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Brigitt e G abriel  A surv ivor of Isl amic tenor, best-selli ng author, and Preside nt of ACT!  fOr America. "As America rose up agai nst and defeated Nazism and Communism, now is the time to stand up against the terror and tyranny of Islamofascism. It is time for concerned Americans of good will to join together and ACT! in the defense of our securi ty, our libert y, and the values up on which this nation was founded - before it' s too late. " The vi sion of ACT! for America is an Ameri ca that, through its laws and public policies, will be safe f rom Islamic terr orism, will remain free from Islamic authoritariani sm, will continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty and prosperity deeded to us by those who came before us, and will remain a beacon of light and hope to the world. ACT!    jorAmerica Rising  in defense of our security.  merzca our liberty, and our values  Jihad (Holy War) has been declared on America. And to paraphr ase Edmund Burke, "The only thi ng necessary for the triumph of th is evil is for good men to do nothing." Join us today, as we ri se together to protect our families, our comm unities, our liberties, our values - our country - from the evil scourge of Islamofascism. ACT! for Ameri ca P.O. Box 12765 Pensacola, FL 32591

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  • 8/8/2019 ACT! for America


    Brigit te G abriel

    A survivor of Islamic

    tenor, best-selling author,

    and President of ACT!

    fOr America.

    "As Amer ica rose up agains t and defeated Naz ism

    and Commun is m, now i s t he t ime t o s tand upagains t the ter ror and ty ranny of I s lamofasc ism.

    I t is t ime for concerned Amer icans of good wi l l

    t o jo in together and ACT! in the defense of our

    secur it y , our l iber ty , and the values up on which

    th is nat ion was founded - before i t 's too la te."

    The v is ion of ACT! for Am er ica is an Amer ica

    that, through i ts laws and publ ic pol ic ies , wi l l be

    safe from Is lamic ter ror ism, wi l l remain f ree f rom

    Is lamic authori tar ian ism, wi l l cont inue to enjoy

    the b less ings of l iber ty and prosper i t y deeded to

    us by those who came before us , and wi l l remain

    a beacon of l ight and hope to the wor ld.



    R is ing in defense o f our secur i ty.

    merzca our liberty,and our va l ues

    Jihad (Holy War) has been

    declared on America.

    An d t o p a ra p h ra s e E d m u n d Bu r ke , "T h e o n l y t h in g

    necessary fo r the t riumph o f th is ev i l i s fo r good men

    to do nothing."

    J o in u s t od a y, a s w e r is e t o ge th e r t o p ro te c t o u r

    fami l ies, our comm unit ies, our l iber t ies, our values - our

    country - f rom the evi l scourge of Is lamofascism.

    ACT! for America

    P.O. Box 12765Pensacola, FL 32591

  • 8/8/2019 ACT! for America



    The call to J ihad (Holy War) is a centra l doc t r ine of I s lam, and in

    the past severa l decades th is ca l l has been rev ived by hundreds

    of mi l l ions of Mus l ims around the wor ld. The jus ti fication for th is

    cal l to J ihad does not come f rom a few" ex t remis ts, " or a few

    "radica ls" who have supposedly "h i jacked" a "peacefu l I s lam. "

    The call to J ihad comes f rom the doct r ines of the Qur ' an and

    the Hadi th - the holy books of I s lam - which are unequivocal

    in the i r command to Mus l ims to conquer , conver t or k i l l a l l

    unbelievers ( inf idels). Here's just a very small sampling:

    "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you

    find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in

    wait and ambush them using every stratagem

    of war." Qur'an:9:5

    "Fight them until all opposition ends and all

    submit to Allah." Qur'an:8:39

    "He said, 'Fight them so that there is no more

    rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only.

    Allah must have no rivals.''' Ishaq:324


    ACT! for Amer ica is a nat ionwide organizat ion of concerned

    Amer icans who want to be in formed, who want to in form others ,

    and who are unit ing together to speak out agains t and res is t the

    r is ing t ide of I s lamofasc ism - and the "pol i tica l cor rec tness" that

    excuses it , rat ionalizes it , dismisses it , or blames America for i t .

