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  • 1. Connect with us.Pulse Magazine is the student-created online lifestyle magazinebased at Central Washington University. We are a young, hippublication that is generating an audience in the CWUcommunity. We cover trends, people and events affecting thelives of our readers.Take a look at recent issues at ad will run in a single issue of Pulsebut has interactivepossibilitiesa Pulse ad can link to your companys website, Facebookpage, whatever. We publish two issues per academic quarter(fall/winter/spring only). BONUS: Our issues stay online! So your addoes too. We have found that past issues can generate dozens and evenhundreds of hits online well after the posting date.Here are our current rates foradvertisements:$103.33 for a full page$51.66 for a half page$25.83 for a quarter page$12.91 for an eighth pageEmail us today to advertise: