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Lu 1 "Central Residence" ZhongfuFront Mu point of the Lung

LOCATION: Laterosuperior to the sternum at the lateral side of the first intercostal space, 6 cun lateral to the Ren meridian

IMAGE: As the Front Mu point for the Lung, this is the central storage place or "residence" of the Lung Qi.

FUNCTIONS: DISPERSES HEAT IN THE CHESTRelaxes Chest,Tonifies Zong Qi,Tonifies Lung Qi & Yin, Regulates Lung Qi,Regulates Upper Jiao, suppresses cough

INDICATIONS:asthmabronchitiscongested nosecoughing and wheezingcoughing blood and pusexcessive sweatingpneumoniapulmonary TBthroat blockagetumors and nodular growths on the neck

PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL USES:The qi of this point is one's central treasure, the qi given by one's ancestors. This point helps get a person in synch with the "breath of the universe".

OTHER: Works well for asthma and chronic bronchitisemphysemanight sweatsLu 1 is a communicating point with the Spleen channel, the place where the Ying Qi starts its cycle through the channels

Lu 2 "Cloud's Door" YunmenLOCATION: In the depression below the acromial extremity of the clavicle, 6 cun lateral to the Ren meridian

IMAGE: The "cloud" refers to upper body or heaven's energy. The Qi of heaven and earth meet at the clouds. Cloud is also a name for the many small connecting channels of the Lung which meet here, and for the Kong Qi which enters the chest from the outside air.

FUNCTIONS: Dispels Lung Heat, Smoothes the Function of the Joints, Drains Heat in Joints, Disinhibits Joints, Eliminates Anxiety

INDICATIONS:asthmachest painful or depressedcoughinflammation of the shoulder joint

PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL USES:Cloud's door is for the person who's walking around in a "cloud". (The palace the emperor lived in was called "the imperial palace of a cloudless heaven", a place never obscured by clouds or confusion. Also for someone with heavy grief.

Lu 3 "Heaven's Residence" Tianfu

Window of Sky

LOCATION: On the radial side of the upper arm, 3 cun distal to the end of the axillary fold, on the radial side of m. biceps brachii.

IMAGE: Tian fu is a name for the breasts. This point is said to touch the nipple when the arm is folded in toward the chest.

FUNCTIONS: Disperses Wind Heat, Regulates Lung Qi

INDICATIONS:asthmabronchitisnosebleedpain in medial upper arm

PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL USES:The character for palace, "fu" is the place in the palace where the imperial records are kept on each individual. Twelve gods live in the big dipper and they give each of us a contract to fulfill in this life. This is the palace in heaven that keeps the records how each person is doing in terms of fulfilling their contract with the deities which hand out their destiny. So this point would be used for those needing to get "on track" with their destiny, their potential.

OTHER: Window of Sky Point: connects mind with body.emotional problems due to a lung imbalancefor people who speak to themselves or won't speak at allpossessed by a devilconfused, forgetful, depressednosebleedsthirstcarbon monoxide poisoningthis point is responsible for the storage of respiratory gasclassically not recommended to moxa

Lung 5 "Cubit Marsh" ChizeHe Sea: Water

LOCATION: On the cubital crease, on the radial side of the tendon of m. biceps brachii. This point is located with the elbow slightly flexed.

IMAGE: "Cubit" is a term for the elbow, and "Marsh" is a description of the Qi as it spreads out at this point, and a reminder that this is the water point on the Lung channel. "Chi" is also a Chinese measurement, about a foot long. The ulna is called "chi bone" (as it is that long) and the elbow is also sometimes referred to as "chi."

FUNCTIONS: Drains heat in the lungsSuppresses rebellious QiRegulates the lungClears lung Fire, Moistens DrynessMoves Qi Down, Regulates Fluid Pathways Relieves ExteriorOpens the BladderTonifies Lung Qi and Yin,Clears and opens the Lung,Relaxes the Chest, Disperses Wind HeatPromotes expulsion of phlegmBenefits the joints

INDICATIONS:asthma (esp. acute)bronchitischest paincoughingerysipelasfullness in chestpleurisypneumoniaspitting bloodswelling & pain in the throat (w/ cough)swelling and pain in elbow and armthroat blockage

OTHER: Good point for excess Lung heat: for disease gone deeper into the Lung itselftrouble breathing in or out; shortness of breathirritabilityperson who cries easilyaxillary abscesslymphatic swellingsedation point on the lung channel

Lung 6 "Opening Maximum" KongzuiXi Cleft

LOCATION: On the palmar aspect of the forearm, on the line joining Lung 9 and Lung 5, seven cun proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist.

IMAGE: Also translated as "Collection Hole", "Extreme Aperture", or "Biggest Hole" A reference to the Xi Cleft point's function of storing excess channel Qi, & this point's ability to accommodate it. "Hole" may also be a reference to the throat and Lu 6's ability to treat diseases of the throat.

