept Personal customisation of the appearance Text to Speech Built in Navigation with a consistent structure 12. Accessible Publishing Guidance Training online learning objects Supply chain collaboration to Improve awareness 13. ACCESSIBLE PUBLISHING, BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES FOR PUBLISHERS 14. Three routes to accessibility 1. Supply specialist accessible files directly from the publisher at the request of a specific reader or those on behalf of specific readers 2. Utilise the help of Intermediaries who can re-format files 3. Supply Mainstream file formats which are fully accessible from the outset 15. High level guidance What is an accessible product? Departmental guidelines Guidance for senior executives Guidance for in-house advocates Resources 16. Technical guidance Departmental advice for Production and IT How to add meaningful structure to documents How to conduct a technical audit of your product Resources 17. Company Policy to show top level commitment Appoint an internal advocate Understand the issues Senior Executives 18. Responsible for internal communications Promote awareness Influence decision making Conduct an accessibility audit Understand the business and the digital strategy Internal Advocate 19. Structure, structure, and more structure! Simple layouts and design allowing user customisation The challenges of illustrated titles Editorial and Design 20. Workflow options for digital product Capture and retain the structure For the purposes of accessibility, a well structured document produced in an XML workflow can be the first step towards success. Production and IT 21. EPUB 3 The interchange & delivery format for digital publications based on XML and web standards Enables structured, accessible web content, interoperable between devices & applications, for downloaded and online consumption Content with navigational structure & metadata, in a ZIP-based package 22. EPUB 3 & DAISY Semantics from DAISY Authoring & Interchange preserved Synchronized audio & video playback with text display Media overlays Pronunciation lexicon support Math ML support JavaScript controls 23. George Kerscher The EPUB 3 activity was chartered with a commitment to deliver a specification that would meet the rapidly changing landscape of digital publishing. It is amazing to have such a high profile specification become a global standard in such a short time. There is worldwide interest in EPUB 3 this fully accessible digital publishing standard will change the world forever. 24. International Reaction English French Spanish German Italian Japanese Hindi Arabic 25. TRAINING Open source learning objects to improve understanding and assist implementation 26. To Complement the Guidelines An Introduction to Print Impairment Accessible Formats Accessible Metadata Accessible Images EPUB 3 and Accessibility 27. Practical 10 minute overviews 28. To assist implementation 29. And improve understanding 30. Commercial Ethical Legal Public Relations Employee Moral The Business Benefits 31. SUPPLY CHAIN COLLABORATION 32. What makes supply chain work? Website must be accessible Retail ordering must be accessible Content must conform to guidelines and best practices Reading System must be fully accessible to a person using Assistive Technology 33. Accessibility affects us all The individual choices of each consumer are driving the digital changes in our industry Choice of access allows the consumer to tailor their experience Sarah Hilderley [email protected] @accessiblebooks