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  • Butterfly Valves for High Corrosion, Ultra High Purity and General Industrial Applications.

    ACRIS - PFA LinedISORIA - Elastomer LinedMAMMOUTH - Large Diameter Elastomer Lined

  • Flange Sealing Provided by compression of the liner between the valve body and the flanges. An elastomer o-ring, fitted underneath the PFA liner, allows proper flange sealing with warped flange faces or in vacuum applications.

    Sealing PrinciPleS

    Primary and Secondary Shaft SealingThe primary seal is formed by the flexible, spheri-cally molded liner, sealing against the matching spherically machined disc hub when compressed by the resilient elastomer backup liner. The PFA liner as well as the PFA shaft over-molding extends into the valve body itself. Tight compression is main-tained at the hub area and around the shaft by the resilient back-up liner combined with the flexible PFA liner, forming an independent secondary seal.

    Safety Sealing A third seal is provided by a graphite-filled PTFE safety seal, which provides force against the junction of the PFA liner and PFA over-molded shaft. This seal is constantly energized by a coil spring, and self compensates for tem-perature changes and wear.

    Upstream/Downstream SealingThe dense PFA body liner is flexible, and allows the resilient elastomer back-up liner to compress the spherically molded PFA liner into the spheri-cally machined shaft-disc with enough force to create a tight seal. This is in contrast to PTFE liners which are usually thick sinterings resulting in a stiff liner unable to give tight shut-off over a long period of time. The wide elastomer backup liner in the ACRIS rests in a machined body groove which is essential in providing tight shut-off for end of line service at full pressure. This has enabled the ACRIS to be used for pump and vessel isolation as well as other difficult services.

    A C R I S


    Viton is a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont Company.

  • aPPlicaTiOnS ACRIS butterfly valves often replace other types of valves such as plug, ball and knife gates in non-traditional butterfly valve applications. The ACRIS can be used for end of line service and provide tight shut-off at the full rated pressure of the valve. ACRIS valves withstand the effects of all known corrosive fluids, and offer the purity required for ultra high purity applications. The superior pres-sure/temperature operating parameters are conser-vatively stated for reliable, full-term operation of the valve. Operated within these parameters, the ACRIS has a long, indefinite life in most applica-tions. ACRIS PFA lined butterfly valves can be used for pressures up to 150 psi and for industrial vac-uum (to 0.0002 PSIA). The ACRIS is also suitable on steam service (up to 280F) alternating with the flowing media.

    acriS PerFOrMance cHaracTeriSTicS

    Sizes: 1 to 24 Wafer body 1 to 24 Lug bodyPressure: Full industrial vacuum (0.0002 psia) to 150 psiTemperature: 20F to 320FDownstream Dismantling: All Lug body valves are rated for full working pressure, with the downstream piping removed.Flange Adaptability: ASME B16.5 Class 150,ASME B16.1 Class 125. Other flange drillingsare available on request.

    A C R I S


    Viton is a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont Company.

    Retaining ring (AISI 302 strain hardened)

    VITON o-ringsexternal seals

    Thrust collar AISI 304 stainless steel

    PTFE-filled stainless steel bearing

    Compression spring (AISI 1085 steel)

    Graphite-filled PTFE safety packing

    VITON o-ring

    PFA liner

    Resilient back-up liner(silicone or VITON)

    One-piece 17-4 stainless steelshaft/disc overmolded withPFA

    PFA liner

    Resilient back-up liner(silicone or VITON)

    VITON o-ring

    Graphite-filled PTFE safety packing

    PTFE-filled stainless steel bearing

    Spring retention collar(AISI 304 stainless steel)

    Expansion plug(18-8 stainless steel)

    Pressure-temperature limitsPsi150



    -20 302 320 oF

  • CONSTRUCTION FEATURES The ISORIA elastomer-lined butterfly valve is part of a series of valves designed for the multitude of moderately corrosive applications throughout industry. Included in this series is the MAMMOUTH for large diameter (up to 140) and high pres-sure (up to 375 psi) applications. The ISORIA valve uses a spherically machined disc and a one-piece body that is totally isolated from the flowing media by means of the inner lining. A strong shaft-disc connection is provided by an



    Sizes: 1 to 40 Wafer 42 to 140 Flanged 26 to 40 Flanged 1 to 24 Lug body 1 to 12 Semi-lug body

    Pressure: ISORIA - Industrial vacuum (.01 PSIA) to 375 psi* MAMMOUTH - Industrial vacuum (.01 PSIA) to 375 psi*

    Temperature: -20F to 392F (Depending on materials used)

    Flange ASME B16.5 Class 150Adaptability: ASME B16.1 Class 125 ASME B16.47 Class 150 series A PN 10, 16, 20, 25 AWWA C207 Class B, D & E

    * Upper pressure limit varies on different models.

    exclusive splined shaft/parallel key ar-rangement for precise positioning and reliable operation. This con-nection method also allows for easy disassembly of the valve. Many years of superior service have proven the advantages of the ISORIA butterfly valve: Reliable,absolutetightsealingat all critical points (upstream/ downstream, shaft and flanges). Locked-Inlinerdesign provides for tight shut-off at full differential pressure with the downstream flange removed. Norequiredmaintenance(no adjustable packing gland, perma- nently lubricated). Lowpressuredrop(smooth profile liner and disc). Minimalrequiredtorque(PTFE- filled sleeve bearings). Stronginternalshaft-disc connection (splined shafts 24in.). Blowoutproofshafts. Economicaluseofbodymaterials (valve body is totally encapsulated by the inner lining). Minimaloveralldimensionsand weight.

