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Adana, our city Welcome to Adana, the pearl of the Mediterranean Region

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Adana, our city Welcome to Adana, the pearl of the Mediterranean Region

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Adana is an international

metropolis located on the

south-coast of Turkey.

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Adana lies in the heart of Çukurova, a

geographical, economical and cultural

region that covers the provinces of

Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay.

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The City of Adana consists of the

municipal sections of the 5 metropolitan


Seyhan, Yüreğir, Çukurova, Sarıçam

and Karaisalı.

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Seyhan and Çukurova are the most

developed parts of the city on the west

bank of Seyhan river, Yüreğir and

Sarıçam are located on the east bank.

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Seyhan district is fully within the city

limits whereas

Yüreğir, Çukurova, Sarıçam and

Karaisalı districts have rural areas

outside the city.

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Adana is the marketing and distribution

center for the Çukurova agricultural

region, where cotton, wheat, corn, soy

bean, grapes and citrus fruits are

produced in great quantities.

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The city is also famous for its

cuisine, including; the

Adana kebab;

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Şalgam, a salty fermented

juice made from turnips;

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Şırdan a kind of home-

made sausage stuffed with

rice, and eaten with cumin;

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Paça, boiled sheep’s


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Bicibici (pronounced as bee-jee-bee-jee)

made from diced semolina, rose water

and sugar and served with crushed

ice, consumed especially in summer time.

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Furthermore, the city has a

number of famous desserts, such

as Halka Tatlı a round shaped

dessert and

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Taş Kadayıf a bow

shaped dessert.

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Stone Bridge, built in part during the 6th-

century reign of the Byzantine emperor

Justinian I, the oldest extant bridge in the

world which is still in use.

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Yilanlı Kale The ruins of a

castle dating from 782.

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German BridgeBridge was made by Germans 103 years ago . Bridge is actually called

Varda bridge but mostly known as German Bridge. the lady architecturer

fell down and died there.The bridge is in the highest passage on the Taurus

mountains which connect the Berlin - Baghdad railway.The train on it was

brought for videoshoot and stayed only couple of minutes.

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Büyük Saat (The Great Clock), a large clock

tower, was built by the local governor of Adana

in 1882. Unfortunately, it was damaged during

the French occupation but it was rebuilt in

1935, and its image can be found in the city’s

coat of arms.

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The old bazaar, Kazancılar Çarşısı (Bazaar of

Cauldron-Makers), founded around Büyük

Saat, where Çarşı Hamamı (Bath of the


a Turkish bath built in 1519 can be found.

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Bebekli Kilise (Church of Babies) is an old Catholic

church located in the city center. There are many

historic houses in the street where the church is


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Seyhan Dam

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Sabancı Mosque

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Butter Mosque

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Adana Archeological


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Misis Mosaic Museum

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Festivals;Altın Koza (Golden Cocoon) Film Festival

Provincial Center (14-25 September)

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EducationÇukurova University

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Çukurova University

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Adana Şakirpaşa

International Airport

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Railway Station

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Sports and Athletics

There is a race-track There are two well-known

football teams:


Adana Demirspor

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See You in Adana, Turkey!

6th-12th of October, 2013