  • 8/8/2019 ACT! for America


    I f w e a re to s uc ce ssfu l lych al lenge the rising t ide o f Isiam ofas cismin our m idst,as w ell as the po l it ica l co rrectne ssthat is aiding i ts adv an ce ,w e ca nn ot goi t a lone.W e m ust uni te w i th other con cerne dci tizens to crea te a pow erfulgrassroo tsorganizat ion in th is co untry.. . an orga nizat ion that w i ll spe ak w ithauthor i ty . .. an orga nizat ion that can not be dism issed,si lenc ed or ignored ...

    an organ izat ion that w i ll get resul ts!


    Through a nat ionw ide network of loca l chapters,com bined wi th the pow erof Internet com m unicat ion,ACT ! for Am erica is ro l ling bac k the t ide of

    Islam ofascism ,em pow ering peo ple acrosso ur nat ion throug h projects suc h as:

    Educa ting fr iends and fam i ly mem bers abou t the s t ra teg ies ,

    tac tics and ob jectives o f Is lam ofasc ism .

    D is tr ibu t ing leg is la tive vo t ing records and po licy po s itions o f

    elected off ic ia ls .

    Lobby ing e lec ted o ffic ia ls on leg is la tion impor tan t to

    na tiona l secu rity and the th rea t o f I slamo fascism .

    W r iting le tte rs to the ed ito r , such as cor rect ing m isrepre-

    sen ta tions about Is lam or cha lleng ing "po lit ica lly cor rect "

    reporting about Is lam .

    M on ito ring e lemen ta ry , secondary and un ive rs ity cou rseo ffe rings and tex tbooks, exposing and p ro tes ting an ti-

    Am erican ism and fau lty dep ic tions o f Is lam .

    D is tr ibu ting on line pe titions des igned to encou rage changes

    in governm ent, bus iness, education o r med ia po lic ies .

    Conduc ting train ing sem ina rs on e ffec tive g rassroo ts andciv ic act ion st ra teg ies and tact ics.
  • 8/8/2019 ACT! for America


    ~ ACT!for America

    DID YOU KNOW ... Ham as ter ror ce lls are in p lace in dozens o f c i ties across Am er ica?

    Secretive Is lamic compounds, some of which are a l legedly t ra in ing jihad is ts

    in param i li tary tact ics, exist on Am erican soi l?

    Is lamic m il itants have in fi lt ra ted the FBI, the C IA, and our m ili ta ry , and some

    have been arrested and convic ted for ter ror ism and re lated charges?

    Mosques in Am er ica preach and d is t ribute mater ia ls that ca ll fo r Jihad,espouse ha tred o f " in fide ls ," and advoca te the over th row o f Amer ican

    constitu tiona l government to be rep laced by s tric t Is lamic shar ia law?

    Univers it ies throughout Am er ica indoctrinate s tudents wi th a pro-Is lamic, ant i-

    Amer ican , an ti- Is rae l b ias tha t w h itewashes the t ru th abou t m i litan t Islam?


    You're only a click away from helping to ensure a safer, more

    secure America! Logon at today to...

    S ign up for emai l in format iona l updates and a ler ts so va luab le that

    government o f fic ia ls and consu ltants in the fie lds o f counter-terrorism and

    intel ligence subscr ibe to them. Read the la tes t new s and commenta ry on the sp read o f Is lamofasc ism and

    threats to our nationa l securi ty , inc lud ing exposes the "estab lishment media"

    doesn't know abou t o r won 't report .

    Become a mem ber o f ou r rapid ly g rowing na tionwide o rgan iza tion .

    F ind out where ACT! for Am erica chap te rs a re in your a rea .

    Learn abou t ac tion items and p ro jec ts launched by ACT! for Amer ica and howyou can he lp make a d i f ference!