    Bi-directionalflowandtightshut- off characteristics. Sanitaryconstruction(nofluid or particulate material traps). Completecompatibilitywith a wide range of AMRI manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.

    TYPICAL APPLICATIONSThe ISORIA butterfly valve is suitable for a great variety of applications, depending on the selection of materials: Water: Lining - EPDM or Nitrile Disc - Ductile iron, 316 Stainless or Aluminum bronze Brine: Lining - EPDM or Hypalon Disc - 316 Stainless or Alloy 20 Pulp Stock: Lining - EPDM or Hypalon Disc - 316 Stainless Weak Acids: Lining - EPDM or Hypalon Disc - 316 Stainless or Alloy 20

    I S O R I A


    Upper atmo-sphere seal

    One Piece Body

    Splined shaft-disc connection

    PTFE Sleeve bearing

    Lower shaft

    Spherically machined disc

    Replaceable molded liner completely encapsulating the valve body

    Lower cover


    PTFE Sleeve bearing

    PTFE Sleeve bearing



    8 valve shown

  • SIZE TYPE VALVE BODY STYLE BODY MATERIAL SHAFT DISC LINER OPTIONS CODE 1 ISORIA 10 T1 Wafer 3t = Cast iron 6k = 420 Stainless 2 = Aluminum bronze XA & XC = EPDM to (150 psig) (1- 40) (T1 1- 24) (Standard for 3a = Halar ECTFE XV = High temperature 40 T4 - Lug 3g = Ductile iron 1 - 40) coated ductile iron EPDM (1 - 24) (T1 26 - 40, 6e = 17-4 Stainless 3g = Ductile iron K=Nitrile T5 - Flat face T2, T4 & T5) (Optional 1 - 24) 3p = Hard rubber CB = Carboxylated flanged coated ductile iron nitrile (6 - 40) 3x = EPDM CC = White carboxylated coated ductile iron nitrile 5a = Ferralium Y = Hypalon 5g = Super Duplex VA = Acid Viton 6 = 316 Stainless VC = High temperature 6i = Polished 316 SS Viton

    6u = Alloy 20 7c = Hastelloy C 1 ISORIA 16 T1 Wafer 3t = Cast iron 6k = 420 Stainless 2 = Aluminum bronze XA & XC = EPDM to (240 psig) (1- 40) (T1 1- 24) (Standard for 3g = Ductile iron XV = High temperature 40 T4 - Lug 3g = Ductile iron 1 - 40) 6 = 316 Stainless EPDM (1 - 24) (T1 26 - 40, 6e = 17-4 Stainless 6i = Polished K = Nitrile T5 - Flat face T2, T4 & T5) (Optional 1- 24) 316 stainless Y = Hypalon flanged (6 - 40) 1 ISORIA T2 Semi-Lug 3g = Ductile iron 6k = 420 Stainless 2 = Aluminum bronze XC = EPDM to (240 psig) (1 to 12) 3g = Ductile iron K=Nitrile 24 (1 to 8) T4 Lug 6 = 316 Stainless ISORIA (1 to 24) (150 psig) (10 to 24)

    66 to MAMMOUTH 6 T5 - Flat faced 3g = Ductile iron 6k = 420 Stainless 2 = Aluminum bronze XC = EPDM 140 (90 psig) flanged 3g = Ductile iron K = Nitrile 42 to MAMMOUTH 10 (42 - 140) 3p = Hard rubber 96 (150 psig) coated ductile iron 44 to MAMMOUTH 16 6 = 316 Stainless 84 (240 psig) 44 to MAMMOUTH 20 78 (300 psig) 44 to MAMMOUTH 25 72 (375 psig)

    1 ACRIS IWISO 3 = Ductile iron wafer (One-piece shaft/disc) F = PFA Silicone back-up liner Standard- to Wafer No extra 24 (1 to 24) 3 = Ductile iron lug 1k = 17-4 Stainless code over molded with PFA ILISO Viton back-up liner S9 Lug 1s = Carbon Steel (1 to 24) over molded with PFA Viton back-up liner; S9C (2 to 12) ASTM A193 Grade B7 bolts, cleaned, tested & packaged for chlorine gas service Silicone back-up liner; SC1 assembled, cleaned, tested & packaged for ULTRA PURE service ASTM A193 Grade B7 SB7 body bolts (in lieu of standard 18-8 Stainless)

    B u t t e r f l y V a l v e s



    Viton and Hypalon are registered trademarks of E.I.DuPont Company.

    *NOTE: Valve face-to-face is per ISO 5752 and


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