add artwork to your digital portfolio at home! ... artwork image file: publish! . edit image cancel

Download Add artwork to your digital portfolio at home! ... Artwork Image File: Publish! . Edit Image Cancel

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  • Add artwork to your digital portfolio at home!

  • Tips for taking a good photograph:

    • Set the resolution of your camera to medium or high resolution. • Turn off the flash to reduce “bright spots” on the artwork. • Make sure the area is very well lit. Ideally, using natural sunlight

    seems to work best. • Stand squarely in front of the artwork when taking photos. Or, if the

    artwork is on the ground, stand directly overhead (but be careful of shadows). If you do not, the artwork will look distorted and squeezed on one end.

    • If the artwork has last names, place a piece of tape over the last name (for safety reasons for the artist).

    • Remember, you can crop, rotate or brighten the image after you upload it, so make sure you capture the entire piece of artwork.

  • Go to and click on LOGIN.

  • Click on PARENT.

  • Enter your email address and password.


  • Enter information and Click on BROWSE to select a file.

  • Click on EDIT IMAGE.

  • Now you can crop and adjust the image to make it just right.

  • Click on PUBLISH when you are done.

  • It’s really that easy! Have fun!

  • Contact Artsonia if you have a problem.


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