FUNCTIONS: Regulates & Suppresses rebellious Lung QiCools blood heat, stops bleedingMoistens Lung, Clears Lung,Relieves Exterior, Stimulates SweatingRegulates Pharynx

INDICATIONS:absence of sweatingasthmabelchingcoughingheadachehemoptysisloss of voicepain in elbow and armpneumonia (w/ Lu 5)sore throattonsillitis

POINT COMBINATIONS: With Lu 5 for Lung heat pneumonia

OTHER: Similar to Lung 5, but especially for bleeding.Pneumonia, coughing, and high feverXi-cleft points are often used for bleeding.Can also be used for other bleeding: nosebleed, bleeding hemorrhoids.

Lung 7 "Broken Sequence" LiequeLuo pointConfluent point of Conception VesselExit point

LOCATION: Proximal to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist.IMAGE: "Broken Sequence" refers to a disturbance in the flow of Qi, which is broken because theluo channel begins here. "Lieque" is also an ancient name for lightning, a reference to the strongsensation of Qi at this point when needled correctly.

FUNCTIONS: Opens up the Lungs, regulates Lung qiClears and regulates the Ren channelDisperses WindRelieves exterior and causes sweatingStimulates the Wei QiTransforms phlegmOpens the BladderOpens the water channels, invigorates collaterals, frees the connecting vesselsDescends and disperses lung qiBenefits the nose

INDICATIONS:asthmablood in the urinecoughingdiseases of the wrist jointedema of the limbsfacial paralysisheadachehemiplegiastiff neckswollen pharynx/ sore throaturticariawind rash

OTHER: Paired confluent point: K 6 of Yin QiaoMain point for external Wind: strengthens the dispersing function of the Lung; sends Qi and fluids down, as in upper body edemaMaciocia: Calms the Shen and settles the PoMain point for common cold, rhinitis, sinusitis headaches caused by external Wind; hivesUsed a lot for chronic sore throat with its paired confluent point, Kid 6fatigue-- used to build energy of the body pruritus, dry skin, wind heat skin problems

Lung 8 "Across the Ditch" JingquJing River: MetalHorary Point

LOCATION: 1 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist in the depression on the radial side of the radial artery

IMAGE: The Qi of the Lung channel passes "across the ditch" of the depression at Lu 8. "Jing" is also a reference to Lu 8 being a Jing River point.

FUNCTIONS: Opens Lungs, Moves Qi Down, Disperses Wind, Opens the Chest, RelievesExterior

INDICATIONS:asthmabronchitischest pain

OTHER: Dr. Shwery has gotten immediate results with laryngitis with this pointclassically not recommended to moxa

Lung 9 "Great Abyss" TaiyuanShu Stream: EarthYuan Source pointInfluential point of Vessels

LOCATION: At the radial end of the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression on the lateral side of the radial artery.

IMAGE: The Lung channel Qi moves deeply into the flesh here, as if falling into a "great abyss."

FUNCTIONS: Eliminates Wind and transforms phlegmRegulates the Lungs and stops coughingOpens & Moistens Lungs, Tonifies Lung Yin,Clears Lungs, Regulates Pharynx,Clears Channels & Collaterals, Opens Orifices,Transforms Damp or Dry Phlegm,Smoothes the Pulses

INDICATIONS:asthmabronchitischest paincoughing blooddiseases of the radial side wrist jointheadacheinfluenzapain in the eyes/membrane on the eyepertussispulmonary TBtoothache

OTHER: For chronic and deficient Lung problemsimportant point for phlegm: can be used as an expectorant, but may just decrease coughing. Not used as much for dry hacking yin deficient cough.deficient Lung Qi-- used as a tonicfatiguecan use to bolster a weak pule (influences vessels)tonification point on the lung channelclaustrophobiato influence trachea ( Dr. Voll point for tracheal CA.)

Lung 10 "Fish Border" YujiYing Spring: Fire

LOCATION: On the ulnar side of the midpoint of the 1st metacarpal bone, on the junction of the red and white skin

IMAGE: The thenar eminence where the point is resembles the belly of a fish, and is called "Big Fish." The pad on the palm below the little finger is the "Little Fish."

FUNCTIONS: Cools heat in the LungsBenefits the throatRegulates Lung, Moistens Lung, Lowers Fever,Harmonizes Stomach, Sedates Pain, Sedates Cough,Dispels Wind, Causes Sweat, Clears Heat.

INDICATIONS:abdominal painasthmacoughingemotional disturbancesfeverhemoptysishoarsenessinfantile malnutrition syndromelaryngopharyngitisloss of voicepain in chest and backspitting bloodthroat blockagetidal feverstonsillitis

OTHER: Important point for sore throatto induce sweatinginfluences intestinespromotes lactation"In Lung troubles, needles Lu 10 and Kid 3." (Nei Jing)classically not recommended to moxa

Lung 11 "Lesser Merchant" ShaoshangJing Well:


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