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  • 1. ActonomyActonomy xMP smart match +,The ultimate power of search in people related information!We Simply Search Smarter!1 1

2. Actonomy Actonomy xMP smart match + What is the problem with existing search solutions? We Simply Search Smarter!2 2 3. Existing search solutions : the problem Also tired of getting the following results while searching. Example of a commonly used search query.. 3 We Simply Search Smarter!3 3 4. Existing search solutions : the problem search is based on simple boolean logic : combining keywords andsearching for these keywords. context is not taken into account. In our example : business anddeveloper is getting a specific meaning.. The results simply show thecombination of the two but not the meaning of the combination. (businessdeveloper is totally different than a business objects developer.) existing solutions make no difference between words that have a differentmeaning depending on the context in which these are used architectand software architect,.4We Simply Search Smarter! 44 5. Actonomy xMP smart match +Actonomy xMP smart match +How does it work?We Simply Search Smarter!5 5 6. Actonomy xMP smart match + Typical search queries consist of : jobtitles (functions), skills, locations,educations, human interst fields, industries or specializations.. or a combinationof the above.E.g. junior brand manager with experience in the banking sector living in London Actonomy xMP smart match + is targeting these search applications butallowing users to type in their request in a human way : e.g. we need an accountmanager living in London with... In other words short descriptions of whatpeople need. The goal of xMP smart match + is : to deliver better results both to recruiter and candidate no ambiguity in results easy input, no cumbersome boolean operators requiredWe Simply Search Smarter!6 6 7. Actonomy xMP smart match + How does it work? (search box as used by the input string is analysed and the system recognizes what the user is looking for : jobtitles or functions : business developer in the example industry or experience : banking in the example location : gent in the example7We Simply Search Smarter!77 8. Actonomy xMP smart match + The results : score is based on relevance for the query. Results that only partially match onthe request will rank lower. all jobtitles with a similar meaning will appear in the result list.8We Simply Search Smarter! 88 9. Actonomy xMP smart match +How does it work? xMP smart match + detects the different concepts : jobtitles,experience(skills), eduction, location, experience level (junior,), companiesworked for, industry, No need to add boolean operators. concepts such as jobtitles are automatically expanded with synonyms andrelated concepts. jobtitles and skills (experiences) that are typically used in the same contextare also combined in the background. Example : java software developer isalso a software developer with experience in java. The system will searchfor all possible combinations in the relevant context.9We Simply Search Smarter!9 9 10. Actonomy xMP smart match +How does it work? Example : search for client reporting analyst the system will get results (e.g. CVs) with client reporting analyst as work experience. the system will also get results with experience in reporting if a client analyst is found. Both are found in a relevant context and have the same meaning as a client reporting analyst.10 We Simply Search Smarter! 1010 11. Actonomy xMP smart match +xMP smart match + : will recognise what the user is looking for (understands that something is a jobtitle, a skill, an education,.) will search for all concepts that have a similar meaning and not only for the exact wording. will execute the search within the context, domain or industry as specified by the user. (account manager banking,.) will automatically expand the search query with related concepts such as jobtitles that are in the same careercluster, require the same skills,.11 We Simply Search Smarter! 1111 12. Actonomy xMP smart match +xMP smart match + : location will be treated as a fuzzy value i.e. a radial search will be included in the background. Based on location and/or postal code, the closest match will be calculated. jobtitles will be expanded with : jobtitles with the same job content (synonyms) jobtitles that are in the same career space; jobtitles that have similar skills; jobtitles that express a typical careerpath12We Simply Search Smarter!12 12 13. Actonomy xMP smart match +xMP smart match + : results are ranked based on relevance; relevance is configured based on the client specific requirements. E.g. Work experience is more important than skills, location is preferred but not essential, compatible with any customer specific data storage (through HR-XML mapping)13 We Simply Search Smarter!13 13 14. Actonomy Actonomy xMP smart match + Typical use cases We Simply Search Smarter!14 14 15. Actonomy xMP smart match + xMP smart match + for vacancies searching/browsing through vacancy lists/databases. stored as both structured and unstructured information xMP smart match + for CVs stored as both structured and unstructured profiles including work experience recency : latest experience ranks highest in the results list15 We Simply Search Smarter!1515 16. Actonomy xMP smart match + Jobboard + service platforms : enhanced jobsearch facilities (replacing simple/advanced search functionality) CV search in CV databases E-recruitment and ATS software solutions : CV search and browsing through CV databases Multi-site search platforms16 We Simply Search Smarter!1616 17. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!For more information, please contact:Actonomy NV Stapelplein 709000 Gent (Belgium)Tel: +32 9 235 75 13 info@actonomy.comwww.actonomy.com17We Simply Search Smarter! 17 17

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