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Speaker: Ravi Mutyala When we started using Apache Accumulo on large scale, our key concern was on monitoring the health of the cluster. Accumulo exposes metrics through JMX. Ganglia and Nagios are the de-facto metrics and monitoring tools for hadoop clusters. We identified that integration with ganglia, nagios and Apache Ambari will provide ease of use both for monitoring and managing Accumulo clusters. We started with ganglia and nagios integration which helps reuse all the hadoop monitoring infrastructure for Accumulo. Our next target is Apache Ambari integration for Accumulo. In this talk, we focus on why we need to integrate and how this can be done. We will show a Hands On for ganglia and nagios integration and share the status of ambari integration.


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2. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Your Presenter Ravi Mutyala Systems Architect Hortonworks 3. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Agenda Metrics Alerts Provisioning and Managing Q & A Page 3 4. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Metrics JMX Ganglia Jmxtrans Page 4 5. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Alerts Nagios Monitoring Ports/Processes TabletServers GC Tracer Masters Monitoring Metrics Page 5 6. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Hadoop Operations with Ambari Provision: Simplified deployment across platforms Manage: Consistent controls across the Stack Monitor: Visibility into key cluster metrics - Single pane of glass for Hadoop & System status - Pre-configured metrics & alerts - Single point for cluster operations - Advanced configurations and host controls - Wizard-driven cluster install experience - Cloud, virtual and physical environments Apache Ambari is a 100% open source framework for provisioning, managing and monitoring Hadoop clusters 7. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 100% Apache Open Source Active Community 60+ Contributors / 30+ Committers 200+ Ambari User Group Members Page 7 2013 Oct Apache Ambari 1.4.1 Released Adds operations for Hadoop 2 Stack Ambari Ambari 1.2.0 Released Operations for Hadoop 1 Stack 2013 Jan 2013 Dec Apache Ambari Graduates to Top Level Project 8. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Release Cadence Page 8 Ambari 1.4.3 Jan 2014 Ambari 1.4.4 Feb 2014 Ambari 1.5.0 Apr 2014 Ambari 1.7.0 2H2014 Ambari 1.6.0 May 2014 9. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 System Architecture 9 Ambari Server Host Agent Host Agent Host Agent Ambari Web DB /clusters Host Agent 10. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Server Architecture 10 DB Orchestrator Monitoring REST API Request Dispatcher Ambari Web Ambari Server Ambari Agents Metrics Providers AuthProvider /clusters User Repo java python JS RDBMS LDAP REST API Configurable Auth Provider Cluster Configurations and Topology Web Client AD 11. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Installing Ambari Install Ambari Server Setup Options JDK (Oracle JDK 6, Oracle JDK 7, Custom JDK) Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle) Server Port and HTTPS User Authentication (Local, LDAP or AD) Server-Agent Two-way SSL Start Ambari Server Browse to Ambari Web for Cluster Install Wizard Install Ambari Agents Option #1: Automate via SSH Option #2: Manual Page 11 12. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Agent Registration Page 12 Ambari Server Ambari Agent 11) Agent Heartbeat Begins 1) Connect on Handshake port 8441 4) Sign Agent Cert 2) Download Server Cert 6) Connect on Registration port 8440 7) Perform 2WAY auth using Agent Cert 10) Complete Host Registration Agent Host 8) Get FQDN 9) Register host 8a) Host Script 3) Request to Sign Agent Cert 5) Download Agent Cert + Disconnect 13. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Extensibility Features Ambari Stacks Ambari Blueprints Ambari Views Page 13 14. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Stacks Page 14 15. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Stacks Separate the Stack from Ambari Make it easier to bring more than a traditional Hadoop Stack under Ambari management Defining a consistent Service lifecycle management interface that can be extended Dynamically add Stacks + Services definitions Page 15 16. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Stack Details Stacks define Services + Repos What is in the Stack, and where to get the bits Each Service has a definition What Components are part of the Service Each Service has defined lifecycle commands start, stop, status, install, configure Lifecycle is controlled via command scripts Ability to define custom commands Ability to extend Stacks Page 16 AMBARI SERVER Stack Command Scripts Service Definitions AMBARI AGENT/S AMBARI AGENT/S AMBARI AGENT/S pythonxml Repos 17. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Stack Mechanics Ambari Server reads Stack definitions on start Ambari Server sends a command to Agents Agents download Stack definition + command scripts Agent executes command If the Stack definition changes, Agent will request latest Stack definition + command scripts Page 17 18. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Blueprints Page 18 STACK HOSTS BLUEPRINT 19. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Automating Installs Blueprint defines a cluster layout and component configuration for a Stack Provide Blueprint to Ambari to perform cluster installation (no wizard required) Export Blueprint from existing cluster BLUEPRINT Ambari Submit Blueprint to Ambari Hadoop Cluster Ambari provisions cluster BLUEPRINT HOST MANIFEST SERVICE CONFIGS Page 19 20. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Views Goal: Customize the Ambari Web experience Views compliment Stack Extensibility Stack Extensibility makes custom Stack Services available to Ambari Views expose custom UI features for Services Ambari Admins can entitle views to Ambari Web users Entitlements framework for finer-grained permissions control for Ambari users Page 20 21. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 View Usage Developer Creates a View Deploys View to Ambari Server Ambari Admin creates instances of Views Ambari Admin entitles Views to users Page 21 22. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Ambari Futures Operations Ambari Blueprints Component log access + search Ubuntu and Windows support Extensibility Finer-grain user entitlements Ambari Views Insight Troubleshooting + Performance Tuning Capacity Planning Page 22 23. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Learn More Page 23 Resource Location Apache Ambari Project Page Ambari Project Wiki Ambari Project JIRA 24. Hortonworks Inc. 2014 Q & A Page 24