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  • 1. How did you attract/address your audience
    Activity 5

2. Age and gender
Our audience will be in the age range of 16 onwards due to the violence and use of drugs in our film so we feel this isn't suitable for people below the age of 16.
Our product will mainly attract male viewers due to masculine themes such as violence but thats not to say that females wouldnt want to watch.
3. In our film the main section of the film is a chase scene which will appeal to people who enjoy a thrilling, edge of the seat story as well as fast-paced action in a film, this will mainly be men of all age ranges but this also maybe too dramatic for young children. In our film a moped is used during the chase scene this may appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts or anyone who likes bikes.
Also in our film is a scene where a man gets beaten up and knocked out where you can see him getting kicked in the face and screaming, this isn't suitable for young children as this may scare them or could even encourage them to copy what they have seen. This theme of violence will be more appealing to men rather than women.
4. At the beginning of the film we made our camera shots show the setting of the film as well as what was happening to help give the audience an understanding of where the film was set and what risks of danger there could be at individual areas to help build suspense.
5. We also used shots to show things from the person being chased point of view this will help the audience see things from his perspective and allow them to feel the danger that he is feeling. This sense of danger is mainly appealing to males.
6. The way the audience sees things from the person being chased adds suspense which is generic for thrillers as the pace is usually high as well as key features being pointed out such as the moped and the telephone.
Also our film contains twists to liven up the film such as the phone being dropped and found and the shock of the chased man and the chaser arrives on his moped. These and elements of a generic thriller which will help to liven up and add pace to the film.
7. Throughout the film the audience is mainly put themselves in the position of the man being chased as they see all of his movements and see things from his perspectives and due to him being the one in danger and on the run the audience feels his danger and the pressure he is under to escape. But briefly we see what the chaser is doing and is planning this again adds to the danger as the audience know what the man being chased is up against.